Sub) How to draw for beginners | A way of drawing for beginners.

Sub) How to draw for beginners | A way of drawing for beginners.

Hi, I’m Chommang. I wanted to talk about something new today, so I’m suddenly making a video. I’m a right-handed person, but I’ll draw with my left hand today. Let me draw it. First, I’m going to look at the photo and draw. Like this, (It’s awkward to draw with my left hand.) So far… well. There’s a neck here. Like this. If I draw well with my left hand, I can make a video of like Wow, you’re good at drawing with your left hand! But as you can see, The line… This is how it comes out. 🙁 (I didn’t draw my face yet, so it’s luckly looks normal.) Oh, I’m not trying to mess up. Oh, the line is… It’s not really drawn the way I want it to go. It’s a big smile face. It looks scary if I can’t draw her teeth well. I won’t draw this first. I’ll draw this and, show you the original photo. Is it too much? (She looks too old when I draw smile lines.) Now, first of all, right now… I drew it like this without modification. So if I finish drawing here, Then, do I look good at drawing well? Or do you think I’m not good at drawing? As you can see… The drawing right now is… It’s not a good drawing. Of course it feels in its own way. But it’s not a good drawing in form. Here, There aren’t need anything else. Now As you can see, You can see this original photograph and the wrong part. If you don’t know exactly what’s wrong, It’s simple. From the eyes, from the lines, from one to the other. Of course, beginners may not know, because they see different views compared to me. But you’ll know. Compared to the photo, like this… You can tell where it is different. Then, you can erase it and fix it. If I finished the drawing like this, Ah, I am not good at drawing. I want to draw it well, but if I end up saying it doesn’t work, It just ends there. If I know what’s wrong here with my eyes, If I can know I don’t like this drawing, I can erase that part and can redraw. Then you might think, You drew more pictures, And there’s a lot you know, You know the human body, You know the shape. That’s why you can fix it. But I’m not drawing with imagination now. I see the picture right next to it, and I just draw it. Of course, there’s a proportion of the human eye, a nose, a mouth. But, It’s not that difficult. It’s just a drawing that I draw after looking at the photo. You can fix it by just finding the wrong thing. But many people couldn’t do that. Well, first of all, Let me make some more corrections. I didn’t modify it on purpose earlier. But I practiced earlier. The line’s like this. I have to try as hard as I can to get a straight line. My hands are shaking like this, so that time… They want you to use a long line to draw. At this stage, we’re not even in the process of drawing long lines. If there’s someone who has shaking hands, just short, like this. You can draw it multiple times. It’s ok. First of all, I need to fix the eyes, nose, and mouth a lot. If you look at the photo now, you’ll see. I’m sure it’s connected here. So And then down there, like this. Uh, I need to show you a better drawing… There are double eyelids. Her eye need to look this way. I think she’s looking at me. Because the white of the eye are on the left side of this photo. If I’m wrong, I can erase it. The eyes, that’s… It’s more directional than before. So And here’s the eyebrow. (Speaking eye location) The eye position is too high, right? Then, I’ll erase it again. Oh, my hands are shaking like this.. Look at this! It’s better than before, right? And the lips… I really can’t draw straight lines. But a little bit more than before. I won’t draw the teeth. (How to draw a flushing with a tip) (But my hands are shaking so it doesn’t work) It’s blowing in the wind. Like this, like this It’s much better than before, right? (Erase if it’s wrong) (Continue to say left hand is hard) (Just talking about drawing) I don’t use eraser much than I thought. But you can use more. it’s ok. (I think her jaw is longer.) It’s a picture I drew after looking at the picture, but you don’t have to draw it the same. You can change it a little bit more to fit your standards of beauty. It’s not exactly the same as the photo. Anyway, I drew it with my left hand. It’s been modified a little bit, much better than before. So what I want to talk about is… You see. I’m talking to the real beginner of drawing. You don’t have to feel too difficult when you first draw. You’ll be able to draw a better picture than that. It’s probably because you didn’t erase it and didn’t fix it. Now, what we’re drawing is.. It is not a drawing that studies forms or structural or anatomy bodies. That part is still difficult to me. We’re just in the middle of drawing while looking at the photo. There’s a lot of… There’s joy, there’s happiness. But even at this stage, I think there are some people who give up. So I made a video like this. When you draw. The moment that you feel, Oh it’s weird. You can draw a much better picture than the one you drew now. Because you know it’s weird. I’m sure some of you say this sometimes. I’ve made too many corrections and erased them. The paper’s all ruined and the color spreads. So I can’t draw. I’m afraid that’s a shame, but you’ll have to draw more slowly next time. But a drawing that’s ruined like that. Is it because I’m drawing wrong? Who should I blame? It’s because of this paper. It’s on this paper. It’s not on me. Of course, it’s probably because I erased a lot, This paper isn’t that strong. I want you to think it’s not your fault, it’s the paper. but the next time you draw it, you’re gonna need a little bit more practice drawing slowly. Then you can draw with a more relaxed mind and more than you thought. “Oh, it getting better when I fix it.” I hope you’ll have the pleasure of drawing. I suddenly got to film this video today. I’ve wanted to talk about it before. But I wanted to organize it better and make a video. I don’t have much time, so I’ll make it like this first. This is the first story. The second story is, the drawing in my head… How do I study? There’s nothing special about it, but I’m gonna telling you. And I’d like to tell you another story in the third story. Of course it’s a story that I want to tell you who are just starting to drawing. Well, thanks for watching the video. Have a nice day. Bye.

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  11. Kinoshita Mairu says:

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