SUB)【閲覧注意の洗面所掃除】埃だらけの洗濯機、槽内掃除 / 洗面台の水垢掃除

SUB)【閲覧注意の洗面所掃除】埃だらけの洗濯機、槽内掃除 / 洗面台の水垢掃除

[Mori’s House] [Today, I’ll be cleaning the washroom]
[※I made a mistake in setting the camera, so the video jumps a little until halfway through] [As the washroom is not often visited by the cat, I didn’t clean it up properly] [I’m resolving to work hard while putting on the apron I got from IKEA the other time] [I knew that there was a lot of dust in the washroom as the clothes (the laundry) were piled in there] [But I hadn’t been cleaning it up properly] [Before a very dirty scene comes out, there’ll be the viewer discretion warning sign] [The really dirty sight before cleaning up] [Water splashed onto the mirror that is soiled with fingerprints] [Scale on the water basin] [Dust on the washing machine] [There’s a lot of dust accumulated inside the washing machine, too] [I don’t even know where this grime came from…] [Let’s begin the cleaning] [Cleaning the washing machine] [First, let’s clean up the washing machine, which seems like it’ll take time] [While looking on the app with instructions (Torisetsu), check how you clean up a washing machine] [Remove the small parts, like the filter or the detergent drawer] [There’s not a serious amount of dust accumulated on the filter] [The laundry dregs have been accumulated, and there are mold-like formations in there, too] [Wash the filter using a used-up toothbrush] [Viewer discretion advised for the next scene] [Viewer discretion advised from here!] [Did that come out when I washed the rug the other time?] [I had forgotten to remove the dregs] [The thought of having been doing my laundry with those dregs accumulated in there gives me the chills] [So this was the source of those unidentified dregs I sometimes found on the washed laundry…] [Seeing as it’s not being removed even after washing, it must, indeed, be mold] [I don’t know if this will remove the mold, but I’ll leave it in some chlorine bleach] [Soak it in bleach dissolved in warm water for a short while] [With that, the small parts are done] [Clean up the dust and the grimes on the inside of the washing machine] [Viewer discretion advised for the next scene]
[I’ll clean up the areas that are out of the reach using the method I learned during the spring-clean] [Viewer discretion advised from here!] [Wipe off the dust by placing the detergent on a cotton bud] [As the area right above the washing machine is where I place the piles of laundry, there was a lot of dust accumulated on it] [Completely wipe off the visible dust] [I came to unwind and recharge while looking at my cat] [It was much dirtier than I had expected, so I’m afraid to do the next step of the cleanup] [Next, I’ll clean the tub of the washing machine] [This time, I’ll use this detergent, which has great reviews] [I heard that it’s effective to use after dissolving in warm water of around 30~40℃] [So get some warm water in the bathing tub and fill it up with water using the pump] [When there’s enough water, place in the detergent] [They say it removes the hidden mold and grimes, and even has a sterilizing effect] [Each packet is good for a single use, and it cannot be used for the front-load washers] [As there’s the tub cleaning mode on our washing machine, I’ll use that] [It takes about 2 hours, so I’ll clean up the other areas while it’s being done] [Cleaning the dust on the walls] [Let’s insert a dry rag on the cleaning stick to clean the dust that is sticking on the walls] [Take out the things that you can take out] [It’s blatant that I hadn’t cleaned up in here] [Cleaning the water basin] [There’s a lot of dust on top of the water basin, too] [Wipe the dust] [And clean up using a dishrag sprayed with detergent] [I’ll also wipe the mirror using the glass cleaner] [Spray the bathroom detergent all over the water basin and wipe with a sponge] [I used the bathroom detergent, as I felt that the grime on the water basin would be similar to the grime in the bathroom] [When cleaning the areas prone to scaling, use a toothbrush] [It’s the lid for holding the water, but I want to take it out as I don’t use it often and it just gets dirty] [I took it out] [I’m happy, as that’s one less thing to clean] [Rinse out the grime and the detergent with water] [Since I’ve cleaned it up nicely, I’ll also apply coating on it] [What you have to do is to spray the coating product and rub it on using a sponge, and then rinse it off with water and wipe of the moisture] [Clean the cabinet and the sides, too] [The water basin, which was dirty because of the dust and the scales, has become clean] [Cleaning the washing machine rack] [Using a duster, remove the dust that’s been accumulated on the rack] [I’ll spray some detergent on a dishrag and wipe it] [Viewer discretion advised for the next scene]
[Wipe the exterior of the washing machine, too] [Viewer discretion advised from here!]
[Using a cotton bud with detergent on it, clean up in between the gap of the washing machine’s lid] [If you use a thin cotton bud, you can clean the tiny areas more thoroughly] [There was a lot of dust on the dryer, too] [I wonder how the tub cleaning is going] [Though I hadn’t been cleaning for a while, there’s no visible grime] [Cleaning the cleaning tool holder] [Cleaning the floor] [The tub cleaning is done] [People said that the grime that looks like seaweed comes out when they do this, but it didn’t from our washing machine] [Wipe off the grime on the rubber gasket] [The washing machine that was full of dust and dregs has become clean] [I’ve been saying that I’ll do it but it’s all just been words, now I really feel refreshed] [Now that I’ve cleaned it up nicely, I should maintain this so that it doesn’t get dirty]

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