Stunning photos of the Earth from the Moon: China’s lunar probe Chang’e-3 takes pictures of globe

Stunning photos of the Earth from the Moon: China’s lunar probe Chang’e-3 takes pictures of globe

Stunning pictures of the Earth from the moon. China’s probe Chang’e-3 has sent back thousands
of photos from the lunar service. The probe comprises of a lander and the moon rover “Yutu”
– which is named in tribute to Chinese folklore. The pictures were taken by extreme ultraviolet
cameras aboard the lander, which initially was just due to photograph the rover and the
moon’s surface. Apparently the Earth’s full face can only
be captured from the moon at midnight – but by then the lunar probe is usually switched
to sleep mode due to low temperatures there.

Dereck Turner

78 thoughts on “Stunning photos of the Earth from the Moon: China’s lunar probe Chang’e-3 takes pictures of globe

  1. Valken says:

    They need to setup a base there.

  2. dafttool says:

    Your definition of "stunning" is apparently vastly different than my own, but thanks for the upload.

  3. Ludvik Karlsson says:

    These are more and less animated.

  4. moxz666 says:

    my phone can take better pictures than those

  5. mikedehoogh black flag race photos says:

    Wrong title: should be crappy fuzzy unremarkable and mediocre photos of the Earth

  6. MandoMohan says:

    What a load of bullshit. That is the most artificial landscape you could imagine and that is one lousy picture of the supposed earth. They must think we're idiots. They do!

  7. nicky lup says:

    the whole thing looks fake to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



  9. KiT says:

    to all the people complaining about the quality you try sending an hd image over 380000km without a relay satellite and from a camera that was designed for navigation…

  10. Come Visit Waikiki says:

    China needs to send a billion people there with huge oxygen bottles and pot plants.

  11. ה חי נפש שרת says:

    No stars lol

  12. Francisco Cerda S. says:

    I love how ITN news speakers have an extremely british accent (which i love it) and no background music, makes all more awkward and beauty. 😉

  13. zuluula says:

    Capture midnight ?!?and then they have to swich to sleep mode ? WTF ?!?!? This is all bullshit, it can take pictures anytime anywhere for gods sake
    It's design to be on the moon in any kind of temperatures , otherwise how he can survive night?! They can take full picture but if they did it would confirm the American Moon landing !

  14. rickonami says:

    THOUSANDS ?! Then where the heck are they ? We just saw couple of them …

  15. Robert Verzola says:

    That was taken with a cheap phone on the Rover???

  16. Rannie Mike says:

    hmm the camera cost Millions, but it took pictures like shit! 

  17. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    photos Apparently taken with a toaster

  18. edwardtang1977 says:

    funny, Apollo seems to have no problem filming the whole earth anytime they wanted with Kodak film. Too cold? Armstrong said it's fine! why bother go into sleep mode ? 1960's technology can take all the temperatures and have the earth lit up anytime it wants!

  19. Danny Smith says:

    Pictures of our planet taken from our moon! Amazing! What happens? everyone on youtube bitches and moans and says they're shit….hahahahaha

  20. BadMadPlay says:

    Sleep mode yeah right , more like alien ships passing by 

  21. Ramanomicon says:

    after 45 years… this is the first photo of earth???? aha

  22. Ramiel says:

    I could have given them a better camera for free if they would have just ask… I mean it was a Lunar mission you would have thought the images would have been better than in the 60's…

  23. MrWizardofozzz says:

    It's fake…!! The Japanese satellite already proved the earth is grey… Not brilliant blue… Why fake it..?? We should have millions of natural pictures of the earth, but we don't.. All are composites or paintings… Why..??

  24. Bob Bice says:

    Hole E WoW….really???? LMAO

  25. Angel Kakani says:

    Nice excuse of not taking a legit photo of earth..again. No more frankenstein photos of earth

  26. joy4118 says:

    "Stunningly" bad quality and fake. The Chinese are even worse at lying than NASA.

  27. nin6246 says:

    Why is the quality of these images so awful? The resolution looks lower than my sega genesis from the early 90s.

  28. Nigel Smith says:

    what a load of shit.

  29. Kent Baker says:

    More horseshit…

  30. Denise Maria Branquinho says:

    please, i wanna see stunning photos of the sun from the moon.

  31. Barry Spencer says:

    is this a joke or somthing some people will belive this take this shit off the net

  32. hitech98 says:

    Lol..That's a rather small animation earth!
    Guess the chinese still have to maintain the original nasa earth photo mistake.


    earth seen from moon. such a very ..

  34. Mr Natgeo says:

    so fake

  35. happy times says:

    Looks nothing like the earth… But I wouldn't know what the earth looks like.. Shit, ok who's lying? Ok Russia it's your turn!!

  36. Truth Matters says:

    Thy said there is the limit to take the photo continuously with the amount of charge collected by solar cells. The rover has been operation for a few years on the moon with solar cell only.

  37. Truth Matters says:

    This is the first picture of the earth from the moon. I was looking at Apollo 16 video. They show the earth picture, too, but the wrong one. It shows 3/4 bright. From the position of the moon when Apollo 16 was there, it should be crescent like this. NASA is the pathetic liar.

  38. Alien Lifeform says:

    You've got to be a moron to believe these are real photographs. Lol.

  39. Sonny6String says:

    cgi…… there are no real photos of earth

  40. Tony Mackenzie says:

    Absolute total real as government

  41. Truth Matters says:

    You can download 3D HD images from these site. The images you see on youtube is for those who do not understand the science.

  42. Truth Matters says:

    The images are available at
    3D camera with HD resolution

  43. daniel boxsell says:

    It is fake you can see stars from the moon but no stars when showing earth off humans have never left earths lower orbit even NASA have said that

  44. carbonbased08 says:


  45. FE-MEX says:

    Ultraviolet cameras??? How did they get all these colors? 🙂

  46. Three lions on our shirt says:

    what a load of bollocks

  47. John Jay says:

    all of these are fake! It's impossible to take a picture of the round earth, because it doesn't exist. It's an illusion created by the government and the Illuminati. Wake up. If you listen real close you can hear it, it's the Bells. And it tolls for thee. The Earth is flat, face it. All your fake evidence doesn't mean a thing. you are all a bunch of sheep.

  48. Raul Rivera says:

    Wait a freakin minute! Didn't Neil DeGrass Tyson say that the Earth was the shape of a pear??! This sh/t looks fake as F!!

  49. The Bloody Truth says:

    WTF!!! What’s with all the CGI??? This is not real! Absolute garbage and proof of nothing.

  50. Ancel Rick says:

    So, THIS were the nut jobs go to comment. hilarious.

  51. Ivan Petkov says:

    If the earth can be pictured only at midnight due to low temperature, how apolo misions capture it olmost all of the planet earth?

  52. matthew clark says:

    Are you fucking serious?!?! Please tell me people don't really think this is real. Lol

  53. potorrero says:

    You know, I was wearing headphones, and 5 seconds in I hear someone yelling "STUNNING PICTURES OF THE EARTH FROM THE MOON!!!!" That shit scared the hell out of me.

  54. Harvey Norman says:

    Nothing like a flat Earth v round Earth comment section to bring out the flat earther trolls. The first person to conclude the Earth was round as a result of doing scientific experiments was an ancient Greek scientist called Eratosthenes almost 2200 years ago, completely debunking the preferred narrative pushed by the flat earth society, the idea of a round earth is some kind of NASA or government conspiracy to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheeple.

  55. Tea Kay says:


  56. Conspiracy Nut says:

    Not saying that it is a fake – but it is a fake

  57. Conspiracy Nut says:

    Seriously guys – what is this supposed to be? The pictures from 1969 which picture the Earth far smaller than it should be even have a better quality than this shit.

  58. Mike Hoornsta says:

    Very disappointing for modern day video/photo standards. I know the conspiracy thing gets old, yet this looks fake other than picks of the surface. In the video it’s said I fa-red and other techniques where used I suppose for reasons such as temperature, lighting, etc. My issue with that is we take pics of the Moon with cell phones that are as clear as the pics of earth shown in this video. They also claimed the earth was only viewable for a short period which was the reason for not getting any decent shots. More excused and even people like me who never thought about moon landings being faked really start to wonder if it’s not true.

  59. Daniel Joseph says:

    China: we could have taken a picture of Earth's full face but the rover was tired. Sorry!

  60. Mundo dos Jogos says:

    +1 Bom em

  61. juan restrepo says:

    It’s a joke¿, 1960 cameras take better photos

  62. junito1957 says:


  63. Chilli Godlevel says:

    Was this taken with a webcam

  64. johncitizen76 says:

    Lol thanks for the giggles

  65. Kallicharan Bhawan says:

    We are so advanced with HD quality cameras how come these photos are so shity????

  66. foxhounduk2k8 says:


  67. Exit13 says:

    high quality photos? what a joke

  68. Devin Norsworthy says:

    Nasas old pics had the earth so far away n small but china got a little ballzier yet at the same time we saw that animation pic show up displaying what the "actual" proportions are and what does china give us a "small earth from the moon" 🗑

  69. Devin Norsworthy says:

    They give us what we see at 00:30 but china shows us a completely disproportionate lie, how can i look up at the moon with it being smaller than the earth and still see it much larger than these so called "photos," which come from the moon, of the earth. Its retarded stop playing these games like little children and grow up start tellin the truth yall act like some spoiled rotten brats, not like actual men but children, #Spaceprogram 🗣🗑🗑

  70. todd peachey says:

    Wake the fuc up people don't be so goddamn stupid there is no space travel

  71. fred ward says:

    They go to the effort of landing on the moon and don't take many high quality photos of Earth? It just screams bullshit.

  72. warren schlivinsky says:

    IT figures it's all CGI, China never went to the moon either. How much did NASA pay them for this garbage?

  73. Fireless waters says:

    The people paid for this. Enjoy.

  74. Fireless waters says:

    Seriously is this supposed to be a joke?

  75. David Delasko says:

    The photos look pretty real to me

  76. Michaele Loh says:

    From their short entry to the space club, they are Fantastic. No doubt about it with their being the first to land on the far side where most aspiring countries have even difficulties landing on the near side.

  77. SuperDiver57 says:

    Is this a joke? If it's not, then this video is an insult to the intelligence of a 5 year old. Absolute CRAP.

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