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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I was walking to the market
wondering what to cook for my audience and then I was struck with this
inspiration when I saw this little boy crying to his mother please don’t buy this vegetable, please
don’t buy this vegetable instantly i was reminded of my own brother and sister
and those times that my mother would force us to eat this extremely bitter but
supposingly extremely healthy vegetables what I’m talking about bitter melon, karela, kakarakai whatever you call this extremely bitter vegetables. To prepare this bitter
melon all you need is pick up the small just like three inches or two and half inches of karela in the market and what i did i removed the seed inside and then peeled this little bit you don’t have to peel them just
basically scrape them so it is even on all sides and it becomes very easy for frying easily. For this dish we are going to
prepare the stuffing put oil in a hot pan, add pinch of cumin seeds, and when the cumin seeds splutter add chopped onion make sure your onion is finely chopped and as soon as you add onion you add little bit salt and to help the process of cooking faster and i’m going to add little bit of hing powder
also if you notice you see that I’ve taken little extra oil in this because I
want the onions to be nicely fried kind of; there is a reason why we are
frying this onions we want them to be slightly brown because this fried onion
gives kind of sweetness so we want this bitterness to be
contrasted with the sweetness of the onion now the onions are slightly brown, add little bit of turmeric now add little bit of a besan this is optional but you know I like to
add it what I do is see now if you see this oil oozed out I want to add this and fry it you know
even the besan is getting cooked you don’t want the raw flavor of besan, ah! nice flavor of cooked besan, add little bit of ginger garlic paste now, as
soon as you add ginger garlic paste because of the moisture it kinds of froths and add little bit of chilli powder and what I have got here is the
inside of the bitter melon what I did, I removed all the seats out chopped them and now i added into this now you can see very beautiful mixture, wow by the time I added this bitter melon and this ones are also going to kind of
roast in this dry mixture; now add amchur powder amchur powder gives the sourness that is needed see this bitter melon when it is cooked
and fried it is got beautiful taste slightly sour, slightly sweet and the
slightest bitter and now add the amchur powder and this looks beautiful and add chopped coriander leaves I’m going to sprinkle a little bit of
sugar on top, ok this is optional if you want to add, add little bit of
sugar we’re going to cool this mixture down; now I have this hollow bitter melon see lot of times people boil them you know I don’t see the need because
the way we’re going to cook on a slow heat in the mustard oil is going to
taste beautiful and now what you do is put this nice stuffing inside haha beautiful I have all this bitter melon nicely stuffed what I like to do is I like to tie these bitter melon so the masala stays inside. Take a pan pour some on oil, I love to use mustard oil for this preparation you know be little bit generous on oil
because you want this karela to come nice crispy and juicy just put this one by one and then one can fit in here got one more and reduce the flame to medium ok because you don’t want anything to burn and you want everything to be cooked so you know I I want it to become dry but slow cooking so what I’m going to do I’m going to cover it up with a lid, see instead of boiling it is better to cover the lid what happens is whatever the steam comes it falls back and cooks it really nice; it’s very interesting I swear when we sit on the dining table at my house we all yaap a lot you know we talk about all the things what happened in the school or anything at the dining table but when my mom cooks karela you know she doesn’t make this fry like this she usually cooks it with tamarind juice and all that and we call it kakarakaya pulusu when she cooks that the whole house the silent in the evening you know brother is at one corner, sister is one corner, my father he’s not talking much he’s sitting at one corner, and the funny part is you know nobody wants to come to the dining table in the evening my mom’s keep calling come on dinner’s ready dinner’s ready
the scene at the dining table in my house you know finally my mom convinces everybody to come to the dining table and my brother and sister literally
crying and I will sitting at the corner of the table and be wondering why why do we have to eat something bitter like this and even before I asked my mom
tells a list of wonderful thing this bitter melon does; it helps with people with sugar, helps with cholesterol with you name it she will tell every interesting thing that it is going to help then you know my father is silent and then I keep wondering did my father say something to piss off my mom that she cooked karela today or did we do something wrong that my mom is punishing us to eat this luckily this used to be once in four
months and I know of people who eat this every week I thought I would never get an opportunity to say this but this is a message for my mom; mom I can cook one dish better than you that is karela fry but i still love you okay you know one of my boss you know he used to drink karela juice every day in the morning apparently it’s very good for I don’t
know what; now after cooking it for one minute just turn the side you know you don’t want this karela to be burnt so slowly move it, cover it after few minutes you can again change the position of your bitter melon see what you want is, you want every side to be cooked perfectly so next time when I turn it I will turn this side the green side, it is almost 12 minutes I cooking on a slow flame and in the
mustard oil my kerala is beautiful nice crispy and with a nice stuffing so let me get a plate and try it out, my
beautiful Karela, let me have one, two you remember I made a really tasty
stuffing and wow you know you can even mix with the rice haha I never thought that one day I grow up and love karela especially when it is fried like this this dish is super delicious you know with a little bit of sugar I
sprinkle on the onions that gave nice sweet taste and the amchur powder giving nicely slightly sour taste and a little bit of mild bitterness this taste is delicious this is super. This stuffed karela is so delicious make it for some special occasions and feast yourself and I guarantee your kids will not cry like my brother and sister I hope you have enjoyed learning to make this stuffed karela fry and remember that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook and eat fresh food so please post your cooking tips and
recipes at Thank you.

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