Stuffed Eggplant Recipe with Philips Airfryer by VahChef

Welcome to our new sessions of cooking with technology that is cooking with Philips where each one of you can be super chef. Variety is the essence of life we love different kind of clothes, different kind of food but we love fried foods because they make us feel good today with the technology we can make fried foods also very very easily by adding very little amount of oil almost eighty percent of oil saved lot of people are asking me why am I promoting this product I am not promoting this product more so I am trying to use a technology to enhance my life and better many people’s life so with that today I am going to show you very simple eggplant preparation and we’re going to use a airfryer see when you use new technology you will get new ideas when you get these new ideas you will be able to enjoy different kinds of new foods that is where variety is the essence of life so first I am going to show you how to do this here i have got eggplant and i have you know you can take medium-sized eggplants you can take small eggplants if you want bite-sized you just take the small eggplant and what I did is I scooped the eggplant and even I just cut the top scooped it and I am going to use that scoop meat to make nice stuffing that is going to go in this but first you know I put it in the water I am just going to remove the water and put it on a plate i am going to first air fry this okay so just take out the water you can add some salt or lemon juice to this water so that your eggplant don’t discolor okay now here i have got the airfryer i am going to put it and let it cook at 160 degrees centigrade for around four minutes it is all easy take this drop them all of them into the fryer of course no oil just air fryer and 160 degree centigrade for around three to four minutes what this is going to do is it going to slightly cook the eggplant and then we’re going to use the stuff in to fill it and make one tasty snack; after three or four minutes of air frying it I am going to make a stuffing I am going to let that eggplant sit there and for the stuffing eggplant is very very fantastic especially in Indian cooking you use peanut, sesame seed and these kind of gravies go as a great combination with eggplant but also if you want to use tomatoes you can add little bit of oregano and make it fantastic so you know I am going to make nice eggplant fry using little bit of tomatoes and also we’re going to use some paneer to make a stuffing and it is going to taste super here i am going to use the Philips induction stove and put it on stir fry that means it gives a reasonably good heat but you can also pressure cook and deep fry and also slow cook there are different combinations here you can cook gravies, roti, dosas, milk and even water boiling and so life is easy now you know what to use so that you don’t go wrong you know specially for induction you got to take induction friendly pans and if you put any other pans it is not going to heat up so in this I am going to take oil here we are not trying to teach you oil-free cooking but we are going to use very little oil to get awesome taste and also in this I am going to add some chopped onion okay and you don’t want the onions to brown or anything and just we are going to saute it little bit now in this we’re going to add some chopped garlic now if the flame is high you can also reduce you can change it to gravy mode ok so I’m going to reduce it to 140 so now in this I am going to add tomatoes, pinch of salt in this the scooped out eggplant i’m going to add and cook along with this so this is going to take less than a minute and all of it should be done, what I’m trying to do is I’m going to make this mixture and use it as stuffing in this add little bit of pepper and also some green pepper that is capsicum these kind of combinations make it very very tasty with some kind of herbs like basil or oregano i’m going to use dried oregano here that should be good enough immediately I get the nice aroma of oregano sometimes people call it the nice pizza flavors that’s good in this I am going to add paneer that is the cottage cheese and also i am going to add little bit of tomato paste or in fact you can also add little extra tomatoes and skip this so this should be good and I don’t want to cook it too much I just want to make sure that i added the salt and other flavorings right even though some of it I am feeling a little bit raw because I want it to cook with my eggplant so little more of salt and some chopped coriander now I switched off this induction stop so this is all good to go as a stuffing very very tasty so here I’m going to pull out my fryer I am going to take the eggplant which have you know slightly cooked but they need little more of cooking I’m going to stuff it with this mixture; these eggplants are half cooked and we are going to put in the stuffing in there with our paneer that Indian cottage cheese and fill up these little egg plants ah nice aroma similarly I am going to fill all of them as I told you you can take medium-sized eggplants or if you want bite size you can just take this size you know I am going to try a bigger one also so I have got more stuffing and in each bite it’s going to be heavenly that should be good you do the same thing with all these eggplants now we are going to take the cut part of this eggplant and we’re going to put on the stuffing and just to make it look little bit better wow just to let them shine little bit i am just going to touch this with little bit of oil and you do not have to worry because the mixture has some oil now this has to go in the airfryer I am going to put all of them and going to fry it take each piece of eggplant and put it in the fryer and also you can put these eggplant here that’s it as simple as that you’re going to put it in and we are going to cook it at 180 degree centigrade for around four to five minutes that should be done, after five minutes of cooking so let’s check this eggplant now look at this nice glossy stuffed eggplant I am Telling You they are perfectly cooked and they are fried with very little oil with this awesome heavenly stuffing in it that’s good look at these eggplants nicely stuffed and fried not in oil but in air fryer and you can serve this to your guests and Indians love these kind of eggplants you go from even from Kerala to Kashmir they stuff eggplants and make many dishes but it is very simple fried snack and yet no guilt wow this is just too good so you can make many of these variations you can do these kind of fries using okra, potatoes stuff them, fry them and you will enjoy also guilt free that is what is my main slogan enjoy fried foods at home ah super just awesome I hope you enjoyed today’s session but do take part in our quizzes and cooking contest where you can win wonderful gifts from Philips. 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