STUDIO VLOG! – Making Stickers, Artwork, Stress, and Shipping Etsy Orders

STUDIO VLOG! – Making Stickers, Artwork, Stress, and Shipping Etsy Orders

Good morning guys, welcome to the studio. I’m gonna take you around with me this week and show you what I’m gonna be doing. Ooh, that sun is so bright! All right, it’s Monday morning and in about one month… I will be, in less than once now Hehe, I’ll be at playlist live. So, I’m trying to get a couple things ordered for that. So far, I ordered two more memory cards because I’m paranoid of losing mine when I travel. Oh look at the light! Ahhhhh! I’m trying to find a camera case for the camera I’m holding right now. I’m having trouble finding one that I like though, because I carry small purses. I don’t want a huge bulky case. I want something very compact, straight to the point, just protects the camera. I can slide it into my purse. I’m a cross body purse kind of girl, who just carries chapstick and a cell phone and some credit cards, so I need to find something that’ll fit. I like to keep track of everything that I spend on YouTube. Filming equipment or art supplies that go for videos. Packaging stuff for orders and whatnot. Stuff for my other shops that have nothing to do with YouTube stuff too. It all goes in this budget notebook. We just started a new month and I’m on Monday morning. Usually on Mondays, I take inventory of stuff and order stuff and then I record it here for tax purposes. So that I have an audit trail of everything I spent what and where it went to. I need to go up on Amazon still and write my confirmation numbers just so I have proof of each order. That’s where we are. once I… take inventory of a couple other things. I’m probably going to have to get more clear plastic sleeves for shipping artwork and whatnot. Woohoo! I’m making March planner stickers today. I think I’m going to do a little kit with these but first I just want to test cut the first page before I delve deeper into this. I love the florals. I did all these flower things with watercolor and I actually created a graphic design kit with them. So if you’re interested in that, I’ll put the link below because you can make really cool stuff like this [Cricut noise] I’m gonna pull up my Etsy because over the weekend,. I got seven orders and we need to ship stuff today. That way everybody gets their stuff on time That’ll be nice to ship it all out at the beginning of the week. Oh, by the way, guys, ah! Imade a lot of new stickers. I’m gonna insert some clips here of when I was making them because I filmed little tidbits, snippets? Tidbits? Is that what you say? [Music and cricut noises] I’m gonna be shipping a lot of stickers out this morning. I’ll show you the process. We’re gonna do this. Yeah. I’m gonna eat breakfast first because I have not eaten yet and then we’ll do this. This is like not something I should do when I’m hungry. I’ll just get grumpy on a Monday morning. I’ve got my whole setup here and I’m getting ready to Package all my orders from over the weekend. Somebody ordered this last week. So, I’m sending it off to new home today. Yay! So excited! When people order original paintings, I usually write them a little letter too. I’m gonna write her a letter. A couple people ordered these March planner bundles. Each planner bundle will come with all three of these which is really nice. Look how cute they are up close. Ahhh! You can do budgeting appointments and everything like that If you’re into bullet journaling, this set is really cute. Then I have to ship out some of these. I’m really excited about these guys. Oh, that Guac! Yom-yom. Then over here. I have my thank-you cards lined up. Again, when people order originals, I like to write them Then I have These guys over here. These are already packaged in their sleeves and they’re going to new homes today too. Yay, really excited. Right now, I’m just packaging everything in these clear bags sleeves. Then I have a chipboard for my stickers to prevent bending. Then I stamp everything with this because I don’t want it to get bent. That has happened in the past. [Cheerful music] I just finished packaging everything and all these stickers are going to new homes. and a watercolor painting. I’m so excited! Now, it’s just a trip to the post office and they’re on their way. Boom. This is wild guys. My pencil sharpener is full. I got out this coffee mug kind of bowl thing. Sorry you can’t see the entire thing. Basically, this pencil sharpener is so full that, [laughs] It is exploding with shavings. I have not haven’t emptied it in a while. Oh, my goodness. Shavings are everywhere. Look at this. They’re coming out the back. and I haven’t Made much effort to empty this ever. So stupid. Okay, we’re gonna try to empty this. Hopefully it ends up being really satisfying though. Oh, man! There is like a whole tree in there. Dude, they’re so curly cute. Oh my word. This is so obnoxious guys. [Laughs] Dude, look at that. Look at that. Oh, man. Oh, man.These are so nice. Mm-hmm. (Creepy voice): Come closer. Welcome to the inside of Mira’s pencil sharpener. Where she neglects it and doesn’t empty it for an entire… really long span of time. Oh, yes. We got to play with these.. Look at that. Okay, should I just dump it all out or should I just… gradually, take it out. Oh my goodness. Oh, oh, oh. I love it. Haaaaa . This is so cool, okay. Okay. Ooh the bottom is this… dusty rainbow of stuff. Oh man. Look at this. This is all pencil shavings guys. Hmm. It’s like a little creature. Hmm! So fun. So satisfying, here’s the bowl up close in all its glory. Look how colorful this is. Why is this so fascinating? Haha ha. I don’t know. Sippy sippy guys. Who wants a cup of pencil shavings in the morning? You know, you could replace the casual coffee that I’m drinking on the side with you know, some casual scratch your throat, make you choke , shavings. Don’t do that at home. Cheers! Good morning, guys, it’s Monday. It snowed so much last night. It’s really annoying. At least it’s melting now. I’m over the snow. It is melting. it’s really not that bad now, so I’m not gonna whine too much. Last night, it was 3 or 4 inches. I don’t know. It’s really not that bad. I’m just sick of snow. I’m whining. [Laughs] Let a girl whine! Yesterday it was Sunday and I should show you what I painted. This is really fun. Oh, the tape that’s coming up. I was at my dining room table and did this peppered moth. Look at how beautiful. I love my little mothies! Here’s some details up close. I’m contemplating adding a background or just keeping it white. I don’t know yet. Ok. I’m back in my studio. This is a day of editing, pretty much strictly editing because I’m going to Florida for half of March. In order to have videos go up while I’m gone. I need to work ahead. I just finished editing. Tuesday’s video which, by the time you watch this, it will long be up. This is what a video clip looks like from a distance. All right. Let me show you what it looks like up close and all these little, little snips of film. So that you guys get the best pieces and you don’t waste your time on a super long video, even though this one is 18 minutes. That’s crazy. I just exported that one. I’m going to design a thumbnail. Then start editing another one that I filmed last week. Then that opens up my schedule tomorrow. To design more stickers, ship out a couple orders and maybe film another video or something like that. I’m stressing out a little bit over my trip because I don’t I don’t want to work while I am gone. I just want to enjoy my vacation. I have to work some really long days this month in order to be able to do that. I have to do work for my other job, [laughs] not just YouTube but my graphic design stuff for some other shops that I run. So yeah, it’s gonna be a long day. I did just remember that I have a cup of coffee that was sitting in the other room. Let’s do this stuff. Yay! I also kind of like snowy days because it makes my studio bright. It’s popping in here. We’re gonna get some music going in a little bit and break up the day. Yeah! I got to keep my floor clear because you girl likes to dance. Gonna take breaks and do that. Okay, let’s do stuff. Okay, I am suspiciously ending my vlog here. I just put this little screen wiping cloth over part of my drawing, but you can see that much.. [giggles] That will be a video as soon. I’m excited to show you guys this one. I’m gonna close out the vlog here. So yeah, I hope you have a good day. Oh wait, I have one more thing. Guys, look at my baby. My husband just got me a snake plant. This little guy Is a sedum. He’s getting so big. He was pretty much a dead twig when I got him. I cut the dead twigs and nursed it to life and now it’s this. I’m so excited! Also, here’s the little succulent that I grew from seed and I started them last summer. Now, Spring is coming and they’re turning into actual succulents kind of sweet. Anyway, I’m going to end the vlog here. There wasn’t a huge point to this. It was just pretty much showing you what I’ve been doing lately. But yeah, if you want stickers you can head over to my shop. I don’t know how much longer some of them will be in there. So yeah. Okay. Have a good day guys. Bye!

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