String Painting How To – Pull String Art with Paints

String Painting How To – Pull String Art with Paints

Hi Everyone, It’s Kellie here from Kellie
Chasse Fine Art. Today we’re going to show you how to do some string paintings
and I’m testing out a few different types of paints here for you and a
couple different types of paper so stick around at the end I do have a few others
at the very end with some other colors and we’ll go over how to do this with
watercolor with Bombay ink and also with some jacquard Pinata inks so stick around and I’ll show you all the details I do have full online classes you can
find them over there at my website at where I have over 2500
students in 85 different countries and over 24 online classes that have
lifetime access so head over there and please check those out I’m totally looking at the wrong spot! Over there! welcome to my YouTube channel where I
have new videos every Tuesday at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time so make sure you
click that subscribe button and click little bell and you’ll never miss one so
today I’m going to show you how to use A string for string painting and we’re
going to try a couple different options here we’re gonna try some Pinata inks
we’re gonna try a little bit of the golden high-flow acrylic paints and
we’re going to also try some watercolor just so you can see the difference here
now I posted the video I don’t know if you saw it on my facebook page (kellieChasseFineArt) last week
and it was the first time it wasn’t the first time I’d seen it I had seen it
about 6 months prior to that and I tried it using alcohol ink and it just didn’t
work for me and then I saw it again somebody posted it on my wall and it had
like 42 shares just from my Kellie Chasse Fine Art Facebook page so I was
like just shocked and it went everywhere on it the next few days I saw everybody
trying it so that was awesome so if you didn’t get a chance to see it I will
post a link for it down below here as well and feel free to share this one
with your friends as well like I said here I am trying just the pinata alcohol
inks on some heavyweight card stock and you can see here because the inks are
fairly heavy and they just soaked in and I really had a little bit too much ink
now strings you can try different strings this one I’m using here is a
fairly thick one it’s cotton so I did soak up the inks a little bit more than
some maybe some nylon ones or some thinner strings so that was a card stock
paper we’re gonna go ahead and try it on some watercolor paper and this is a
140-pound I do not read dip this I’m just gonna
use what I had in there I think that’s gonna work a little bit better because I
have less ink on my string now so I’m gonna do one side of the paper and the
other side is going to be the watercolor paper so I have a heavy book here a
thick book and I just used that to kind of press that down so as I pull that
string out it’s a little bit easier so you can see the inks did go through a
few pages here that’s kind of cool and here it is on the watercolor paper so
again looks much better but look at this one this one came out fabulous
just the regular cardstock paper so with the watercolor paper it wanted to suck
in a little bit more and it did have a little bit of texture in there so it
wasn’t quite as smooth as the one on the left but that one is absolutely
beautiful love that one so that’s with alcohol ink
so I tried it again with alcohol ink on some yupo paper and it was a hot mess
I’ll post it here for you I don’t have the full video but here’s a picture of
it I think if I were to try that one again
I might let the string the alcohol ink absorb a little bit on the string
similar to the one I did on this last one here in the purple and I think that
might make a difference but if you try try it on yupo paper I would love to
see your results so feel free to tag me on instagram @kelliechasse_fineart
and let me know what you guys thought you could post a comment down below let
me know if you’ve tried something different than what I’m trying here and
we would love to hear your results because I think sharing this is always
fun and everybody always has some new ideas to bring to the table so we’re
gonna try some of the high-flow now this is an acrylic paint once again I’m going
to dip that string in and like I said if you have some thinner strings you know
try some different ways try it with some different paints try it with different
type of papers you know and and let me know what you think because you know you
might have some really good experiences something I haven’t tried so I’m gonna
pull that out there this tended to get a little bit tied up inside the bottle
here I’ll pull that out now I think I have a lot of a lot of paint on here
once again but the acrylic paints are not quite as thick so let’s just see
what this does on the heavyweight card stock here and I could see I have awful
lot of paint on there but let’s give it a try now if you have a book that you
don’t want to ruin I would recommend if you don’t want to ruin it don’t use it
this is an old book I’ve used this one a hundred times so we’re not worried about
it but you can also put some a few extra pieces of paper in there too you don’t
want to ruin like if you see the purple is on a couple of the pages there okay
so that obviously was way too much paint now it’s interesting that the acrylic
did not seep through like the alcohol ink did so it contained it a little bit
more but it was still very very wet and that is not what we want with our string
technique so let’s try it again once again using the same string without
dipping it back into the paint and let’s see how this works
again so closing that book up just putting a little pressure on there and
then just slightly pulling that string out from the bottom
it’s always fun like let’s see what it does open it up a little bit better
still any guess I might be still a little bit too wet there let’s see the
one on the other side worked a little bit better let’s try it one more time so this is
the third pull third time’s a charm most like a little shape of a question mark
there all right let’s see and I’m gonna pull it out from the bottom again look
through my book to find my page there we go so that’s pretty good so that worked on
just a regular paper that was the acrylic high flow so you can see the
first time was horrible second time was a little bit better and I think the
third time was really the best out of that one so a little bit less ink and
again I have a very thick string so that really could make a difference so let’s
go ahead and try some watercolor have my little tub here when I fill it up with
just a little bit of water and I’m gonna put the my big brush in here and get
some pigment out of it this is alizarin crimson and I am dipping that in.
Now I know these are artists quality paints so the pigments a little bit
stronger but it’s gonna be still quite light because I have quite a bit of water in
here so let’s grab our string we’re gonna dip that string into our container
here I’m just gonna use my brush here to move that around kind of squish it down
in there now you can see how light the string is it’s very it’s a very light
pink so I’m expecting this to be quite light when we pull this out of here
we’re gonna head go ahead and try this on some watercolor paper again and like
I said try them on different papers see what you think I think it’s all part of
the fun so this one I have just the card stock
here I’m just gonna fold this right in half now I don’t have to waste two
pieces of paper this would make perfect card you can do these all day if it
turns out good so let’s pull that out of there
see if I get any drips off there and don’t lay that string down there no
particular order close that one up close the book I’m smoothing that to the edge
there and again pushing down on it and I’m gonna pull that string right out
okay let’s see what we got ooh that’s pretty still a little wet
there but that that came out nice it’s very pale very light and airy looking so
that’s a winner that works I think these are all working really pretty good
all right so for the last little trial here let’s go ahead and try the Bombay
ink now this actually was the first one that I used that worked this was
actually one of my favorites to work with but since then I’ve tried some of
the others and I was pleasantly surprised at how well they actually
worked if you had the right amount of ink or the right amount of pigment on
your string so the Bombay ink I’m gonna give it a little bit of shake here and
grab my string once again and this is black this is very elegant I think this
one turned out very pretty so again using my heavyweight string not even
quite an arm length here of string that depending on the size of your paper you
know more paper you have the longer you you want your string but you just want
to make sure that you don’t have the ink all the way to the very end of it so
leave yourself a little bit of room to pull that way doesn’t get all over your
hands and I’m just using the dropper here just to kind of push this in makes
it a little easier I grabbed I think a little bit more string on this one that
I have on the other ones now if you are interested in my online
classes don’t forget to check those out they are on my website at and
if you have tried this string technique make sure you leave a comment down below
like I said earlier and let us know how it went
share your stories so I’m gonna pull this out of here now oh that really tied
up I was I thought initially that was a big clump of something you might hate
but it’s actually the string I’m just gonna un-knot this you’re that there we
go that funny how that just wraps right up
in there let’s move that aside and we’ll plop this down on the heavyweight card
stock again these are just regular sheets of paper
by the way and I’ll give it a little spin here got a little bit on my paper
well that’s alright let’s lay another sheet on top and again pushing down
giving a little pressure and pulling the string out from the bottom last one
let’s make it count right so that kind of come through a
little bit – ooh look at that one that one’s a little messier in though on the
right the one on the left came out absolutely almost perfect look at that
ooh I think the black is very elegant so this is my absolute favorite let me know
what you think give me a comment down below tell me which color was your
favorite now I decided to take my little gold pen I love this thing just to jazz
it up a little bit this is a little gel pen and I have all of my supplies here
my Amazon Shop if you want to check that out I have them listed in there
including the Bombay inks the alcohol inks and even the water colors too and
the Pens are on there so if you just head over to the main page there there’s
a link up at the top says purchase products anything that you purchase
there I appreciate it because like a little portion and it helps me buy it
more supply so I can continue to do these free YouTube videos which I really
enjoy cuz I really get to play with these so I’m just gonna doctor this up a
little bit you could use the white gel pen you could use silver let your
imagination run wild I recently did a alcohol ink doodling Zen doodle course
on our conference that we had for the alcohol in our community and that if you
saw that this is another great way to doodle so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this
and if you want to see some other videos I’ll post a link here for you so you can
check out a few of my other alcohol ink videos on YouTube I do have a playlist
here for you and I look forward to seeing you guys next Tuesday and we will
see you soon take care have a great week

Dereck Turner

21 thoughts on “String Painting How To – Pull String Art with Paints

  1. Jeanne Beam says:

    Looks like fun. Love the black print…

  2. Nan Seefeldt says:


  3. Kellie Chasse says:

    If you Enjoyed this video please SHARE with your Crafty Friends <3 See you all next week. 😉

  4. Alice Duquesnoy says:

    Love the gold on the black!

  5. Jeanne Beam says:

    After seeing your video, I had to try the pull string art. I got the best results from Golden fluid acrylic paint with lots of water added. The worst was with Dr, PH Martin inks.( one good pull when I wet the string with water after the ink dried.)
    Thanks for sharing…

  6. Alcohol Ink Art Community says:

    Great video, Kellie. Such a fun project!

  7. Judy Hosch says:

    Pretty dang cool ! I remember doing this as a kid but as an adult, I'm sure my technique will be better. Although some of the kid ones made mom's refrigerator ! hehe. School is almost out for summer which means Art Day with Grandma is about to begin. Different kids – different ages – different days. Let the fun begin ! What kind of paper did you use?

  8. Linda Clifford says:

    Hi Kellie. Thanks for the video lab. What type of string are you using? Cotton, kitchen twine, something synthetic? And what brand of paper?

    Also, Pinata has a tilde over the n. It's pronounced Pin-Yata. (like Senorita) Can't figure out how to type in the tilde. 🙂

  9. Beth Hunley says:

    Love that you did a video on this and different paints!
    I have used the Liquitex Ink (Acrylic Inks) and have found to love this! I also wear gloves and when pulling out the string run the string between my gloved finger to remove the excess ink. It seemed to worked very well! I have shared my string art on the Alcohol Ink Art Community if you would like to check it out! Thank you!

  10. Darlene McDowell says:

    I tried this the other day using Stampin Up Refill ink and I used thin string, I like the thicker string you used, so I will give that a try. I love the black one that is my favorite.

  11. Cyd Madsen says:

    Oooh, the black india ink was really cool. The only time I've seen this done before is with poured paint, and sometimes used with chains. This was really cool all on its own and not so messy 🙂 Carl Purcell! I took a few classes from him, but mostly from his brother Roy. The two brothers were as different as pickles and ice cream; both very good artists.

  12. Mary Griffin says:

    Perhaps it would turn out better if you used less pressure holding it down. That forces paint out of the string which affects the look rather than letting the paint naturally move on the paper.

  13. Patricia Wilson says:

    What a neat technique! Live the results. Thanks.

  14. Lynn Foster says:

    I was doing this “string pulling” in the late 1970’s. I did mine on canvas and watercolor paper.

  15. Pat McLucas says:

    Going to give it a try!

  16. Wanda Englert says:

    I used Bombay ink from Hobby Lobby. Did not do well. It seemed to have too much ink maybe? The ink made the card stock paper stick together. Suggestions??

  17. Rosa Monllau says:

    Very pretty. What was de paint you used for the last one which I liked best…??

  18. Janet Brimston says:

    pour the ink into another container

  19. Jaime Reynolds says:

    I just started practicing this the other day 😋

  20. Joyce Mac says:

    Has anyone tried this on a black gesso'd canvas?

  21. Jani Toussaint says:

    This is so exciting and cool. Thank you for sharing!

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