Street Food in Peshawar – GOLDEN PULAO Mountain + Charsi Tikka Kabab + Pakistani Street Food Tour!

Street Food in Peshawar – GOLDEN PULAO Mountain + Charsi Tikka Kabab + Pakistani Street Food Tour!

– Awesome, guys. Check it out. It’s Trevor James. We are in the world-famous Peshawar, one of the ancient market
cities of the world, and today we’re bringing you, for an ultimate street food adventure. It’s going to be a lot of fun. This is a long-time dream
of mine to bring you here. Let’s check it out. – Today, we’re bringing you in full-on for seven incredible
street foods in Peshawar. One of the world’s cultural
and historical gems right here in Pakistan, and we’re visiting the
famous Nisar Charsi, directly translated as the
pot smokers meat lounge, famous all across Pakistan and the world for having the best kebabs in the country. So, make sure to watch
all the way until the end, because you’re gonna love
the food in this video. Let’s eat. – And this is just incredible here. There’s so many street foods, and we just got into Peshawar. Look at this, guys. Wow. So, we’ve got pulao. Beef pulao, look at this
mountain of beef pulao rice. Tasty. Wow. Look at this mountain, guys. That’s a huge mountain of beef bones. The bones, the beef bones. It’s just huge, and you can see chickpeas and raisins, and it’s scooped up, and we’ve got a huge group
of people eating in there. So, we’re going to try it out. Can I get a plate, please? A plate. Yes, please. Oh yeah, here we go. Look at that. With a– Oh yeah, super tender looking beef, you can smell, oh, you can smell cardamon and cinnamon, and masala and the dates
give it a sweet smell. Wow. Wow, very nice. Can you eat, can you
slurp the bone marrow? – Yes. – Is it good? This is an ancient city I’ve
longed dream of visiting and today, we are here. It’s finally here. Oh, look at that beef and
we’re gonna get a big bone. Beautiful. Oh the bone marrow? Thank you. We’re gonna go try it out guys. And here we are guys, we
got the ultimate beef pulao, sitting on stools eating this. Look at that. Oh, look at that, they’re just giving us extra chickpea and raisin, oh, and meat, it’s just pure heaven. You can really smell the
cinnamon and sweetness from dates and there’s just huge
chunks of beef in there. And, we got a bonus, huge beef bone, full of the marrow, and you can just pound it. And the marrow should come out. Oh! There it is. Oh, there it is. Oh, there it is, look at that. It’s almost all out. That is the pure flavor enhancer, one of the most naturally
rich fats you’ll ever taste. And we’re just gonna take a scoop of this extra fatty looking beef. Full of that sweet,
cinnamon-y, raisin-y goodness and this is in Peshawar, one of the most ancient
market towns in the world. Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh, that’s incredible! Oh, that’s fantastic! It’s slightly sweet from
those raisins, and cinnamon-y. That is next level flavor, amazing. And no one’s taking our
money here in Pakistan. No? No. We got extra beef. Please, please. I feel so guilty. It’s the land of hospitality here. No money? Thank you. Thank you very much. Incredible guys, just
amazing here at Peshawar. And it’s just so much here guys. Right up here, I think we found a little
whipped cream fruit chaat. Let’s go try it out. Hi, good, how are you? Oh, fruit chaat. It looks really good! Can we get a plate, fruit chaat? One please. Oh, we’re gonna make a plate
right here, look at that. That’s just a mountain. That’s just a mountain of banana and apple and whipped cream, he’s putting nuts on. Wow. That is amazing. And some rose syrup. This is so cool. Thank you, look at that. It’s like a whipped cream with rose syrup. We got apple and banana, guava, he put some sunflower seeds on there. Oh, and that rose syrup looks really nice. Oh wow! It’s really good! Very good. Very good. Right here? Yeah! Amazing! Okay, we’re keep exploring guys. Thank you! Thank you! And this is just amazing guys, these alley ways of Peshawar
are filled with life. We’ve got chickens and fish, so many street stores around, we’re gonna keep exploring, there’s so much food to try today. Let’s go see what we can find. Oh, what I think we just found. The pizza naan? Pizza naan? Wow. Very nice. Look at this guys, we’ve got one of the most unique naans, right out of the tendor. The tomato and coriander and potato, full of it and it’s coming
right out of that ten-dor, we’re making it in the back. And this is just amazing guys, we just got invited to look in the back, at how they make this magical pizza naans. And here we go guys, we’re going in to the pizza naan. Wow, those are the pizza naan? – This pizza naan. – Oh pizza naan? Wow. Thank you so much. And you can see we’ve
got these pizza naans, covered in mashed potato,
coriander, tomato. Oh, delicious bread and
we’re just pumping them, into, this tendor. Wow, right in there. That’s incredible guys. The pizza naan, and it
just came out of the oven. Look at that. Just came out. Wow. Right on there and into the tendor. There they are, super hot,
holding the flame there. And you can smell, the
tomato and the coriander. Wow. Peshawar, the Peshawar naan. – Special. – Special? And this is just incredible watching. The pizza naan, the
special naan in Peshawar. Wow. This is so beautiful. Thank you. There it is. We’re gonna get a local
brewed in tea here too. This hospitality in Pakistan is amazing. We’re gonna cover it in oil. Oh. Beautiful. Amazing. This is incredible guys. Coming to Peshawar is just so nice. And we got local green tea. Oh wow. Oh yeah. That’s the shop right here. Very good. The special, oh wow. Very nice. And I just took a bite right at the front. It’s actually quite soggy. It’s got a light coriander flavor. It’s like a soggy, coriander infused naan, with tomato and potato. Thank you. Thank you. Very nice. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. See you next time. That was incredible. And we’ve just entered the spice market. And look at this guys, we’re making a local
masala here, just by heart. He knows exactly the right
proportions and ratios, to make a delicious masala, that you can make curries and tons of Pakistani recipes with. Oh wow. That is super cool. Tons of spice in there, you can smell oh, cumin and
chili and masala and tumeric, and oh, that is beautiful. Wow. And it goes right in that bucket. And it’s sold to all this locals. Just goes in the bag, and that is perfect to
make your curries with. Wow, local masala. The Peshawari masala. – Masala. – The Peshawar masala. – The Peshawar masala. – Yeah. Wow. – Peshawar masala. – Wow. Very good. Thank you very much. And we’re going to keep exploring. Thank you. – Baba. – Baba? – Baba. Wow. – Is Pakistan baba. – Pakistan baba. – Pakistan baba. – And it is lunch time now guys. There’s tons of food out. Look at this, we found a local snack. Look at this! Oh wow, we found a home
cooked Pakistani food, saag. This is saag! It’s a mustard greens gravy with chili, and he’s mixing it with, lassi. We’re gonna get this saag, this mustard greens with the lassi, and right here, we’ve got corn bread. This is all home cooked Pakistani food. Can I get a plate saag please? Thank you. Oh and look at this guys, so we’re just tearing up that corn flour bread, in a bowl here. Wow. And that is going to be mixed
with that saag, I believe. Oh, and here comes the magic here. That is lassi. Look at that guys, we’re mixing the corn flour bread with lassi, curd, and ice, and then here comes. Oh. Oh and we’re just mixing that up. Look at that corn flour bread, lassi, on the streets of Peshawar. And then here comes the real joy. This is home cooked. You can only get this home cooked. Wow. That is the mustard green gravy. And here we are guys, it’s like a mash, mustard greens paste and you can mix it all through, that beautiful corn bread, and lassi mix. Oh wow. Wow. That is really unique. Very nice. This is the Peshawari saag. It’s actually quite sour, and mustardy. And the corn bread is really wholesome! It’s got that rich, it’s got that smooth, hardy corn flavor with a sour, and really mustardy saag. And then of course, the
lassi is cold and refreshing and a little sour as
well because it’s yogurt. Really nice. Thank you cha-cha. Very good. Oh dieting? For diet. Thank you. Very nice. This is just amazing. Thank you cha-cha. Really cool here, in Peshawar, and we’re gonna finish this, and go see what else there is, there’s so much food here. Awesome guys. And we’re just exploring
this beautiful old city, and right up here, is a
famous, famous meat joint, Nisar Charsi Kebabs, also known as the pot smokers meat lounge, because the owner had a habit. And right here, they’re gonna be making mutton kerahi, this delicious mutton stew, and also mutton tikka. And look at this guys,
we’ve got, oh, lamb heaven. Nice to meet you. Nisar Chassi. Oh wow, very special. With the kerahi and the tikka. Very special. Thank you. – Imran Khan. – Imran Khan? – Oh, okay. – Imran Khan! Wow. And this is all the mutton. Wow, look at that. So we’re gonna get this in the kerahi? – Barbecue. – Barbecue and tikka. Wow and just look at that guys. That’s Nisar Charsi. The legend himself. And look at this. And we’re just chopping that. And look how we’re cutting it there. Oh, you can just see there’s so much meat, and fat there. Oh, and we’re gonna take a look at the kerahi guys. Look at this ultimate kerahi station. Wow, how are you? Beautiful. This is just incredible. Oh. And there it is! We are gonna get one of these, baby lamb here, full of that rich fat, look at all those fat chunks in there. And they were going to
put potato and tomato and just a bit of light salt, and that’s all it’s going to be. Wow, full tomato. Super star. – Pakistan super star champion. – Yeah. Oh yeah. And we’re just putting in green chili. Oh, super natural. Super special. Super star. Super star kerahi. Wow. – Peshawari champion Pakistan tikka. – Yeah. Special. Wow, and it’s finished now. Thank you. We’re gonna go try it out. And now, we’re in the
back, barbecue area here. And this is the barbecue. Look at those big shanks there. Tasty.
– Nisar Charsi barbecue. – Nisar Charsi barbecue. Yeah. And the fat. The fat. Powerful! Oh, and there they are. Look at those beauties. Giant ribs! Nisar Charsi ribs. Beautiful. And that is just gonna be so succulent. Lamb flesh. We’ve got to smell kebab
smoke and also, weed smoke. Nisar Charsi is enjoying, the charsi. Amazing, we’re going to go try it out. Thank you Charsi. Wow, there it is! The kerahi, look at that. We have the ultimate Peshawari feast here. We got this lamb kerahi. You can see delicious chunks of lamb flesh and so much fat. And this is full, big chunks of tomatoes and chilies and salt. No masala in there. Oh, look at that. Oh and you can just scoop up that fatty, delicious lamb flesh. First thing we gotta do here, is just take a big bite
of that lamb kerahi here, and Nisar Charsi tikka. Oh tomato, and fat, just infused into there. Oh wow. That is, incredibly delicious! It’s seasoned perfectly! We’re right beside the salt market. It has no masala, and
it’s seasoned with a salt and, the natural fat flavor from the lamb. That’s all you need right there. Thank you. Super star. Thank you. Wow. Amazing. That was just fantastic guys. Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. And we’re gonna finish with
some Pakistani green tea. Because we’re actually close to China. So there’s a connection here. Wow. The green tea. Look at this guys. Wow, we got the ultimate
green tea station here. Except here, you can get it with milk. Oh. Tea. Tasty. So we take this hot water, and we put green tea in, and cardamon. Look at this. Cardamon right there. Look at this, cardamon goes right in. Boom. And sugar. Amazing. Thank you. And we’re just going to finish off, with the local Peshawari green tea. And there it is guys, the Peshawari green tea. Cheers. – Cheers.
– Cheers. The Peshawari green tea. Oh yeah. A little sweet and cardamon-y. Beautiful. Cheers. Very nice. And I’ll love to hear from you guys down below in the comments, this is just been the best
time ever in Pakistan. This is just the beginning of
our Peshawar food adventure, so make sure to click that subscribe, and the little bell notification button so you don’t miss any of these videos. Thanks so much for watching guys. Peshawari delicious green tea. Awesome.

Dereck Turner

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