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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re going to make chicken 65
anywhere whether you go to Chennai or in Hyderabad or anywhere when you go to the street side vendors on the restaurants they serve chicken 65 slightly different and i’m going to show
you trust me this is going to be very tasty. Dear friends for this you know I’ve got chicken with the bone on and look at the pieces even if the bone is on the pieces are
really small they’re not really big on anything and
you know these chicken I put it in the brain so that it becomes nice and tender. when I say brian the chicken that means I just take a whole chicken put in the water and add little salt and leave it in the fridge over night and the next morning when you cut and cook the chicken I’m telling you it’s nice and delicate
especially when you are making some fried like this chicken 65 or anything if you brine the chicken you chicken
will be nice and tender so I’ve got these chicken pieces with the bone on. In
this we’re going to add some ginger garlic paste, add pepper powder, some
chili powder, some garam masala in this very finely chopped curry leaves see you
want them to be finely chopped though because you want the flavor to be nicely
mixed up with this chicken and also finally stopped coriander leaf in this add some salt that should be good enough first we’re going to make this nicely so that all these masalas nicely caught
this chicken and you know if you have not brined the chicken, just mix all of these masalas and put it in the refrigerator for 2 – 3 hours then it will
become tender but if you brined the chicken then you don’t need to put them
in the refrigerator you can make it right away Now this is all mixed but they add color
red color to avoid that i’m using red chilli paste this is the Kashmiri red chilies which I made into a you know soaked it into the water and made into a nice
paste, this will give a nice color and also 1 teaspoon of cornstarch you know this cornstarch will give a nice
crispy effect on top even if you want you can add half a
teaspoon of all-purpose flour okay that should be good enough in this
we can add some vinegar or lime juice so in this i’m going to add some vinegar;
vinegar will give a nice distinctive taste to the chicken 65 wow.. and also look at this after
mixing the chicken will look nice and red but if you want more red color you are
more than welcome to add your own red color at home but since lot of people will…ah aha….make a big scene I’m not adding red color here. Just drop in the pieces of chicken; when the chicken is almost fried just add some
more green chili and curry leaf wow and the aroma that this is giving
because we added nicely chopped curry leaves coated to the chicken and also
coriander leaves and with all those masalas I’m telling you; Ha! only thing that is
lacking is the red color but that is okay we’ll compromise on the red color that street vendors add but we’re going to have even more tastier even more fresher and refreshing chicken 65 at home. Now look at this is awesome chicken is
fried and just transfer it onto a paper plate wow this is good super fantastic the aroma the flavor is super super
awesome only thing I forgot to mention you is when I say street vendor this is outside the liquor shop you know
all those guys talk they come and eat the fried fish and this chicken 65 they
serve it like this and i’m telling you i’ve tried it it’s very tasty not when I was drunk or picking up liquor from that but just you know I like to try different places even sometimes roadside also just to experiment. Dear friends I’m telling you this is one of the fantastic recipe and in every bite there is so much flavor because the chicken is nicely coated with the chopped curry leaves, coriander and all that
masalas and because of the corn starch and maida they add in the last minute on the top they just mix it and keep frying; you
won’t believe how fast these guys sell you know you stand there people will be
coming…ek chicken 65, fish fry I’m like this goes fast like hotcakes
you know there is no point eating chicken especially a fried like this without
this awesome masalas. Dear friends you know only thing that is missing is something
ding dong ding and when I made this I didn’t have the
intention but this stupid chicken is creating bad intentions in my mind look at this, make at home, make it for
your hubby, make for your loved ones and hmm…only thing is dear friends once you learn how to brine the chicken
and cook i’m telling you you will love love love this kind of preparation wow…dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s session of learning how to make this street side the Bundi wala outside the
liquor shop chicken 65 but do not forget vahrehvah is
all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking
tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking

Dereck Turner

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