Storm Chaser Risks Life To Take Breathtaking Pictures

Storm Chaser Risks Life To Take Breathtaking Pictures

COMM: Most people’s natural instinct when they see a tornado approaching is to move
very fast in the opposite direction. Roger: Here we go! Here we go! COMM: But professional storm chaser, Roger Hill, has made a career out of actively pursuing
extreme weather formations, like hurricanes and super-cells. Roger: Every storm and tornado that you see is totally different from any other one that
you’ve actually saw. I’m like a kid, it’s a candy store. Every one that I see, I get
really excited about. COMM: 56-year-old Roger, from Colorado, USA, captured these images during the 2013 storm
season. Together with wife, Karen, the pair have covered nearly 5,000 miles from Texas to the Canadian
Prairies since the start of the year. Roger has witnessed 670 tornados in his career and has vowed not to retire until he hits
1,000. Roger: It never gets old. I hopefully will be chasing storms until I’m physically unable
to face any more. COMM: Until that time, Roger will continue his storm chasing, documenting the ferocity
and power of the elements.

Dereck Turner

29 thoughts on “Storm Chaser Risks Life To Take Breathtaking Pictures

  1. adnan Khan says:


  2. Tom N says:

    I've seen this before. Barcroft are you rehashing vids lol

  3. Barcroft TV says:

    Hello Tom, no, this is brand new content, all shot this year. Thanks for watching!

  4. Loui Loui says:

    the lightning looks super scary… we dont have tornados that here in germany :D..we only have beer and bread :0

  5. Boston Prince says:


  6. 300.Gucci Gang says:

    Dedication is a hell of a thing isn't it?

  7. ElMaestr0Xavier0 says:

    He's either gonna die peacefully in his bed , or die doing what he loves.

  8. Lithianic says:

    also nice description.
    the supercell phenomena is just wow.
    theres a video of it by Mike Olbinski

  9. Korg says:

    I chase pussy and will not stop EVER!!…….. Until I am dead.

  10. Juliana AERIAM says:


  11. Tom N says:

    Thanks for clarifying. Love all your vids.

  12. Lil Sandwich says:

    Yeah I was wondering if he's made any money with his pictures too.

  13. Lexy Blue says:

    OMG there was a tornado warning near we're I live IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Beforethedawnbreaks says:

    Most tornadoes happen in Oklahoma here the United States. We also get him here in Missouri but not as often.

  15. TheRandomname951 says:

    Such an awesome job but can be so dangerous as well.

  16. Barcroft TV says:

    Storm Chaser Risks Life To Take Breathtaking Pictures

    These incredible images were captured by professional storm-chaser Roger Hill during this year's hurricane season. The 56-year-old zigzagged his way across the country with wife Caryn and tours of amateur storm enthusiasts in search of extreme weather formations like tornadoes and super-cells. The pair covered nearly 50,000 miles during this year's storm season, traveling everywhere from Texas and the Canadian Prairie provinces to Montana and Illinois. 

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  17. lovesandra says:

    Amazing photos.

  18. Tom N says:

    I think that's the smartest advice anyone has ever given me. Thank you.

  19. Phoenixrules101 says:


  20. M0noandkendo says:

    it looks like photoshop xD

  21. Chantal Otgaar says:


  22. speedfreakpsycho says:

    why not make videos at least 10 minutes long? you have a great channel but vids are sooo short.

  23. Adam Harness says:

    Agree. Should of talked a little about the crew, gear, vehicle, etc

  24. voicetube says:

    One of the best of Barcroft!

  25. Triveni satyanarayana says:

    Thanks for sharing this video!

    I was always stuck to comfort zone and could not move a inch towards any thing new!

    The result is that , I was paid less, was overweight also!
    But, my mother pushed me to
    1) listen to motivation videos
    2) track my issues using "risks" an Android app by lokesh
    by this, I am now a far better risk taker and the result is that I am having more energy

  26. cristal reyes says:

    The pictures he takes are just sooo beautiful. ♡

  27. d7mn says:

    Now these pictures are reallllllly beautiful n awesome

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