Stop Mold & Mildew with Wet & Forget Indoor

Stop Mold & Mildew with Wet & Forget Indoor

Hey, DIY Nation! It’s Jeff with HomeRepairTutor,
and today I’ve got a brand new product for you. It’s called Wet & Forget Indoor Mold
+ Mildew disinfecting cleaner. I conducted a 3 ½ week experiment using pumpkins, of
all things, and the results are phenomenal! So I’m going to share that with you. Any place
that you’ve got moisture like exterior walls or bathrooms or kitchens, this product is
going to help you out. So stay tuned and I’ll show you where you can use it. Oh, and I’ll
show you those pumpkins. All right, my friends. As you can see here
on my iPhone, it’s Thursday, November 21st, at 9:22, and these are the pumpkins. (Let
me just focus in here.) These are the pumpkins that we carved over 24 days ago on October
29th. And the reason why I’m showing you these pumpkins is they should be totally disgusting,
but they’re not. And it’s because I sprayed them with Wet & Forget Indoor. So let’s take
a closer look here. All right. So, here you go. This pumpkin was
actually eaten by deer earlier this morning. They ate all around it. You would expect after
24 days, this pumpkin will look just absolutely terrible. So that’s the one that the deer
ate. And then this is the one that they didn’t eat. So yeah, there’s a little bit of mold
on the inside that I couldn’t spray. I couldn’t reach this. All I did was spray the actual
back of the pumpkin and bottom. But as you can see here after 24 days, there’s no mold
or mildew on the inside of this organic gourd. So if Wet & Forget Indoor can do this for
a pumpkin, just imagine what it can do for your house.
Wet & Forget Indoor is perfect for kitchen garbage cans and recycling bins. We all know
how gross and disgusting the bottom of these containers can get. And it’s a perfect breeding
ground for bacteria and mold growth. So spray the bottom of the garbage can or your recycling
bin. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Wipe it down or let it air dry. Then you can put in your
new garbage bag or as many beer cans as you want.
And using Wet & Forget Indoor on the outdoor garbage cans probably isn’t a bad idea.
If you live with a guy in the house, you know that this area of the toilet gets pretty bad.
So what you could do is simply spray it down, and clean it off after 10 minutes.
And the back of the bathtub is ripe for mold growth. So spraying right here is a great
option. Biofilm is what creates that stinky, nasty
smell that emanates from your sink drain. What you could do is spray down the drain
the best that you can with Wet & Forget Indoor. Just let it sit. Give it a shot. Who knows,
maybe this will eliminate that nasty odor. And Wet & Forget Indoor is great for any exterior
walls that get a lot of moisture. Obviously, you want to fix that moisture problem if you
can. If you cannot because you’ve got earth behind this wall or literally 4 tons of gravel,
then spraying down this wall is a wonderful option at preventing mold growth.
Pretty cool stuff, right? Especially the pumpkin part. If you have dampness in your house,
like I do on these exterior walls and you can’t fix them or if your bathroom or your
kitchen are prone to mildew and bacteria and all sorts of crazy, nasty stuff, you should
check out the Wet & Forget Indoor. I really think you will like this product.
So let me know in the comments where you think that you could use it in your own house. And
if you haven’t already done so, visit Sign up for my email newsletter so you can
get really great tips week in and week out. Until the next video, have a great day. And
I’ll talk to you soon. Wet & Forget Indoor is perfect for kitchen
garbage cans and recycling bins because we all know how funky and gross the bottom of
your garbage can or recycling bin can get. It’s a perfect greeding bround… It’s a perfect
greeding bround… What the heck…? While we’re on the topic of garbage cans,
use the Wet & Forget Indoor on the outdoor garbage cans isn’t a bad ideaaa…!!!

Dereck Turner

4 thoughts on “Stop Mold & Mildew with Wet & Forget Indoor

  1. Scott Jacobs says:

    Hi Jeff! I appreciate your videos. Just started looking into this product.  Is there an actual difference in the outdoor, indoor & shower options other than the outdoor not being pre-diluted?  Also, would you suggest using on edge of carpet and wall molding where moisture intrusion previously occurred? 

  2. Aqua Gutter Cleaning and Repairs Henry says:

    i find that a little bleach and water does just as good for killing and cleaning mold or mildew but if this works i will try it i have tried a few good products
    were can you buy

  3. Rose Harbison says:

    can you use it on wood?

  4. tree Climbing says:

    Never use bleach on Mold —find out why. Google it.

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