Step by Step acrylic painting on Canvas for beginners Magnolia painting | Art ideas | How to paint

Step by Step acrylic painting on Canvas for beginners Magnolia painting | Art ideas | How to paint

Acrylic painting tutorial Step1: Background. I use Magneta, burnt sienne and black. Apply colors randomly using filbert brush size 1 Tip: No need to follow any pattern, just apply randomly Tip: The green tape used is painters tape, it is also bleed proof and you can also use washi tape Step2: Using a mop brush, blend the colors softly Tip: You can use any dry brush instead of mop brush. Step3: Add a bit of white color to add extra whiteness or lighter shades to some areas and blend smoothly This will add a rich tone to the background This simple technique will make the background more beautiful. Acrylic painting Acrylic painting is really fun and easy Now our background is almost ready Take time and be patient, it will come out really nice This is the reference image that I have used for this painting. Step4: set aside the painting for some time to let the background dry. Step5: Once the background is fully dry, draw a rough sketch using a pencil or charcoal. Info: If anyone finds difficulty in sketching, then please email me for a free sketch at [email protected] Step6: Start by painting the branches with a lighter grey tone. I am using filbert brush of size 8 We can add more details later. Acrylic paint is really fun to work and easy to blend At any point if you have any questions regarding this painting, then feel free to ask as comments or emails I will be more than happy to answer your comments and questions. You can also use live chats of my painting premiere sessions to clear doubts. This video is a bit lengthy as I want to show all the fine details. Please do not skip and watch till the end Branches are getting ready one by one. You can paint along with me by pausing as required. Once you have finished your painting, please email me. I will be happy to see your output and share it with my followers online. Add a bit of black to make bit darker grey. Step7: Paint the petals using lighter pink as the base. Tip: The base color gives more richness to the actual color that will be added later. I am using the same filbert brush of size 8. You can turn the painting in any direction that is comfortable to you. Magnolia is my favorite flower! I have made lot of painting vidoes on Magnolia, do search in my channel to find other interesting videos. If you like this video, please hit the like button and share Also, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, then hit the RED Subscribe button on the right. By Subscribing to my channel, you will get free access to over 600 step by step painting videos. step by step acrylic painting tutorial. Painting is really fun and it is the best way to run away from home without leaving home. This video is a bit lengthy, as I want to show full details. Magenta, quinacridone viloet, rose pink, white and black Step8: Use a darker tone as shadow and lighter shades towards the highlighted top part. Appy magenta to the shadow areas and lighter shade to top area as shown. Tip: Please refer to the reference image that I have shown earlier. Blending with acrylic is super easy Follow the same procedure to the value. Lighter shade to the top and darker below. acrylic painting Flower painting is really fun and charming. Who all like flowers, please comment. If you have excess paint in brush, you can wipe it using a tissue paper or cloth and reload the paint. Petals are getting ready one by one. Tip: Add more darker tone to the shadow area. Adding a few fine details, so please do not skip Tip: Use a small size brush to paint smaller areas. Highlighting and shadowing is very important and it will make the acrylic painting beautiful and standout So be patient and enjoy the details. acrylic painting See how the light base color that we have added brings richness to the magenta shade. Please like, share and comment your feedback. acrylic painting Few portions of the painting were not recorded due to technical issue, so I show you that in another piece. I use a wood panel for this work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Step9: Add black to the branches where the shadow is needed. Follow the same procedure to finish the rest of the branches. Step 10: Add few green shades to the branches. Add two or three leaves to the branches. if you like this painting tutorial, then please like, share and comment. please do not forget to subscribe by hitting the subscribe button and hit the bell icon to get notifications. Thank you for watching this painting tutorial and do not forget to subscribe to my channel.

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    If anyone needs the sketch, please inbox me at [email protected]

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