STATE Magazine:  Artwork Through Still Photography

STATE Magazine: Artwork Through Still Photography

But I’ve always been interested in art I
remember as a kid like drawing in church and making sure I mix with my
aunt who is also an artist and I think the target he was kind of that
natural progression because I came to college as a graphic design major and the
charge he just said in so well with that I think my artistic style is kind of
more of a feminist art style image or a lot of inspiration from a lot
of them in this artist but also draw inspiration from
paternal photographers like and Bradman their artists working
in the early 1900 sentry who. Kind of revolutionized the medium by
taking ideas from painting it into photographs and
kind of making photography into art so most the time issue females in the outdoor
environment usually it starts with an idea kind of what I want to say and
how I want the end product to look and then I kind of go out and
like scope out places I want to shoot and then I find people who I want to be
my models in the photograph and so that’s usually friends or
family or people I know. And then I kind of go through
all my photographs and find the ones that I like the best and
then edit them and print them it’s really weird being the 1st it’s been
a lot of fun because kind of what I’ve done is kind of setting the bar for the
future students the photography program here started my 2nd year here and
it’s headed by in the matter now. And I think he’s one of the most
influential professors I’ve had here he’s really pushed me as an artist and as a person to be the best I can be and
is make the best art I can do.

Dereck Turner

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