Standing picture frame made with popsicle sticks

Standing picture frame made with popsicle sticks

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I will show you how to create a nice picture
frame for Father’s Day. This project can also be used for Mother’s
Day or other special occasions. The frame will be made of wooden sticks. You will find that there is quite a choice
of different kinds of wooden sticks to create this project. Choose the size of wooden sticks you prefer
to create your frame. Start by painting all the wooden sticks in
white. This coat will serve as a primer and in addition,
it will be useful if you use a rather transparent colour to
paint the wooden sticks. If you are a perfectionist, you can paint
the sticks on both sides. Take the time to let the paint dry before
painting the other side of the sticks. Choose one or more colours to paint the sticks
that will form the frame. For this frame, I chose to use two different
colours. The advantage of painting the sticks before
assembling the frame is that if you use two colours, you will not have
to take too much precaution to avoid spreading the paint from one stick
to the other. When you have painted all your sticks, let
the paint dry. For a nicer finish, add a coat of acrylic
varnish. Now take your sticks and assemble the frame. Place the vertical sides of the frame on the
table and then place the horizontal sides on top. Adjust if necessary and then glue the sticks
together. Use your creativity to decorate the frame. Add paint dots, beads, shells, glitter, stickers,
buttons, etc. The possibilities for creating a unique project
are endless. Print your chosen picture at the right size
so that it occupies the entire space inside the frame. Glue the picture on thick cardboard. Then glue the cardboard with the picture on
the back of the frame. Make sure the picture is centered in the frame. To have a well finished product, I added construction
paper on the back of the cardboard, in a colour matching the frame. Take two wooden clothespins to create the
supports that allow the picture frame to stand. For each clothespin, remove the spring and
glue the two thin ends together with hot glue. If you wish, you can also paint the clothespins. Glue the clothespins to the back of the frame
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Dereck Turner

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    This is such a fun idea! We'll have to make one!

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