Spray Paint ART – Golden Pyramides

Spray Paint ART – Golden Pyramides

Dereck Turner

80 thoughts on “Spray Paint ART – Golden Pyramides

  1. Kevin Aleman says:

    what I would like to see next is a dream catcher 😊

  2. _Viggo Spiller says:

    what kind of substanse is it you are spraypainting on? is it har plastic or is it more compelicated than that? grate vid!!

  3. Kitslams Art says:

    It's the Three Color Challenge – Spray Paint Edition. ;D Always love your work. And the pyramids are so mysterious and magical, they intrigue us all.

  4. Big Daddy Boomer Fishing says:


  5. bakr oukessou says:

    amazing bro

  6. John Walker says:

    Really liked the idea with only the three colors you used, loved the gold color you had used.

  7. comet says:

    You're amazing, I was wondering if you could make like an Ancient Greek city with a temple etc. something like that. That would be cool to see.

  8. KillerQueen says:

    it might be a silly question, but what exactly is the burning for ? does it help with the gloss? Does it help the colours to set? :/ I've seen it done a lot and the answer must be obvious.

  9. Deontay Hieb says:

    skech art anything for sale

  10. ava cado says:

    I love your art so much, I aspire to be this talented!! Keep up the amazing work.

  11. Moaaz Ahmed says:

    You are awesome

  12. craig lee says:

    Nice job

  13. ray banning says:

    very nice, I would like to se e something unusual like leaf or wild animals body used as planetarium

  14. Harbinger5581 says:

    Can I buy a print of this gorgeousness?!
    My living room demands it!

  15. Staci Walters says:

    Nizhonii'-Very Beautiful Work

    -Shout out from the Navajo Nation

  16. Piter Muligan says:

    Magnifique !!!!!!. Je regarde vos vidéos avec beaucoup de plaisir et j'ai commencé à faire quelques dessins ( pas facile !)
    Continuez à me faire rêver, bravo……

  17. bongky rock says:

    good job …amazing! !!

  18. F L Ø Ø Ø D says:


  19. Hayden Cramer says:

    You Have tremendous skill my man!

  20. JB4 Art says:

    This was Fun to watch

  21. Vida Butkiene says:

    nežemiškas dalykas tos piramidės,teko matyti savo akimis,👍👀,puikus piešinys👏💟⛺😇🐪🌍🌔🌕🌙♥️🤗🇱🇹

  22. Nut Gt says:

    This is sooo relaxing

  23. Sarah Choudry says:

    This might be a stupid question but what type of paper or canvas do you use

  24. Sstigmata Sneakyfeats says:


  25. Siddharth Seth says:

    Lately I have been seeing a lot of videos online for spray painting and learning this art. Believe me I keep watching more and more your videos since your videos are unusual from the rest. I would want to see videos where less of space work is involved. Also if you could teach on making various types of stencils and would be great if you could define the colours like how you did in this video.. becomes easy to understand. Regards

  26. Rafael Costa says:

    hi skech art what is the base material? is it paper?

  27. Ricardo Gondim says:

    Oh man…. Another unbeliveble painting of yours. I Love this a lot. I mean,i wanto to buy some ink and practice… Begin learning..who knows?! And this appetite of mine,just appears because of seeing people like yourself 😉. Keep doing it my friend… You rule 😁 …

  28. Esther Nyota says:

    so wonderful !

  29. Omar Ahmed says:

    That's amazing 😍
    I'm from Egypt and I love your art.

  30. aaron bockmann says:

    The day I'll be this good is the day humans could fly :O

  31. Patrick says:

    Ja bi ti za ovo platio milione!

  32. Keith Wayne says:

    how many years have you been doing this? your very talented. how do you buy one?

  33. Sarah BELLES says:

    art school is haunting me here. you seem to put alot of even numbered objects in your images. I think your stuff looks good, but would benifit from odd numbers. plus the central focal points seem to pop up alot to. I think rule of thirds might do you well also. please forgive the unwarranted advice, I mean well.

  34. [ ] says:

    لايك رقم 400 😄

  35. Kyle Karanja says:

    What do you do in the event the paper rips onto the paint?

  36. Smart Crackrr says:

    Could you make a compilation of all your art? I think that would be really cool to see. I'm new to your channel and I haven't seen all of your work……..Yet.😁That would be really cool. Keep up the good work!😊

  37. Culture General says:

    Brother You i Say i use only tree color black and gold And white…what is the name of the last spray (You make fire with him) ??

  38. izzy welmer says:

    Amazing piece, and great choice of music too.

  39. Rupinder Singh says:


  40. Jim Land says:

    Where do you get the music for these? It can be hard to find good instrumental stuff.

  41. MARC-OPS23 says:

    j'adore ce que tu fais,c top,I like

  42. SimpsonsRestoningService says:

    do you ship to the USA lol your work is phenomenal

  43. Kasey Kerns says:

    this is so cool

  44. Plasmaxo says:

    that's it. now I gonna ask for a load of spray paint for my 14th bday. coz I want to paint just like you your amazing. and I would love to buy some of your work. where can I get it??? x

  45. Jacno77 says:

    bro don't add porno music to your videos

  46. Asma Rani says:

    good job may God bless you

  47. Kyle Tait says:

    How about a picture with a dead world with magma in it and a man standing on a desolate landscape.

  48. TheKingdomSecrets says:

    It's so interesting, I started spray paint art a few weeks ago and I have gotten some amazing results. Thank you for sharing these videos. Great regards from America. 🙂

  49. Dennis Eklund says:

    Where can i buy your art?? Any website to visit?

  50. Antonieta Ovalle says:

    This is so good man. Really good looking

  51. Ashlee The Wolf says:


  52. Aqeel nama says:

    Dude… love ur work… INSPIRED ME SO MUCH 👏

  53. alex kittel says:

    2 questions; 1. Is the fire to burn the excess fumes off or does it accelerate the drying process? And 2. Do you use poster card for your stencils, if not what would you recommend? (Beginner trying different things)

  54. Edwin Leyba says:

    Very nice paint skills

  55. Sensei_Sesame says:

    That solar eclipse is a cool detail

  56. bedowiiu says:

    there will be no Pyramids of geeza soon our president is planning to build a nuclear reactor pretty sure he will blow Egypt up

  57. Paula Larkin says:

    All I can say again is WOW! Your talent freaks me out! 😊

  58. Saeeda Mahmood says:

    Sooo cooool

  59. Elvis da Silva Barros says:


  60. byCryzes says:

    Are These normal spray doses?

  61. muhammad younus says:

    can you plz tell me how long it is. height and width

  62. Lou Mangilaya says:

    Do you have facebook page???

  63. Lily Quinn says:

    this might be silly question but what sort of spray paint do you use in all of you art work matte or gloss? also what do you use for the burning?

  64. raulox71 says:

    Almost the colour of planet Mars. Love it. 👍👍👍👍👍

  65. esco 1500 says:

    I love your work seriously and the way you combine the colors: 3 but you think you can tell me what kind of paper do you use to paint? And what kind of diffusers do you use to paint ?. I would really appreciate it if you answer me: 3

  66. Family Circle Art says:

    Hi. I love your work. What's the spray that cracks that you use please

  67. Phil Jean says:

    Love all your art so nice

  68. jonathan aravanopules says:

    You are so Good with spray paint

  69. Kyle Miller says:

    What to use for glow in the dark

  70. good angle says:


  71. Exotic Panther says:

    What does the fire for your painting

  72. Majd l مجد says:


  73. Cafelatina25 says:

    Beautiful work. I love watching you create art.

  74. Akash Gupta says:

    You are an inspiration to many.
    Your videos are really helpful to the beginners like me.
    Keep doing the great work.

  75. Knought95 says:

    Hello , I really like your art Sketch
    Please what is the spray you use for remove the paint ? This is Vernis ?

  76. Prince Prasant says:

    I needa paintaing

  77. Cvetelin Radev says:

    What did he use to make these lines in the bottom? Spray paint remover?

  78. Mo Fahmi says:

    Bad music
    Thumb down

  79. nielson1993 says:

    What caps do you use?

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