SPRAY PAINT ART –  Black’n’ White Ship

SPRAY PAINT ART – Black’n’ White Ship

Welcome to Skech’s SPRAY PAINTING , crafting and DIY Art. Hey guys for today SPRAY PAINT picture I’ll use just two colors black and white so… LETS ROLL IT !!! Hey guys Thanks for watching this video if u like it and if u want to support me click LIKE down below, share it with your firiends if u have some questions be free to ask me down below in the comment box I really love to read your comments and to answer on your questions, And if u didn’t subscribe yet, consider SUBSCRIBING for more futureing videos. Also don’t forget to check description box, I’ll put there links for equipment and things that i use in my videos STAY TUNED !

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “SPRAY PAINT ART – Black’n’ White Ship

  1. Veljko Dzopalic says:

    Sta koristis kada pravis vatru? Sem ta dva spreja?

  2. Vina Vina says:


  3. Akshay Chaturvedi says:

    you are the best artist 🎨 in the world
    but please make batman from the dark night movie

  4. من حقي اعيش says:


  5. Muqadas Tauqeer says:

    Brother it's something best I've seen💕

  6. Saumya Pal says:


  7. YashRaj Arts says:

    Sir, big fan

  8. rakesh valmiki says:

    osm looking bro

  9. DeeathStarr says:

    так себе

  10. Gaurav Dandona aka CYANIDE says:

    Amazing talent…lots n lots of love and respect from India!!

  11. Nur Mohammad says:


  12. YuzuEdits says:

    1:04 to 1:11 I've heard of that beat before it's really familiar I think I remember it from a Anime episode but I'm not sure it's déjà vu I wish I knew because I love the beat 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 (edit: and the part I'm talking about is not from star wars)

  13. Marian Fit says:

    Fabulos tricks : the flame, painting with spray color etc

  14. Mansurjon Ravshanov says:


  15. Kelvin king says:

    You actually made me love art even more..you are mentoring me..

  16. Maria E Angeles says:

    I love your art 😍

  17. Israel Francisco says:

    Oooooo rale que chido

  18. AYU ANDAIKAN says:

    I like it

  19. kevito delgado says:

    pico pal que lee :v

  20. maria scott says:

    Isn't it crazy dangerous to ignite the contents of an aerosol can. As the fire can go into the can and explode your hand, arm, face…

  21. Haaansie says:

    why is it always planets space or mountins cant these '' artists'' do anything els?

  22. Saibaba Art says:

    i love your art iam from nepal

  23. Vincent De Naeyer says:

    Im subscribing, can't wait the moment he blows his hands with his "flamethrower"

  24. cristianno J.andres says:

    great man! I love these types of arts.

    greeting man from Argentina that I do not know, I see very often I would like to spread this type of art in my country.

    the artists here in Argentina are very traditional I see very little here in my province, maybe in the capital of Buenos Aires there must be many of them., in the city of Buenos Aires compared to the provincials.

    I hope you continue to have success in your arts.

  25. Euries Imperial says:

    are you very ugly

  26. Ats Silah says:

    So statisfying

  27. Alam Khan says:

    Kardbord kon sa h gatte ka ya plastic ka

  28. marija treskavica says:

    Crno beli rad! 🙂 super je. !!! Htedoh da te pitam: koliko vremena treba da se nauci ova tehnika crtanja? Otprilike ? Znam da sto vise radis da se usavrsavas, ali onako onaj pocetni zadovoljavajuci nivo ne sa puno detalja za pocetak? Koliko vezbe koliko vremena? Hvala ti na odgovoru 🙂 veliki pozz samo cepaj !!!! P.s. Bg?

  29. Salah Eddine Bouachrine says:

    i like the music.

  30. aspian noor says:

    What paper you use ????

  31. ilham wahyudi amri says:

    Nice brooo,this excellent,aplosss,amigo garsia

  32. Driver P says:

    Saya orang Indonesia…

  33. rizky iqbal says:

    where the shadow off the ship?

  34. Anand Sahani says:

    That spray pain is kill can i take this paint
    And that moon looking so awesome ship is so good
    You have nice skills i love it.

  35. mukesh raj says:

    Which type of sheet is used in this painting

  36. lastdeezylastdon says:

    do you ever paint male nudes? I will commission you for 1000 euros

  37. Black Dragon says:


  38. The One says:

    Please what’s the material that you painted on ??

  39. Chaos Maker 21 says:

    너무 대단해!!! 갖고 싶다…

  40. Виктор Я says:

    I would add some fog.

  41. Merianne Madanlo says:

    New subscriber here i want to be an artist now.😁😁 amazing artwork!

  42. shajan shajon says:

    واو يجنن

  43. Habiba Reda says:

    You are very careful in work !!!!😉

  44. Stressed Out By A Mountain Of Books says:

    What's the name of the medium you're using?

  45. Lukas Müller says:

    What graphiti brands can I use to make this kind of art?

  46. haydar abood says:

    Very very nice
    You learned or invent this method of painting?

  47. Lina's artwork says:

    amazing 😍😍😍😍

  48. limits s says:

    Mas…jangan pakek api.kalau kebakaran gimana?

  49. ОДИн на кухне TV says:


  50. Jitendra prasad says:


  51. นุ่น naja says:

    I like so

  52. Dhoni 80 says:

    Can you make a jack sparrow ship with colour full.

  53. Vaibhav Shinde says:

    How can I buy this spray painting?
    Plz tell…

  54. ridwan firmansyah says:

    Masya allah

  55. Chibi Moon says:

    Waouhhhhhh ^^ I Love It .

  56. Danny Gore says:

    Please do something futuristic with Spaceships..lasers.. and planets .. please please

  57. sNpR_AFKing says:

    Tattoo the fire dries the painting faster so you can move on to your next steps

  58. sNpR_AFKing says:

    I really like this painting because it looks at the ship from a first person angle

  59. Iyonz noe says:

    Slam dri Indonesia

  60. Noah Linnik says:

    Jazza: Let’s do a three color art challenge!

    Sketch: Hold my paint.

  61. Alfredo Sarmiento says:

    I thought it was spelled SKETCH???

  62. Mohan Siswal says:

    Brilliant !! I wanna larn also !! Please tell me how I can larn

  63. Cracker T says:

    So I have not scrolled through the comments so somebody might have already asked this question but then again this might be a really dumb question…. So what is the fire for? Does it make it a hot seller? LOL no seriously what is the fire for? What does it do to the painting or for the painter? Very curious if somebody could please answer without giving me a smartass answer please. And by the way this painting blew my mind especially coming from just black and white

  64. Mathew Yager says:

    Very awsome work dude🖒. Inspiring for sure.

  65. Mom 85 says:

    U r so amazing artist!!! Greetings from Finland. I love your work and i'm learning so that i could paint my Hardware balkony table. It is Just amazing to see what u paint 😍

  66. fang ride says:

    I need the ship stencil can someone send me a image

  67. Ed Villa says:

    I love this one. It's a refreshing change from the usual 2 or 3 planets and city scape. One question, however, shouldn't that be a black shadow following the ship, instead of the pure white reflection?

  68. Rachna Babuprasad says:

    That canister flip is just awesome!!!!!

  69. Kanyaphat Sriliang says:

    อยากให้ไปทที่กำแพงบ้านจัง ชอบมากเลยอะ

  70. Marcelo Lima says:

    Tem gente que dá deslike no vídeo desse só pode ser retardado.

  71. Maryanne Drake says:

    What are your preferred pronouns?

  72. Rou Xian Sim says:

    can u please tell me what paper u use TQ

  73. Justin Yates says:

    I’m wanting to learn how to do this wondering if anyone has any recommendations for paint or equipment to start with?

  74. DreamWeaver says:

    Amazing painting with already visible excellence
    and that's how to make a good painting
    Can somebody tell me why they set the painting on fire

  75. 루다 says:

    너무 멋있어요👍👍
    빨려드러가는 느낌~

  76. Naina Noor says:

    Hello gise

  77. Arman Kuzanbaev says:

    Do you use acrylic paint? What paper do you paint on?

  78. Scarecrow Celine says:

    U are my best artist u rock 👍👍

  79. Bayu Suputra says:

    what is the first sound track
    Please answer…
    @Skech Art

  80. Маргарита Ледова says:


  81. WildCraft Emma Mariás says:

    Ay love hab atju pajteng 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  82. yvonneost12 says:

    That is totally mental , well done.

  83. Feelingboy Mawlong says:

    Wow amazing

  84. John Wilson says:

    Do something with camo

  85. Alexis Escott says:

    How do you get that effect on the water?? Mine is just turning grey

  86. Hamby Nanny says:

    When i saw the thumbnail i thought the fire was part of the painting. I was like holy crap

  87. antonio jesus jimenez rodriguez says:

    Buenas no se si entiendes el español pero te queria preguntar de que es el bote para darle calor a la pintura y secarla.

  88. Ольга Тужаева says:

    При просмотре видео возникло дежавю. Я видела во сне этот рисунок

  89. Linda Sawyer says:

    Have you ever thought about having you own store, where people who don't live in the same country as you, can still buy your awesome art works!!

  90. PashaGuy !!! says:

    I don't know how you doing this picture

  91. phúc vĩnh lê says:

    What kind of paper do you use?:)

  92. Wolverine38 says:

    I love the music choice. That’s definitely from a Marvel movie

  93. TALENTASTIC /ART says:

    Where is the shadow of the ship

  94. TALENTASTIC /ART says:

    Nice Wonderful talent😍

  95. Mike Bulkley says:

    Some people (not me) just have an awesome understanding of light source and shadow. So amazing.

  96. Nickolay Cheshire says:

    Если на воде отблеск от Луны, то где тень от корабля?

  97. Christine Ingram says:

    wow this is terrific and you put in loads of rigging too 😀

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