SPOOK CIRCUS – Short Fantasy Animation

Roll up,roll up,and see the monster show! We will teach you about the scariest monsters from all over the world! If you go into the woods today, you might be surprised to see Harpies! And you sir,I bet you’ve dealt with these in your time. They’re hairy, they’re scary, they’re Werewolves! But everyone loves Dragons! Now we’re going from the skies to seas. Look out for the sea serpents! If Dwarfs dig too deep, they might uncover a Fire Demon! Most people think these are extinct,but there’s always rumours of them returning… Orks! Boo! Oh, it’s just a Goblin! Thank you! We’re the Spook Circus! Good night! Tough crowd,you’d think they were the ones who had been travelling non-stop all day. I thought we were gonna lose ’em! I didn’t! Trimble could never disappoint! This is true! Sorry to bother you. I must say your show was wonderful. Thank you! Um,I have come with a proposition. If you wanna book us,we’re busy until (yawn) next week. No,I don’t want to book you. Tell me,how good are you at controlling shadows? Amazing! And do you create your own shadows,or use existing ones? They’re my own. Sorry. But yes. Well then,I hope you’ll be willing to help A travelling fairy castle has kidnapped my daughter. The place disappears at night time,so I can’t get inside to save her. I’ve never heard of that before! Does it just fade away as it gets dark,and then pop back into existence in the morning? That just about sums it up,yes. This is my plan… I stay in the Dark Forest for the night,you meet me at its edge in the morning. Create an envelope of darkness to keep me safe from the sun,and escort me to the castle? Why not just try waiting where it’s going to be,so you’ll be inside it when it pops back? I’ll have hours of dawn to sit through,and what if I wait in the wrong place? Yeah, you’ll cook! Wait a minute,before we agree to this,why do they have her? Did you do something to them first,I hope you’re not getting us involved in anything personal? No,nothing like that.They want to enslave her,to turn her into a fairy. You said in the morning,right? Not now? That is correct We’ll do it. So why are we doing this? Wouldn’t having one less vampire in the world be a good thing? I know she’s his daughter,but why don’t we just wait until she’s been turned into a fairy before we rescue her? Uhh,you don’t know much about fairies,do you?They’re a lot worse than vampires. They kidnap children,transform them into fairy slaves,and send them down the mines, looking for fairy silver to make weapons. Fairies are even worse than Pixies… No offence. None taken,all fairyfolk are awful. Even me sometimes. Ah,there you are! I was worried you might stand me up! Of course we wouldn’t. So where is this fairy castle? This way! Wow,it’s beautiful! What’s he doing? When he’s crowned king,he won’t be allowed to leave his castle.So he wants to cover his walls with memories. Sorry’bout that! Oh look, it’s the bloodsucker’s daddy. Shall we let him in to visit? Let me think about that –nope! How surprising. We couldn’t let you in,even if we wanted to; no-one enters without the password. Think again! Everyone knows Pixies can’t use their own weapons to kill anything but Goblinfolk! That’s true! What I can do is leave you alive but missing your arms and legs and wings,how about that? Congratulations,you’ve correctly guessed the password! Be careful,fairy castles are full of traps.Don’t touch or trust anything. Where are the cells? In a non-moving castle they’d be in the dungeons,but in moving castles they’re near the top. Great… Urgh,let’s get this over with…I’ll try to find the stairs… Why aren’t they trying to stop us? Why would they stop us?All castles have plenty of visitors. I think they’re behind this door,but it’s locked. This looks like a typical fairy lock to me –half magic,half real. I can do magic locks. I can do normal locks. Won’t they notice if you start picking away at the door? Not if there’s a distraction! What? Ohh! Roll up, roll up, and see the monster show! Can you keep an eye out?I really don’t like being among Fairyfolk,it’s like if you were in a garlic farm. Certainly. That’s my cue! I said Orks! Boo! (screams) Well,that worked! Let’s get moving before they send reinforcements. Um,about that…there are no stairs. Makes sense,why would there be in a place where everybody can fly? Maybe we should fake an official letter demanding they let your daughter go? Kobalt could probably make it look convincing! I like your thinking but I have a better idea. Kobalt,do you think you could paint a flying horse? Sure! Why? As you may know,vampires are good at hypnosis.In places like this,reality is a little thin, so I think might be able to hypnotise the painting into thinking it’s real. That’s crazy enough to work! Finished! All aboard! Daddy, you’ve come to save me! Sure have, Buttercup! Shall we give them one last scare? Boo! (screams) I need a bath,fairy places really get under my skin. How much longer are they staying here? Another day or two. Or less! Wimps! … oops.

Dereck Turner

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