Sony Breaks Silence On Spider-Man Split With Marvel

Sony Breaks Silence On Spider-Man Split With Marvel

Shots have been fired… or maybe, webs have
been slung? Marvel fans had their worst fears realized
on August 20th, when it came to light that Disney and Sony couldn’t come to an agreement
to keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in upcoming releases. After Sony-produced films like 2007’s Spider-Man
3 and 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to truly capture the essence of the web-slinger,
and in light of just how popular and successful Spider-Man has been in the MCU, fans have
been quick to denounce the decision. Once the story went public, Sony wasted little
time in issuing its response and – surprise, surprise – they are placing the blame on Disney. “What is this, pro wrestling?” “Whatever, old man.” An unnamed Sony spokesperson told the Hollywood
Reporter that the studio is “disappointed” with the outcome, and confirmed that Marvel
Studios president Kevin Feige will no longer produce Spider-Man movies in the future. The spokesperson stated: “We are disappointed, but respect Disney’s
decision not to have him continue as a lead producer of our next live-action Spider-Man
film. We hope this might change in the future, but
understand that the many new responsibilities that Disney has given him – including all
their newly added Marvel properties – do not allow time for him to work on IP they do not
own.” Apparently, the fallout between the two companies
came after Disney suggested it deserved more of the profit from future Spider-Man movies,
requesting the standing five percent day-one box office cut to be increased to a 50 percent
co-financing stake in the franchise. Obviously, Sony turned that down, wanting
the current deal – in which Disney also receives all merchandising revenue – to continue instead. To be fair to Sony, Feige does seem to have
more on his plate than ever before. With the Mouse House launching its streaming
platform Disney+ at the end of the year, the head of Marvel Studios is hard at work making
sure the numerous superhero offerings that are coming to the platform are up to snuff
– not to mention ensuring the success of the various Phase 4 films that are in the works
as well. And with the surprisingly massive box office
of Venom and the critical and commercial success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony
is in a much stronger place with its comic book franchise than it was back when the original
deal was struck with Disney in 2015. Sony has had the film rights to Spider-Man
since 1999, back when Marvel Comics was doing its best to recover from bankruptcy and resorted
to licensing many of its most popular characters to film studios just to stay afloat. Times have changed for both companies, and
Sony is evidently standing its ground in a major way. For his part, Tom Holland – who has played
Marvel’s wall-crawler in five films since first appearing in 2016’s Captain America:
Civil War – is contracted to appear as Spider-Man in two more standalone movies for Sony. Of course, Spider-Man solo pictures are not
the only thing Sony Pictures has going on right now, as the studio is looking to create
its own successful franchise of Marvel-based films after Venom did gangbusters at the box
office. Previously announced films that are in pre-production
at the studio include an Andy Serkis-directed Venom sequel and a pic starring Jared Leto
as classic Marvel antihero Morbius the Living Vampire. The studio also hasn’t been shy about other
possible projects to expand its Spider-Man universe. In an interview with Vanity Fair in late 2018,
then-series producer Amy Pascal mentioned that Sony was interested in reviving the previously
shelved Sinister Six film based on the iconic group of Spider-Man villains. In light of all this news, many questions
remain. Can Holland’s Peter Parker leave one cinematic
universe merely to join another? Are fans of the MCU ready and willing to support
Spider-Man outside of Feige’s steady and knowledgeable hands? The last truly successful non-animated Spider-Man
film Sony produced came over 15 years ago with Sam Raimi’s iconic 2004 picture Spider-Man
2. “Hey, you guys. No playing in the streets.” “Yes, Mr. Spider-Man.” That’s an eternity in Hollywood time, but
it’s possible that time has given Sony perspective and that the studio could put together a team
that creates a remarkable piece of filmmaking that blows the box office apart. One thing’s for sure: given that superhero
films are largely a surefire box office draw in Tinseltown, Spider-Man leaving the MCU
is a major shift with billion-dollar implications. “Oh. This is nice.” It doesn’t look like either studio is going
to budge on this decision, unfortunately, so fans are going to have to get used to a
reality where Peter Parker isn’t carrying on the legacy of Tony Stark after all. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Sony Breaks Silence On Spider-Man Split With Marvel

  1. Rajat Bhan Singh Tomar says:

    Fu sony

  2. Ratnendu Biswas says:

    can someone name the background music used here?

  3. Dog Hat says:

    Why not leave tom holland's spiderman on mcu and focus on him being in the avengers against doom,galactus,and other avengers f4 xmen stuff while sony have andrew garfield's spiderman come back and circling around spiderman's own story against his own villains like the sinister six, then have the spiderverse movie with holland Garfield tobey later on. Smh🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  4. Brett CFRider says:

    I still say Amazing Spider-Man 2 was great and I’m mad we didn’t get the Sinister Six movie.
    Original SM 2 was only a hit because of the SM 1. It wasn’t very good and SM 3 was embarrassing and awful.

  5. TheSexyClassyLady says:

    Thank you Sony for fucking yet another Spider-Man franchise up.

  6. Arun Kumar says:

    Stan Lee is crying in heaven

  7. Rayirish says:

    Worst fears realized? This is the best thing to every happen to Spider-Man

  8. Jim Brinkley says:

    Sony and Disney suck.

  9. Tarun Suryawanshi says:

    I don't like sony

  10. Animesh Singh says:

    I hope marvel studios loose everything, the studio should end with the uber crap called Endgame.

  11. FatFredyFreak says:

    So I guess Peter will just have to forget the last few years, you know, the whole living to impress Iron Man thing, and find something else to motivate him. Honestly, just another nail in the MCU coffin for me, they announced nothing, I repeat NOTHING, in the next phase that I actually give a shit about. No Spiderman in the MCU is just another reason for me not to care about the MCU.

  12. Macias712 says:

    Stan-lee would be very disappointed

  13. Arjanit Shala says:

    Did you ruin MCU?
    Sony: Yes
    What did it cost?

  14. Julio A Noguez says:

    I’ll still watch spider man movies not matter how many reboots

  15. Darreld Studie says:

    Disney is the Franchise destroyer. They've totally destroyed Star Wars, and now they are destroying Marvel. Disney is just a toxic company. I will not pay money to watch anything from Disney any more.

  16. Luis Garcia says:

    Lol Sony trying to shift the blame

  17. Pizzahighfive says:

    Can't wait till people create new super heroes that aren't part of Marvel and DC.

  18. Ermack, The Bard Boi says:

    You wot? Why would… What he hell are they doing?! Spider Man was going to be the only Marvel movies I watch from now on, so now I guess I'm just done with marvel entirely.

  19. Umar Khan says:

    Such a shitty is character in MCU. what a kid has to do among men. Thank God they kicked spidey back to his neighborhood

  20. KingT Gaming says:

    Dc is laughing at us right now

  21. Annu Guru says:

    nooo we need Seb and Mackie roasting Tom :((

  22. Baby nugs says:

    They came to a 70-30 decision. So please stop spreading this old stuff.

  23. Myauwu says:

    "You'll just have to get used to it"

    Bro what the-

  24. Janoy Cresva says:

    I seem to be the only fan who’s completely fine with this. The MCU Spiderman isn’t even Spiderman, he’s a watered down, politically correct version.

  25. Icarus Edema says:

    Yes finally no more Tom Holland fan girls

  26. MK LIGHT EM UP says:

    Marvel: okay, so here’s the next step, we take Spider-Man and…….

    Sony: Ehum

  27. Derkil CZ says:

    Imagine this : Sony anounces Spider-man 4 (Sam Raimi)

  28. oneandahalf39 says:

    Disney is looking for a complete monopoly. They have most of marvel, stars wars, etc., Etc. . Disney won't be happy until laws change to allow them a complete monopoly

  29. Jack Sparrow says:

    Fooking Disney.

  30. Emperor Picard says:

    With great power, comes great reboot ability.

  31. Soulmaiden deSade says:

    If Disney would realize that they are becoming obsolete and money can't buy back their kingdom, it would be better for all involved, until that happens, Disney will continue to ruin everything.

  32. PHILL SHIVELY says:

    I Don't LIKE MCU Spider-Man

  33. PHILL SHIVELY says:

    You Got it backwards AMAZING Spider-Man captured the essence of Spider-Man perfectly Homecoming and far from home turned him into Iron-lad instead

  34. Kosh Naranek says:

    Sony accomplished what Thanos could not :/

  35. Ace2Trill says:

    Okay with me, Tom Holland and Tom Hardy in a Spider-Man/Venom movie? Please?

  36. Jason Stinson says:

    The Producer does not write direct or star in a movie all the producer does is put all of the aspects together and sign the check it doesn’t matter who financially black Spiderman or produces it it’s still the same character in the same movie with the same story the only thing that is changed his characters from the MCU cannot be named without a check going to Disney nor can my star in it and for that matter there’s no MCU characters left worth staring in a Spiderman movie that he would interact with. as a longtime Spiderman fan Spiderman‘s role in the MCU is done Spidey is a friendly neighborhood Spiderman and has his own a list of villains to face off against on his own so all I can say is I don’t give a crap bring on the next movie. Just do me one favor for god sake’s don’t make the green goblin on the new tent it’s a man in a mask with a super soldier serum and a slight case of schizophrenia

  37. Luís says:

    Greedy bitches there is absolutely no respect for the fans

  38. Richard Pisano says:

    The Amazing thing folks don't seem to realise that movie into the Spiderverse/Venom/Morbius the living vampire…it is a multiverse after all but I'm excited see as a fan Im not worried at all the movies coming sound great!!Not a popular view right now but sorry ….

  39. Richard Pisano says:

    I mean didn't it end like SPIDER-MANs future is in jeapordy? I'm talking about in the movie, right….

  40. Mattybdbz says:

    I think this bad deal might be the beginning of the end of the superhero movie Trend.

  41. Corey Robinson says:

    Boycott Sony.. I loved MCU Spider-Man that’s BS.

  42. James Chung says:

    Boycott Sony!

  43. Teddy Kurniawan says:

    Disneyland: happiest place on earth.
    Disney Studios: destroyer of childhood.

  44. Mc Knight says:

    Nothing but a bunch of shills, these people on youtube blaming disney and not looking at the big picture bullying sony for more money, 50% is HUGE especially when the property is NOT own by them your not suppose to be demanding. Thank you someone who knows what the fuck they're talking about rather then some idiot fanboy who can't think about the business side of things, how about i cut 50% of you paycheck. The mouse wants cheddar.

  45. Sentient Potato says:

    Doesn't Disney make enough money?

  46. Where’s the milk? says:

    As smart as Sony is being. They’re being greedy as well as Disney, if any of the companies cared about our feelings for Spider-Man. They’d try to push back the negotiations until the next 2 movies Tom Holland had we’re here. Smh, I blame both tbh. Disney the most.

  47. Armando Uribe says:

    none of this matters, deals where remade….. EVEERYONE BACK TO WORK !

  48. Unknown Z says:

    I hope he come back to marvel

  49. Purple Dog says:


  50. Mr. OldGod says:

    Hot News! Spider Man is back in MCU and Venom is now a part of it too .

  51. bob says:

    Tom holland was on top of the world by playing spiderman and meeting all the marvel stars but then in one day all hell broke loose

  52. Keenan Jones says:

    50/50 is fair. Marvel is the one writing the scripts and filming everything. The only thing Sony does is own the rights to Spider-Man, and we all know how making Spider-Man movies isn't Sony's strong suit. Now Disney will just have to buy them out ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  53. HZRD SpideysHyperr says:

    So now tony died for NO FUCKING REASON cause like that was the motivation for tony in endgame it was peter so if marvel doesn’t get him back this is what’s probably gonna what I’m gonna see on the news: suicide increases because of Spider-Man leaving the mcu

  54. Need For Speed Fan Channel says:

    Solo Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man!

  55. TRENDING says:

    Sony is greedy asf

  56. Sergeant Arch Dornan says:

    Sony is just angry that mcu Spider-Man never said pizza time

  57. Aditya Bhati says:


  58. Cate Rush says:

    apparently Sony and Disney dont care about what the fans want

  59. anthony damico says:

    For me The MCU. Died with avengers endgame.

  60. Master. says:

    Spiderman, spiderman
    Does whatever a spider can
    Spins a web, any size,
    Catches thieves just like flies

  61. ColdaTundra 28 says:

    hopefully both sony and disney get their fingers out of their asses and actually start negotiating for the first time

  62. Trayton Paicu says:

    All right, people, let’s do this one last time…

  63. chris m says:

    People fighting over disney being at fault and sony being at fault. I like the mcu but then I think about sony who actually owns spider man.
    Spider man vs venom
    Spider man vs green goblin
    Spider man vs carnage
    Gwen Stacy
    Mary Jane
    Felicia hardy
    Other characters
    Mile Morales
    Spider gwen
    Sony could do more with spider man then disney ever could.

  64. KK Lao says:

    Sooo can we get a Spiderman Venom now? 😍😍

  65. LIL angst artist says:

    If spidey remains tom holland but if not no.. No i will not support the leave

  66. NotAFragger says:

    Everybody Spiderman isbback with 7 more movies

  67. Tai Chandler says:

    Rather keep Spiderman in Sony just to be honest. I didn't like Far from Home.

  68. Malcolm Bunyoli says:

    It should be 1st is the good 2nd is the best and 3rd sucks be cause Sony always messes it up

  69. Malcolm Bunyoli says:

    I get it both studios are being greety but I’m sorry I think Sony needs to stop being dumb and trying to ruin everything on the high note like for a different matter Sony wouldn’t let ps4 crossplay for the longest time with Xbox not even in Minecraft even though Microsoft owned Minecraft I’m on Disney side because Sony always try’s to force things down my throat because of money cough amazing Spider-Man 2 and spider man 3 cough just my opinion also the new realest said it wasn’t 50/50 it was 70/30 marvel offered

  70. ravensblm says:

    It's funny now sony is making a excuse by saying the reason that they left was cuz of xmen bombing

  71. Deana and Lily's Disney You Tube says:

    He can’t get a break poor peter. Everything goes wrong

  72. Alex Kpi1h_Iykwim says:

    It's the Spidey Curse

    Things always has to get messed up at the third movie

  73. thundring arrow says:

    Hope stan Lee didn't harass the news rip of Spider-Man

  74. myname_william says:

    Tom Holland’s is the best spiderman

  75. potatoes says:

    I wish stan lee was here to talk about this….

  76. Slim PG Ventura says:

    In the shadows:.. Choose wisely

    Sony President: Please don mickey, not my hand!

    Out of the shadows mickey: Left or Right?!

    #*In recent news, Sony came to terms with a 70/30 deal with Disney.*#

  77. Kylo/ Ben says:

    to be fair Disney have all the companies at the moment so having Sony fight back is fine by me, A random guy in the comment section

    and let's be honest Disney is being greedy =^|

  78. Davin Chan says:

    Stan Lee wouldn’t have wanted this..

  79. Seng Leong Por says:

    Now, I kinda dislike Sony and would definitely boycott them.

  80. Emmanuel Thervil says:

    Subscribe please 😭😭😭😭

  81. Miroljub Djukic says:

    Look when Disney buy sony moves xD

  82. skooly says:

    a live action miles morales spiderman would b pretty cool

  83. Ethan McDonald says:

    I might very well just boycott both as an F.U. to both studios. 🙁

  84. kt cool says:

    Original spider man movies were far superior than the shit marveled crapped out, except for the spider man 3.

  85. MarcoPlayz - Minecraft & More says:

    Sony: Spider-Man will no longer
    be part of the MCU

    Stan Lee From Heaven: Dont make me come
    down there you punks

  86. Nicholas Jackson says:

    Please sought this out !

  87. jingdex bolandos says:

    Disney ruins everything…😡🤬

  88. yuxia liu says:

    This still isn’t making me happy wait then am I here you know wat nvm☹️😭😭

  89. Danrapx says:

    Honestly both of the company’s are stupid Sony thinks they are good at making spider man movies after one SPIDER MAN movie and Disney is being a entitled little bitch

  90. J3 Escobedo says:

    Spider-Man 3: not coming home

  91. mari gonzalez says:

    This is good. now sony can save spiderman from feige, who is cutton every male super heroes ball off…… Go sony save spiderman

  92. mathiasmorqubus says:

    Guess want watch Spider-Man movies anymore.

  93. thαílαnd pαrαdíѕє says:

    Who cares!

  94. Likey says:

    SpiderMan – Homeless

  95. Jan Domagala says:

    It's simple why the talks broke down, money. Disney wanted to change the deal to a fifty fifty split from what they had previously agreed based on the latest movies phenomenal success. Disney is all about the business and the business is about making money. Can you blame Sony for turning down that offer?
    This has nothing to do with Kevin Feige's workload and all about them seeing if they could grab a bigger slice of the pie.

  96. Xarius Jarry Quiambao says:

    It's easy, Sony will throw MCU Spiderman into the Raimi-verse where he'll meet Tobey's Spidey. Little did he know, Andrew Garfiled and Nicholas Hammond were thrown into that universe as well. Spiderverse everyone! In the end everyone will return to their own universe but Tom's Spidey was sent again to a different universe, the Venom Hardy Verse. He will live there for the rest of his life will never return to the MCU again (Unless Disney purchase Sony altogether). Wouldn't it be cool if that happened?

  97. Rich Muto says:

    After the end of "far from home" marvel should just have TH's spiderman go under superhero witness protection program and he'll become night monkey and they can't say spideman or Peter Parker

  98. Jerome Dechant says:

    Too bad money and egos got in the way of spiderman's continuation in the Marvel Universe. 😛 See what greed does?

  99. acr500rider says:

    Damn it, Damn it! I've dreamed of a Marvel world, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Guardians  and all of those other big Marvel characters like Venom, Deadpool, Punisher..etc. Can coexist. But One Again the almighty greed of the Studios have made sure this will not ever happen. As of Phase 4, There really isn't shit to look forward too!

  100. GameKnighty Boi says:

    Disney should just buy sony

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