[Solución] este artículo requiere iOS 9 o posterior

Hello, you ?, I am Nico, and in this video
we will explain how to install applications on any iPhone, iPad or
iPod Touch that have installed a firmware version lower than
specifications required iTunes Store, that is, if you have iOS 6
the iPhone and the application tells you require iOS 7 or later or
iOS have 47 and tells you require iOS 8 or later there is one thing we have not tried that
the end of the video explain first we go with the explanation and
demostraciónque is very simple In this case we have an iPhone 4
It has iOS 7, which is not compatible with iOS 8 and want to install a
application called the Garmin connect mobile, as we see, it requires
iOS 8 and later, once we look in AppStore within the device, if
we have not downloaded we never appears a button that reads: get, after
Pressing obtain and then install, some ask Apple ID, which as has been
usual, and after introducing us the typical message; that
application requires a version higher than we have installed in
the device is a simple solution for to let us install it, it is go
iTunes Store (from the computer) connect in the section of
applications, let us iTunes Store, We seek the application, and install
with the same Apple ID will download it to your device and once installed on the iPhone, if we
look, instead of button us obtain The cloud icon appears, so
just press the button to us a message appears indicating that the
current version requires iOS 8 later but it offers the possibility
download the latest version compatible with our device assuming there, so just
we have to expel that button and longer starts downloading, which we mentioned
the beginning of the video and do not have proven is that there may be
New applications leaving recently that have no versions
previous compatible, in that case We assume that you can not install, no
But if someone proves the You can comment on the forum
AppleManiacos.com community or video comments
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Dereck Turner

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