Sofia Daccarétt Char, better known as Sofia
Carson, is an actress, singer, dancer and song writer from the US. She is famous because of her role as Evie
(ívi) in the Disney movie Descendants. She was born on April 10th 1993, in Fort Lauderdale,
the Venice of America, and she was raised with her family in Miami. Her parents, José Daccarett and Laura Char,
are from Colombia. Her mom was Barranquilla Carnival Queen, and
is nowadays her manager. Sofia is very close to her family and she
is very proud of her latin origins. She speaks a perfect Spanish, as well as English
and French. She has a little sister, Paulina, with whom
she’s living now in Los Angeles. She changed her name to Sofia Carson when
she started her artistic life. She adopted her grandma’s last name since
it was shorter and sounded better. Since she was 3, she knew she loved performances
and wanted to live a life on stage, so she spent her whole childhood and adolescence
preparing for it. She has been composing since she was a kid,
and she’s taken ballet, jazz and contemporary dance classes. She is a great dancer! She has participated in several musicals and
theater plays locally. When she was 18, she enroled in Universty,
for a major in Communication and a minor in International Relations. She is now about to finish and get her degree. She always dreamt about being a Disney Girl,
and her dreams started becoming true in 2014. Carson jumped to the world of TV with a small
part in the Disney Channel series Austin and Ally. Some months later, she got a role in the MTV
series Faking it. Her big opportunity came after a casting with
the famous director and coreographer Kenny Ortega, for the Disney movie Descendants. Even tho Sofia auditioned for Mal’s part,
the director thought Evie suited her better, the daughter of the Evil Queen in SnowWhite. The movie was released in August 2015, and
it was a total success. It was the most watched movie of the year
and the fifth in the history of cable TV in the country. The soundtrack made it to the top 1 of the
Billboard list. In 2015, Sofía made it to the 50 Most Beautiful
People edition of the Spanish People Magazine. Evie’s role really did change her life. Thanks to the Descendants success, Sofía
signed a contract with Hollywood records to record an album. Her music career officially started with her
single “Love is the Name”, a pop version of “Live is Life”, by the Austrian band
Opus. The Colombian J. Balvin collaborated in the
latin version. 2016 was definitely Sofia’s year. She turned into a distracted baby sitter in
Adventures in Babysitting with Sabrina Carpenter. She participated in Tini, Violetta’s big
change and she briefly appeared on an episode of Soy Luna. Apart from all this, she got the main role
of the last A Cinderella Story movie, replacing Hillary Duff and Selena Gomez. Last year, Descendants 2 came out, as succesfully
as the first one, and Sofia is getting ready for her first album. She released the songs “I Gonna Love you,
Back to Beautiful” with Allan Walker and Ins and Outs. She will also appear as a special guest in
the second season of Famous in Love and she will become the protagonist of The Perfectionists,the
Pretty Little Liars’ spin off. Sofía’s careers seems to be unstoppable! Big things are still to come from her!

Dereck Turner

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