SO MUCH FANART | Septic Art #1

SO MUCH FANART | Septic Art #1

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “SO MUCH FANART | Septic Art #1


    Hmm. Alright. You're okay.

  2. Passive Agressive says:

    BBC= big, bright, COLORS!!

  3. JLegomonkey says:

    YO! Super fun! 😆👌

  4. WWE 2k gamer says:

    Watch jackseptekeye wake me up

  5. LittleBlondie CJ says:

    You truly are the Jack of all trades 😉😁

  6. T says:


  7. Ella Bella says:

    He didn't just say soft and neat😱😱😱 The Phandom is coming.

  8. Dead Inside says:

    His accent is like a lullaby

  9. luce shadows says:

    You're so wonderful jack, I really admire you

  10. Cookie Cake says:

    Jack you keep saying that you want to look diffrent or you wish that your hair would be more anime- ish. But… I think everyone looks perfect as they are. Don't compare yourself to others. As i already said you are perfect the way you are now. We are here for you. 💜💙

  11. Ashley O'Connor says:

    I love his hair. It looks like the bright green from his channel but like turning blue at the ends!😍😎

  12. Viva LaPluto says:

    5:28 he starts referring to himself and Anti as ‘they’ then talking about himself in 3rd person saying ‘jack and anti’ and such

  13. Nerky Bowtie says:

    Oooo! Jack has Present Mic’s quirk if he were to be in My Hero Academia!!😄😄 I need to see that!

  14. Eva Rohde says:

    R.i.p green hair 🙁

  15. Katlyn Hall says:


  16. Comic Girl says:


  17. lps soda heart says:

    Jack: we should have a fighting game with them! Me: we all know who would win ANTI

  18. Dragon Snake says:

    Make a jacksepticeye museums!!!!

  19. santiny Hoffman says:

    Someone did make a game about it, it's called Jack's Brawl-out.

  20. Julia Animates stuff says:

    turquoise hair OMG

  21. Shane Taylor says:

    Jacky boy man back in jacktion

  22. Shadow_bun says:

    Me: Sean knows my hero academia!!!!
    * weird screeching noises *

  23. G.O.D says:

    His eyes look really green instead of blue.

  24. Harley Quinn says:

    Jack my sis does draw you

  25. Georgia Carr says:

    Jack is sexy as hell jesus sexy irish man

  26. DuckEsaStudio says:

    In this time…Septiishu was real :'C

  27. veloedel doedel says:

    Its mclogin

  28. Michal Starek says:

    Jack: Its chase, Jacky-boy man, Marvin the magician, Shneip (sorry if i spelled wrong), aNd wE HaVe JaCk (Bruh but really he said jack instead anti)

  29. just me bethany says:

    8:19 slaps jack's hand NO

  30. fallout master says:


  31. _eChO_ iN_tHe_MiRrOr_ says:

    Jack, I was wondering, if you're still doing videos for septic art? Thanks!

  32. Skelebroscraft says:

    Huh this was made on my birthday

  33. Connie Wiltshire says:

    7:29 nah bro it looks like you've got an evil smile XD

  34. Connie Wiltshire says:

    my first tattoo is going to be the tattoo you have and as I grow older, I'm gonna get tattoos that say really relatable quotes from you X3

  35. ivy clements says:

    they say anti like e for i but its anti like its saying 1

  36. ivy clements says:

    i hate septichu. wishuu back offf septipliar will live

  37. AtheistApostle Reid says:

    I’m late for everything

  38. Bookgurl 656 says:

    The game was Don't Get Hacked

  39. Bookgurl 656 says:

    Would you mind roasting me on YouTube? I love being roasted.

  40. Jordan Wager says:

    The eyebrows

  41. Alex Brown says:

    U know there are boys watching to not just lady’s 😂

  42. Amanda Marie says:

    Pinterest members cry

  43. Storm Lacombe says:

    Jack I Drew anti and Monica from Doki-Doki literature club as a duo i hand Drew it

  44. Devon Thorne says:

    My one wasn’t in but idc

  45. Lars Atticus says:

    Our boy Marv got his name for the first time in this video! <3


    anyone wants Angus Irwin in the fanart

  47. Hack EXE says:

    I liked how during some parts you talked about your self in 3rd person 😂

  48. GamingDrum 25 says:

    Rewatching this and remembered that thare is a new don’t starve coming out.

  49. Wlla643 :D says:

    (2019 Jack comes in)
    Slaps whiteboard

  50. UwU OwO says:

    Jack: Sometimes My Pictures Are "Dark"
    Me:You Thinkin About Someone?
    XD Jk

  51. jbro_sall says:

    No one mentioned JJ

  52. aultrasadperson says:

    17:37 Hey you have the same laptop as me

  53. That one person says:

    Your quirk would be

    L A U G H

  54. goldenhearts says:

    Who the FUCK gave anti a knife?!

  55. Aurora miller says:


  56. XxxFancyStyle *** says:

    I'm reading a book right now and in it there's a magician and guess what's his name….yep Marvin😂 but he's evil,I was like WHAA does this guy watch Jacksepticeye cause this is like Marvin and Anti at once😆😆😆

    Sorry for bad English I'm from🇸🇮

  57. Natalie DeLaRosa says:

    18:11 it’s 5 feet apart not 6 feet .

  58. Yesenia Lizasuain says:


  59. Virgo Studios says:

    mkay, so ik this was made like two years ago, but idk if anyone has posted this. there already is a quirk like that, but instead of melting the flesh off your bones or something, it makes your ears bleed, or worse, make you go deaf. the guy's name is "present mic." he could probably rip flesh off if he tried hard enough but meh.

  60. Tony 530 says:

    19:12 wearing the same shirt

  61. Aleksandra Laisk says:

    Sam crawled out of ur eye and, he got replaced by another eye, that was posessed by Anti.

  62. izuku midoryia says:

    Jack your amazing person thank you

  63. Trög Jävel says:

    22:30 junksepticrat!!😂😂😂👌


    The game

  65. littleberry cake says:

    7:16 I can't get over "oh look! It me!" 😂♥️

  66. Zero says:

    Wait maybe Jack's quirk in my hero academia could be or be like present mics.

  67. People are idiots says:

    There's a mucis video with the anitsepticeye, there's a bunch of that fan art of you in the video. It's called 'BAD GUY | Nightcore' by Sonadow Fazbear, you should check it out

  68. DeadBy: 1908 says:

    26:01 Wish granted

  69. Daria Konieczna says:

    Why does jack's hair look so kawaii!!!

  70. Alyssa Felker says:

    Anyone watching in 2019? Just me? Well ok

  71. - Gellatto - says:

    Man,that’s good art for J a c k s p e d i c y

    Edit: Whoever looks at this not reverse psychology or anything don’t look at my art on my channel ;-; it’s REALLY bad…

  72. Courtney Johnson says:

    What about Le Jacque Septic from Passport tout

  73. VIRGILisMOOD says:

    The Dark and Anti one! XD

  74. Jackagirl says:

    When he said soft and neat I was having flashbacks from Dan and Phil Crafts.
    Me laughing and crying tears of joy at the same time: "Hehehehehe…" heart explodes

  75. Pirate Cookie Fox ! says:


    Jack: “And Then We Have Jack-“
    * Shows Picture Of Anti *

  76. Melony Henze says:

    So my dad is watching tv , when you said $#@% the tv bleeped

  77. Neverending space says:



  78. Angel Wings021415 says:

    Someone draw Jack as present Mic. From BNHA

  79. Aj Montoya says:

    Hell yeah

  80. Mr Chilleh says:

    I loved that anti one! 😱😱😱🤯

  81. Olivia Monagas says:

    I'm sorry Jack, but I severely ship Septiplier, someone had to say it eventually 😂👌❤💚

  82. Zareya Byirt says:

    He called Anti, Jack…

  83. Atsuko Satomi says:

    I am only here to filter through to find septiplier, if any.

  84. Potato Tomato says:

    Wait a minute, are you wearing golden eye shadow? XD

  85. Jaden Raynor says:

    Why were you with a sex party

  86. lyla gold says:

    I wanted to post one but I didn’t think it was that good of a picture

  87. Zapata Galeano says:

    They are better than me ;-;)……

  88. Art freak says:

    My name is Gracyn….
    then he said withered and dead 😳

  89. Superpython King of snakes says:

    I never noticed but he has beautiful eyes

  90. Superpython King of snakes says:

    Each personality a different quirk

    Jack controls emotions

    Anti controls people with his eyes

    Chase has telikineses

    Jack magnificent can teleport

    Shneeb can heal anything

    Jackyboy can control shadows

  91. kayla cat says:


  92. Ghosty Wolf says:

    Now I want to make a game for jack but I have no talent in making games

  93. Debbie Merryman says:

    7:48 holy crap how does he know my name xD

  94. Chase Brody says:

    I love Anti!! 💞💞💞💞💞

  95. Chase Brody says:

    He said at the end "and me"
    It's Anti!! Not you Sean!

  96. loni buggy09 says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😏

  97. Samantha Woodcock says:

    I've always wanted to draw something for you but two reasons why I don't

    1. I can't ever seem to get to you. (Cause I don't go to Pax and stuff)
    2. Unless I have an idea that stays in my head (Because I get distracted like I'll stare out the window of my room and say "Oo look a BuTTeRFly") my art will look like a dog shat on it.

  98. Daniel Wallace says:

    Super hero line: HERE COMES JACK!!!

  99. Geno Sans says:

    "I want a whole game with them all"
    There is jack, its called Septiscape from sarcastic pasta studios (the creators of 'THE BOSS') some of the egos you might not of even heard about them their names are Bingsepticeye and Angus the survival hunter these two are fan made, Idk where Bings from and Angus is from your Minecraft survival lets play in 2013

  100. •hoes mad• says:


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