SO MANY PROJECTS!? – Painting a Leather Jacket, Art for Charity, Thrift Store Art

We’re about to start a couple Commission’s so we’re going to the art supply store to get the right size panel, the right size panel for the right people. So we’re in the u district at the art supply store Looking for a 12 by 12 panel Got my panels. Yeah alright, lets go Hey, how’s it going AHHH, we did it, got the panels we needed Also went to a thrift store and got a crazy weird little thing that I’m gonna try and paint. Oh not that thing That’s a big vase I bought. I got an art show coming up It’s an eight by eight art show so I’m gonna paint this one first The theme of this show is a charity show to plant more forests. I think the charity is called one tree planted I don’t know. We’ll see what I can do on this little just in a bad boy Look at that cute little owl. This is the panel for me. Let’s do it We gonna hit it with a little bit of Gesso [MUSIC] Let me add some water to this shizzlel right quick [MUSIC] got the blue Background setup back to my garage and spray paint this nice gradient So what I’m thinking do you like my painting what the hell what the heck yeah, I’m gonna spray-paint this let’s try that [MUSIC] All right So this little 8×8 painting is for a group show called forest spirits forest Spirits is a charity show where a good majority of the proceeds are going to one tree Planted evidently one tree planted plants trees they plant trees for as little as $1 So hopefully if this painting sells we could plant a whole bunch of trees usually all the art shows at my shop statics I curate myself. We have a new one each month This one’s guest curated by my friends Tafari. Here’s one of her pieces. She’s awesome so there’s like 30 artists in this show and it’s at my shop statics and Hopefully we’re gonna plant a whole bunch of trees all of the art from this show is on ww static stops So if you guys want to check out a bunch of super sick pieces from a bunch of super sick Artists and maybe even buy one and help us plant some trees. You can check that out at static stop Yeah, hi I like the way this one is turning out as soon as Steph told me about this show like this little idea of this sort of mother nature type character holding a little mini forest in the palm of her hands like Immediately popped into my head like I didn’t have to think about it too hard. I just kind of sometimes it’s just like Clicks instantly. So that’s what I painted and it’s pretty fun. I like the way it turned out didn’t take me too long But hopefully it sells and we were able to plant some trees My buddy Jesse just hit me up and asked me if I could paint a leather jacket for him evidently He’s got this poetry event in New York City. I think he was saying and he wants me to write born poet on the back of his jacket pretty cool pretty cool concept So I’ve never painted a leather jacket Before I put that video out when I painted those leather shoes with Angela’s leather pants and you guys actually gave me a bunch of cool comments about like using some nail polish remover on this first to take off some Of the finish so I’m gonna try that out Actually after I made that video Angela sent me a little care package and that was super cool So, you know, this video isn’t sponsored by Angeles or anything, but hold on. Let me grab that care package Yeah care package for ten hun. Thank you. So I got Angela’s drawstring backpack some black leather paint a camo lanyard some white leather paint gonna be needing that for this jacket and Some gift box blue like I guess gift box like Tiffany’s and then this is actually my favorite part They have stickers where it’s like characters for each of their paints like sterling silver rose gold emerald green Pacific blue. This one’s right at red and Prints purple. I’m a huge sticker fiend. I’m a collector of stickers I have a sticker book. So I’m actually gonna put these in my sticker book. I love these these Are my favorite part of the whole care package, thank you so much Angeles. Thanks for sending this. That’s cool I mean, I don’t even know how you found my video, but thanks for the tips Thanks, all you guys for the tips. So let’s paint this leather jacket and see how it goes So I’m going to try to use some of this nail polish remover to take off a little bit of the finish of the jacket But first I’m going to test it on the inside of the sleeves just to make sure it doesn’t mess up the jacket pure acetone So I want to make a top-down shooting rig I have one at my shop statics, but I don’t have one at the house I’m gonna build one of those real quick second shoot from above. All my saws are at statics Scientists broke this wood instead of selling it classic so im going to take one of those one of those Hey stop, don’t you I’m in no George. No George So there’s my top-down Shooting rig and then I put some duct tape on here so that there would be grit because I have a clamp Coming to put my camera on should be delivered today pretty chill. I watched a YouTube tutorial I can’t find her to youtube tutorial anymore. I’ll search again and see if I can link it for you guys Yo, so I took three samples drop the needle three times on the same record The clamps is here Look at this. I got a package from somebody all the way in Canada. It’s addressed to George the dog care of ten hundred and then my address for statics is on here. They sent it a Note, Peter aka ten hundred. Hello Peter. I am a new artist. Well, I want to be and I love your art I follow you on YouTube and I noticed you have a weed dog George George got his first fan mail I’ve done so many different types of art from wood metal card-making and rope work I often had my kids come up with the color combos So the enclosed leash is a combo my son came up with I have noticed you use turquoise and orange and black Often my son said someone will love these colors. This is just a little thanks from a fan for sharing and inspiring your art Thanks for sharing and enjoy and then his youtube channel is greg Granville. Thank you so much for this. Look at this look at this thing a Handmade dog leash for George George got his first fan mail. So awesome I think the video that Greg might have seen might have been what George was still just a little baby puppy We’ll see if this will hold our beast He’s like 80 pounds now, but I think he’s gonna love it. And you know, George has great taste So just got this in the mail Angeles 600 acrylic finisher So hopefully I can put this over the top of the jacket that I just finished painting and finish it and make it more Durable and long-lasting and I don’t know well mess with this use a paintbrush Sponge or rag apply evenly the leather and allow to dry do not apply Excessively or rub for a long period of time Angeles acrylic finishers are modern Water-based finish which when dry gives a non cracking flexible water-resistant finish to leather Addicted to apply one to two coats and allow to dry for about 24 hours Use our different areas to give depth or contrast cool. We’ll give this a whirl Hopefully it’s not too crazy shiny compared to the rest of the jacket. Keep out of reach of children Got it. All right, we’ll give that a whirl So when I was at the thrift store I got this this cool thing and I Wanted to I was immediately drawn to it because It’s like the exact shape of this recurring character that I have in a lot of my paintings called The Watcher It’s a little candle holder. There’s $2.99. So I was thinking I could paint this piece of glass here and make a little watcher candle holder So I’m gonna try and clean this up a little bit and and paint it music playing So the watcher is a recurring character and a lot of my paintings he pops up over and over and over again He’s sort of like the wise spirit being of the world that I’m creating He wears this kind of crazy mask with like crazy features on it to blend into the wild world around him But his mask is to try to hide his true power which is his wisdom, which is represented by this. Third eye Jesse the man with the jacket Jacket soon to be Honest he put it on right Let me see the back sick. Yeah, it looks so much better on yeah looks good. You wanna see A mirror This is Georgie’s first time sees now Wanna bite that’s now what do you think about the snow George? Huh? A Quick note for you guys the moment that I hit publish on this YouTube video I also put this little hand-painted candle holder on my website It’s under the original art section on ten hundred art comm so if anybody’s interested in it, it’s there right now gonna hit it with so of this stuff it’s four Am holy cow, it’s number live last night. So finish this little guy little guy. Iittle watcher candle holder I sprayed that varnish on there last night and It’s kind of kind of interesting effects The temperature dropped what I used it last night and it says you’re only supposed to use it between like you’re not supposed to use It if it goes below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and it got way colder than that So it’s got this sort of like it did this kind of cracking thing But it looks kind of cool like you know When you go to museums and you look at like really old Brennus aunts paintings and they have this like kind of cracked finish That’s kind of what’s going on here. I think it looks kind of rad Sort of one of those happy accidents. I don’t know. I like it But yeah I think it turned out pretty cool and I want to get a candle in here and See see what it ends up looking like when it’s all lit up. Yeah. It’s like 3:00 a.m. So I’m a little Just waking up. Actually, I woke up at 3:00 now. It’s 4:00 a.m. Yeah, this is the watcher It’s gonna be cool in the candles in there music playing So we just hung the forest spirit charity show at statics, it’s looking good got all the art on the walls It’s gonna be a good one bunch of artists making art for charity to plant some trees Bunch of 8 inch by 8 inch pieces gonna be cool That one by sin b. It’d be good all this awesome art Show Anders Candice McKay Still got a few more pieces coming in from these late artists that are gonna go right there. Happy feels rich Stevens Red Wolinsky, there’s mine Steph Arie, she’s the one who put this show together Carlie beautiful this one’s super fun. Look at that It’s emmalin i’m grover. Adora killer art show opens tomorrow night. It’s gonna be rad it goes something like this music playing The show is just starting he’s already starting to check out the heart this man too Families and family event team statics from the evening Hey Subscribers want to see you To see how far it is me you wanna see how hard it that’s how you get them views Oh, hey, I’m some dude too close. I gotta get the full action Well, that’s it thank you guys so much for watching at last night’s opening We sold 11 pieces of original art which means we planted hundreds and hundreds of trees the art from the forest spirits show will be available on the statics website through the whole month of February 2019 so if you guys want to check that out you can Thanks so much hit that like button If you like this video hit subscribe If you want to see more videos like this and definitely ring the bell if you want to know exactly when the next video is Coming out if you guys want to get some more behind-the-scenes Goodness, some discord chatting some some podcasts some question and answers some monthly drawing prompts All that stuff goes down on my patreon So check out my patreon if you want to support me and get some bonus content and yeah check out my website ten hundred art comm where you can get cool t-shirts and hoodies and All kinds of fun ten hundred merch as well as original art, and there’s a bunch of stuff over there anyway Yeah, that was a bunch of fun little small projects kind of a new video style where I’m just like mashing up all these different things that I’m doing on a weekly basis, let me know in the comments if you like this kind of video and I’m gonna I’m gonna go home because it’s starting to Blizzard here in Seattle. Again. The snow won’t stop so Better hit the road before it gets too crazy. Alright, y’all peace them out music playing You

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