SLENDER MAN | Draw My Life

SLENDER MAN | Draw My Life

Slenderman is a human-shaped monster. He is very tall, more than 2 meters tall,
and his face is white and featureless. He wears a dark suit and a tie. Nobody knows whether this is his actual skin
adopting that shape, or just the clothes he uses to mix up with people. His hands do look human, but his fingers are
longer and bonier than usual. On top of all this, he also has tentacles,
which can reach as far as he desires. Nobody can see him if he doesn’t want to
be seen. He can even decide who sees him and who doesn’t,
at the same time. People say in the beginning, his behavior
was very aggressive. He followed his victims, incÉssantly, until
he impaled them on trees and made their organs disappear. But his actions have changed a lot as time
went by. Now, Slenderman observes in the shadows, and
hounds carefully without any kind of interaction, taking the victim’s soul little by little. Those stalked by him start to become forgetful
and unstable. They soon realize they don’t have a social
life anymore, and they are isolated from the world around them. It gets harder for them to go out and a lot
of them end up losing their jobs. He has the capacity of driving his victims
crazy, and when they don’t have anything else to offer, they disappear and nobody sees
them ever again. Slenderman stalks both children and adults. When the victims are kids, he usually gets
close to them, nicely, in the beginning, and tries to win their trust. Right after, he makes them disappear when
they go into the woods alone or when they try to go back home. Actually, the character was born for a contest
on the SomethingAwful forums, in 2009. Participants had to upload a retouched picture,
a scary one. One of the users uploaded a picture with children
playing in the park, and, in the background, hidden in the shadows, you could also see
the figure of this strange and pale creature. The picture surprised everyone so much, that
it ended up becoming something bigger. People started uploading pictures on the Internet
with his gloomy image, and a lot of them started giving him special abilities and making up
more details about him. Obviously, his story is similar to other stories
from the past, such as the German legend of The Grossman, a super tall and terrifying
humanoid who lived in the woods and took children who misbehaved. The story of the Bogeyman is also similar
to Slenderman’s. This creepypasta actually went too far when,
in 2014, two girls from Wisconsin stabbed 19 times another girl with a knife, because,
according to them, they had to prove something to Slenderman. After the murder, they were planning on escaping
and finding shelter at the mansion of the Devil in the woods. Luckily enough, the stabbed girl did not die. Slenderman’s fame grew so much that different
webpages about him were created, such as Marble Hornets or Everyman Hybrid. In 2012, the videogame “Slender: The Eight
Pages” was released, and only a year after, the game “Slender: The Arrival” came out. In both of them, the players had to gather
different notes while Slenderman was following them, to avoid dying. In 2016, HBO released a documentary about
the two girls that attacked their friend, Beware the Slenderman. He has become so famous that the movie “Slender
Man”, based on him, is expected to be released in 2018. Without a doubt, the legend of Slenderman
is one of the most terrifying ones on the network, and it never stopped growing. But, remember, dont believe everything you
read or see on the Internet. The creepypastas are made up stories and nobody
should take them too seriously.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Siegfred Caballes says:

    slender man is a human being

  2. Sento Emu says:


    so theyre creepy n pastas

  3. Hannah Nana Ekane says:

    I love slender man so much I am his fan

  4. pz 56 says:

    I love it๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿญ๐Ÿ˜ณโ˜บ๐Ÿ and I've survived the jump scare!

  5. Beatriz Coello says:

    DON'T LOOK AT SLINDER MAN EYES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amy Knapp says:

    You know.lli think I saw slender once….. but I survived…

  7. Ricardo Salmon says:

    You do not know Slenderma

  8. Unicornlove_iliceunicorn! says:

    I WAS BRON IN 2009

  9. GachAneira Playz says:

    I really like slenderman!! I praise him as a king!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ

  10. Specturne says:

    The new MIB agent!

  11. CLRC Odyssey says:

    heres a creepypasta I made it : it was the peak of midnight 1973 during the Kold war , 3 people were running from Silent toby for 3 days until they were cornered Jak got his Russian solder's Knife and stabed tobys gut and pulled it out however no blood was spilt he told his friend marry to run he eventuly got pushed into the corner and he gone insane to toby's glare and killed himself mary got tobys knife into her neck a sufacated . you can still hear marys screams and Jaks insanity today . how do you like it ???

  12. Gacha Glitch says:

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  15. qt___candies says:

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  17. Jose Aleman says:

    Is slenderman real?Please reply

  18. Genesis Hernandez says:

    Beginning of slender and story is he was a men and And demon Person He bought him To TELL HIM TO KILL

  19. Black Yoshi says:

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    Video: almost done
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    Please do that or Mr.Slendy may be mad..
    *Slender walks in with a jar of chocolate,cookies&a bunch of candies *
    Slender:Good Demonica, good girl
    me:YAY BEST Mr.Slendy EVER! *trying to hug him *
    *He bends down *
    Me*Succeeds in hugging him * (lol)

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    Slederman: i found come here give me some hug
    Me: i dont wanna slederman
    Slederman: if you dont wanna or i get you
    Me: s-stop b-ebing cheating ok slederman
    Slenderman: can not you have to do this to me
    Me: s-shut up now slenderman
    Slenderman: can you stop doing that
    Me: you just kind creepy

    The end

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