Sketch’s OLD Intro Song  (full)

Sketch’s OLD Intro Song (full)

Everybody, can you feel the groove Grab somebody Let it go Ooh Everybody can you feel the groove Grab somebody Let it go Ooh Everybody Grab somebody Everybody Grab somebody Ooh You got me feeling You got me feeling alright Whenever I’m around you baby You make me feel so aliiiiveee Everybody Grab somebody Ooh Everybody Can you feel the groove Grab somebody Let it go Ooh Everybody Can you feel the groove You make me feel so aliiiivveeee Everybody Grab somebody Ooh Everybody can you feel the groove Grab somebody Let it go Ooh Everybody Can you feel the groove Grab somebody Ooh

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Sketch’s OLD Intro Song (full)

  1. TOKYO_SAVAGEE 567 says:

    it playing the song
    Mom:wha-starts dacing
    Us both:LET IT GO OO

  2. Jacob Night54 says:

    Everyone wants this song back Sketch!

    Bring it back PLS

    It has 3.5 Million views

  3. Krish Roblox & Music says:

    Ima Denis fan but sketchs into is the most lit

  4. Arthur Chen says:

    I Love you SK3cH and nice intro

  5. Lucy Graham says:

    2020 anyone ?
    No just me ok

  6. CreeprGamer says:

    Wow its 2020 and I still love this song

  7. Manchester United Fan says:

    2020 anyone

  8. Myuse9namesthis says:


  9. John Hido says:

    This should be my intro wen I start making videos soon.

  10. Jean Laurin says:

    Comment down below if you love this song it's so nice it's stuck in my head I just checked out Denises theme song I'm gonna go check out Alex

  11. Fides Desierto says:


  12. yahya khattab says:


  13. Burb Akio says:

    0:32 Thank me Later!

  14. Karina Casalett says:

    2020 anyone

  15. HDNGJDBFDBJF bdjdkfjskgj says:

    I can’t believe he put OLD intro song SKETCH THIS SHOULD BE IN EVERY VIDEO

  16. yahya khattab says:


  17. Million Pie says:

    i like this intro ;D

  18. Susana Angeles says:


  19. Kylie Plays. says:

    This is Denis song I think?

  20. Andres Garcia says:

    Ok sketch pleaseeee

  21. Andres Garcia says:

    Old sketch pleasee

  22. Maykon Soares says:

    This is amazing

  23. Geralenn Gevertas says:

    I.m Love See

  24. just an introvert says:

    Im watching this and cring in the same time!!! I lovvveee youu sketch😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

  25. 『Starry Hair』 says:

    Anyone 2020?
    I’m still lovin it

  26. haltonlin B says:

    Why the pals intros sing by girls?

  27. MASON says:

    Miss the old memories

  28. Mom Belle 4 says:

    Yea denis and schech and the palys

  29. Atomic DaGriefer says:

    Get this intro back pllssssss

  30. TheMinecraftGaming2007 YT says:

    0:32 What An Old Intro Sound

    But…. I MISS IT 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Else cool Andre says:

    This was made a few days after jailbreak was released

  32. ummm says:

    man the memories 😭😭

  33. Captain Crunch says:


  34. Leong Hock Yu says:

    Sketch is the best 😁😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Sarahclare K says:

    I love sk3tchYT

  36. Sarahclare K says:

    This you sketch 😀👈

  37. SIMON NEGASI says:

    Sketch brings back old memories

  38. Maryam Jalili says:

    He had this in his video

  39. Ryan Edwards says:

    My groove also check out my Chanel

  40. Stegoceratops says:

    I love sketch's intro but…



  41. Randy Smith says:

    This gives me so much nostalgia

  42. Ducky says:

    0:31 for sketch

  43. Aden,Gabriel ,Glenn says:


  44. Mara Mejico says:

    Omg denis and sketches song is sooo cool😄😄😄

  45. Avery Q says:

    Please put your intro back

  46. Kristiana V says:

    Hopefully he is making a new intro.. hopefully 😣

  47. Jose Gonzalez says:

    Bring the old song back! I love it by the way i love ur vids

  48. Double Punch says:

    I think something’s missing

  49. Brian Mutia says:

    why alex leave your house sketch

  50. ervin san jose says:


  51. clementine babomba says:

    I like it I like your song yes I like you yes I like everything I like you I like you you can come by my house come on my house

  52. Xu Michael says:

    Sketch is a great music creator!

  53. Freeze! says:

    I want to make my own intro

  54. Freeze! says:


  55. Kiệt Hoàng Tuấn says:

    i like it

  56. Marco Louis Neil Keller says:

    I’m watching this video today

  57. Marco Louis Neil Keller says:

    It’s three minutes three minutes then is finished

  58. Ella Bradford says:

    What it called

  59. guestboy410 playz says:

    copy righted

  60. TheYTHenrry says:

    Yo this song fuckin sucks what the fuc is this

  61. Andrea Toribio says:

    I love this music

  62. Katblx says:

    Who ever disliked is a weirdo

  63. Mario Roubin says:

    Shetch… those were the times

  64. Simab Azam says:

    Best thing ever

  65. Simab Azam says:

    Best thing ever

  66. iplayzroblox yeet says:


  67. Emma Dube says:

    Any Lyrics?

  68. Nightmare Afton says:

    I love this one change it back to that I'll do enything

  69. Roblox Master says:

    Imagine Sketch’s nephew having a YouTube channel and he uses this.

  70. Bro vs Bro says:

    Bring it back I love it

  71. Gaming2.0 says:

    We need to bring the pals back! Who agrees

  72. Pro show COVINGTON says:

    Bruh you should keep the song on in the intro

  73. Lisa DeJong says:


  74. Rose gacha gamer girl says:

    Where is the new one

  75. dancingwolfie17 says:


  76. Tyler Brown says:


  77. junery abrajano says:

    This is the best part 0:31

  78. X6 Trickzy says:

    Boo pfffffft pfffff

  79. ArcticWolfMaster RBLX says:

    Bring it back plzzzzz I miss it its cool

  80. Zully's Fashion says:


  81. Taika Hoare says:

    Cool intro

  82. Pumpkin Kid says:

    i love the song!!!

  83. Renee_watch XD says:

    Yknow how in denis' happy new year video he talks about how his content kinda started going down hill and he was losing views (btw I agree cause until that vid i actually quit watching him) when he did move he got rid of his intro and honestly I wouldn't want it back because that's something that represents his old channel and I feel like if it came back it'd be weird

    My point is its elijah that should make the choice of what he does with his channel just like denis so stop hating guys.

    Also sketch you should start doing face cam againnnnn

  84. Florida Xx says:

    2020 anyone?

  85. Nur Husniyati Husin says:

    Yup I love it 🥰

  86. The Victoria Offerton says:


  87. Jayden Loko says:

    sketch's and alex's songs are the best

  88. Genaro Martinez says:

    Elias Naslin, Elijah N – Everybody

  89. Zions Studios - Offical says:

    The start of the video part 0:31

  90. Jaclyn Beardmore says:


  91. Zec Zek says:

    My Favrite song :>
    (i like this song 😛 :>)

  92. Solaf Mustafa says:

    its amazing

  93. Canadian Doge says:

    I am so glad that I can hear some good intro songs!

  94. Wingflexs says:

    i love this song

  95. Shylynn Spengler says:

    2020 anyone?

  96. Niko Hathaway says:

    0:31–0:40 sketch intro

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