SKETCH vs BANDI – RB Battles Championship For 1 Million Robux! (Roblox Mad City)

SKETCH vs BANDI – RB Battles Championship For 1 Million Robux! (Roblox Mad City)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “SKETCH vs BANDI – RB Battles Championship For 1 Million Robux! (Roblox Mad City)

  1. Christy Lust says:

    Waaaaa I hate bandits

  2. Youtube Shakers says:

    I got so confused between sketch and bandit they are so alike

  3. Gediminas Raudonis says:

    Brother VS Brother

  4. SmilingFandom X says:

    Can Alex please go against Denis season 2. Huge fan💕💕

  5. SmilingFandom X says:

    Can Alex please go against Denis season 2. Huge fan💕💕

  6. SmilingFandom X says:

    Can Alex please go against Denis season 2. Huge fan💕💕

  7. SmilingFandom X says:

    Can Alex please go against Denis season 2. Huge fan💕💕

  8. Yzaack Callanga says:

    it's really not fare for sketch because bandi was a hero he should be a cop losers

  9. Adrian tucker says:

    i cant even tell who sketch

  10. luisa rubio says:


  11. what a beautiful name god says:


  12. John Martin Santos says:


  13. Jayden Nguyen says:

    Even I think is bandi

  14. Pikapika Chu says:

    10:09 Is tHaT rAiNbOw!?

  15. max playz says:

    brother vs brother XD

  16. Hans TV says:

    Sketh. Is. God. Sorry. Bandy. I. Mean. I. Like. Bandi

  17. Hans TV says:

    I. Mean. I like. Sketh. And. Bandy

  18. Hans TV says:

    Why. Is. Not. Ryan. Here. Get. Him. Here

  19. Hans TV says:

    Sketh. Noooo

  20. Hans TV says:

    Skecth. Noooooooo. You. Lose😓

  21. CB Tarp says:

    bandi sucks

  22. Juice Random says:

    Who do u think is better

    Like 👍 sketch

    Comment bandi

  23. Progamer5559yt Natural says:

    Sketch rul

  24. Tristan Hvelplund-Cunnington says:

    He litteraly says your hoes!! 0:29


    Whos the real sketch?

  26. Beast Plays says:

    I voted for sketch

  27. Jonas Erbom says:

    Im angry because nobody like my favourite youtuber wins in the rb Battles

  28. Jonas Erbom says:

    Myusernamesthis is my fav and he lose and sketch and he lost

  29. Kajselajs13 says:

    Bandi cheated

  30. Evictoria Monacord says:

    Bandi looks like Sketch -_-

  31. Bassem Ph says:

    Mad city is the best game in roblox

  32. Bassem Ph says:

    Mad city is the best game in roblox

  33. Killian Maginn says:

    No. Sketch wins. Bandi had a power and guns. Even the f bandi won . I will make sure bandi loses the semi finales

  34. Esther Sanchez says:

    Im lirity a hatwr of Bandi

  35. Finao Gatoloai says:

    Bandi and sketch look thee same

  36. Kristin Jent says:

    i goooooooooooooooooooottttttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pitury for yooouuu

  37. Hizon BMGO says:

    Sketch would win if bandi did not use super powers

  38. LARGEST dj says:

    i think sketch will win but i would feel kinda bad for ethan

  39. _________________ says:

    Bandy is a cheater he tried to kill him with a pane he took half of his healt

  40. Wraith Rockmann_ says:


  41. Wraith Rockmann_ says:

    Rb fighting battles

  42. Wraith Rockmann_ says:


  43. Wraith Rockmann_ says:

    It is not clear whether or not they were not in the way that the company is not a problem for a few days later, the first time in the future 📡

  44. Wraith Rockmann_ says:

    It is not the only one that is not the case

  45. Wraith Rockmann_ says:


  46. Wraith Rockmann_ says:

    Good luck

  47. Wraith Rockmann_ says:


  48. Mary Tajaran says:

    Whenever sketches walk away hes crying
    You can see him prepared to cry at the end but team sketch

  49. paul miller says:

    Is it just me or does bandit and sketch look alike

  50. Nhien Khuu says:

    It is no fair because he was a hero and he had speed

  51. Asqar Ji says:


  52. Asqar Ji says:

    Please sketch

  53. My Tran says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooo sketch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Dontri Maneerat says:


  55. Angela Mary-Rosse Tandoc says:

    I am good at jail break and Mad City btw sketch and bandi looks like thair twins i see same face same body style and idk bye and i subed and click notifications yeah i am done

  56. BoldKiwiNinja 1211 says:

    2:58 pause… Is that Denis at the back?

  57. Adona Brown says:

    Car noises while sketch is driving a Tesla

  58. Freeze! says:

    Sketch should of won

  59. RAI&RAIZ SQAUD says:

    I saw denis

  60. Holly Shrum says:


  61. ADAMIX _playz says:


  62. Mnd fena says:

    apa oke

  63. Dương Nguyễn says:

    it't not fair he have speed

  64. PvP meerkat says:

    Nooooooo sketch lost :c he’s still my favorite Evan if he lost 😀

  65. Sohail Muhammad says:


  66. Sohail Muhammad says:

    They madcity

  67. Glenn Bakie says:


  68. tomas bence says:

    Diswas blir dåli

  69. Glenn Bakie says:

    Aw man sketch I feel so bad

  70. Kery Reay the god says:

    Bandi and sketch have to be twins

  71. Kery Reay the god says:

    tthey sound the same

  72. brian smetham says:

    i wanna be there im a youtuber

    also screams like this I WANNA BE THERE IM A YUTUBER!!!

  73. Lchocolate :D says:

    Disney land

  74. Alfie Dedudeydude says:

    Sketch and bandi are twins together

  75. Alfie Dedudeydude says:

    Bandi sucks

  76. lê nguyễn hoàng tiến says:


  77. Sherri Buckner says:

    Denis vs Alex

  78. Marcus Turner says:

    All I have to say is


  79. The Gaming Dud says:


  80. Jagger Bunt says:

    Bandi better

  81. Alejandro Vasguez says:

    Bandi is sketch

  82. Concepcion Librando says:

    Thats not bandi i know he is Ethan

  83. da king of monkeyshirts. :D says:

    Scoopy da poppy vs bandiru

  84. OwenBlox says:

    sketch only had a shot gun though

  85. Azkhairu Zein says:

    I whan jpin rb battels

  86. Ruben Rivas says:

    Dang it i wanted skecth to win

  87. Nancy Connelly says:

    Who is Brandi and who is sketch??????

  88. Nancy Connelly says:


  89. Ellen Macabeo says:

    Bandi cheats because he is speed and sketch has not vote sketch because bandi cheat

  90. E jin says:

    bandi is bad he got so many advantage high speed and rocket fuel

  91. Isabella Cuevas says:


  92. Maria Hussain says:

    I’m sorry bandi

  93. Gabriel play 1YT says:

    Skecth and bandi is twins

  94. Edmondisapro says:


  95. Hi And Bye says:

    I’m I’m late and can’t change the future rounds, but I think the last round should’ve been cop VS prisoner. It wasn’t fair to do hero VS prisoner.

  96. Athena Kolinski says:

    He's in the house that you can rob

  97. Ash Towns says:

    Sketch win

  98. Seungwon Lee says:

    Give sketch half of your 30000 (15000

  99. Ambreen Zia says:

    I think sketch let his brother win.
    (I voted for skek and he sadly didnt win😥😥)

  100. Daisree Green says:

    creek won !

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