Sketch like an Architect (Techniques + Tips from a Real Project)

Sketch like an Architect (Techniques + Tips from a Real Project)

Hey, Eric here with 30 by 40 Design Workshop,
we’re in my kitchen here in the Longhouse we’re gonna head into the studio in a minute
and we’re going to be talking about some quick tips to help you improve your architectural
sketching technique so whether you’re a student or a pro or you’re just curious as to how
architects sketch I think you’ll find this video useful. But first I have a favor to ask of you. So I just started a new project and that project
is going to involve you, if you want to be a part of this project I need you to click
the link up in the card here or down below in the description so you can learn more about
how you can help, how you can join and be a part of this whole thing. It’ll help me to make sure that what I’m making
is tailored just to you. It won’t take more than three minutes of your
time – so super quick – and I’d be most appreciative for your help. Alright, so let’s get out into the studio. I find I’m just most happy with my sketches
when I’ve simplified everything and that includes the tools that I use my tool set. So limit yourself to just a few things when
you’re just getting started and that’ll allow you to focus on what’s really important. I think even when you’ve discovered what you’re
sketching style is it’s okay to switch it up from time to time but more on that in just
a minute. Sketching – at least for me – isn’t about
producing a finished rendering. It’s nice to think about it that way because
it takes the pressure off of having to make something truly amazing. For me it’s more about hunting for ideas it’s
visual thinking not a final presentation. By starting small it forces you to distill
your ideas to strong singular gestures and helps you discover what’s most important. And staying small also allows you to move
more quickly so you don’t kind of waste time trying to work out every last detail that’s
not what’s important here. And there is this pressure to produce something
that’s gonna fit in your highlight reel and I think social media forces us to think this
way that everything we put in our sketchbooks everything that comes out of our pen has to
be this amazing work of art and we’re used to seeing everyone else’s highlight reel. I would encourage you to sort of abandon that
idea and think about your sketchbook or your sketches that you’re iterating as just being
for your eyes only. You don’t have to share them with the whole
world and in fact you know it may allow you the freedom to better work overall. Your own personal sketching style will evolve
over time but architectural sketching is primarily about line work so your style is comprised
of the kinds of lines that you draw. So a couple of tips here when lines intersect
they should always overlap so overlapping corners yeah it’s imprecise but it helps you
to actually move more quickly and it actually looks more finished than carefully trying
to line up every corner perfectly. So just how much they overlap it’s kind of
up to you and it also depends on how large you’re drawing so experiment with it see
what looks right to you. Now when you’re drawing lines try to use single
continuous confident strokes. I think a lot of people start by drawing short
series of dashes to try and get from one point to another but it’s one single line and it’s
okay if it wavers just you want to go with it, that’s kind of part of the architectural
style too is to have a little bit of waver to it, it actually helps you draw a straighter
line in the end. Learning to use directional hashmarks that’s
another important skill they can be used to suggest surfaces you can use them to build
textures you’ll use them for shading and to just overall create depth in your drawing. Now one of the other hallmarks of the style
is the use of construction or layout lines and you can do these either in like a light
blue or like I do in pencil and you just kind of feather it really lightly on the page they’re
meant to guide your drawing and set proportions. So you can use these – if you’re looking at
sketching a building – use these to set the basic proportions and I’ll draw often draw
a rectangle or square and then put an “X” through it or a slash through it to kind of
set this proportional language and then once you start layering all these things on top
of each other you’re going to start drawing on top of your construction or layout lines
and that layering helps create this kind of loose sketchy aesthetic that I think typifies
architectural sketches. Now also be sure and use the full complement
of line types available to you. So solid lines obviously the different line
weights you want to use dashed lines to indicate surfaces that are above or below where you’re
drawing you want to use center lines so a center line would be like a line with a dot
in the middle of it and then another line section and another dot, dotted lines a whole
host so lots of options there. Again this layering of line types and line
weights helps to build this loose sketchy aesthetic. So adding text and arrows and things like
elevation marks these are all devices that help describe things that you may not be able
to capture visually. So you can’t fit everything into your sketch
they could possibly want to but they also start to become part of your visual style. You know one thing, if you’re having trouble
with your architectural lettering, one trick I’ve found is to just write smaller so go
smaller and smaller make it more and more precious. And also slow it down write very slowly it
has this kind of tidying effect to it and if you need to again use layout and construction
lines to set some line heights and then when I’m writing small I’ll make those guidelines
even smaller than what I’m writing and I’ll write the letter form a little larger and
that kind of helps tidy it as well give that a try. So I have this personal hang-up where if I
am sketching something and I don’t like how it’s coming out on the page it just breaks
any momentum that I’ve been building and maybe you’ve encountered this too. I think it’s much easier to reach a flow state
if I like what I’m producing and I can see that coming out on the page. So when I find myself in that situation where
what I’m drawing I’m just not happy with I like to change up the media that I’m using
or sometimes even the implements that I’m sketching with so if I’m using pen and ink
I’ll switch to colored pencils or graphite if I’m using a white paper I’ll change to
a Kraft paper or a dark grey paper something like that; toned paper. So when I switch it what happens is quite
often I’ll just find something starts to look fresh and nice on the page and it’s kind of
like this switch has been flicked. So I would say experiment with the tools and
media that you’re using if you’re stuck you may find certain ones just they just start
to unlock new ideas and this doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole new kit
of art supplies and you know you may just switch it up with a co-worker or a studio
mate or if you have kids like I do just you know raid their art supply stash. So practicing even if it’s just for 15 to
30 minutes a day it doesn’t have to be that long it’s the one thing that’s guaranteed
to improve your technique. And one way you can do this is to just build
a habit loop around it so for example if your first impulse is to check social media when
you have a free minute like many of us do – myself included – you might replace that
urge with a sketching habit. So pick something in your immediate surroundings
and do say a 30-second sketch of it. It’s a good reason to always keep a sketchbook
nearby. And one last reminder to check the link in
the cards and the description to get directly involved in my new project and for more sketching
tutorials check out the playlist linked up here too. Until next time, cheers my friends.

Dereck Turner

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