Simple Picture Frame

Simple Picture Frame

My 3 year old got into the paints again, but
this time he made a picture that impressed me so much, I wanted to get it framed and
hang it somewhere special. Until I realized that custom frames are ridiculously expensive.
So in this project let’s find a way to use this plain old wooden board, to make an ostentatious
picture frame, that will keep costs low, but hopefully instill a sense of accomplishment,
that’s priceless. Let’s
start this project with a 6′ length of common
board I got at the hardware store for under $4.00. Now, it’s important the board is completely
straight, and you can check for any warping by peering straight down the top. I’ll also
try bordering the picture with a pre-cut matting I got from the hobby store, because the inner
edges are beveled, which should help give the picture nicer finish. Now the first thing
we need to do is cut a small piece off the end of the board to make sure the edge is
straight and clean. Next, let’s cut two pieces to custom heights, and by ripping the two
boards at the same time, you can see they end up exactly the same size. The other 2
pieces are cut using the same method, but you can see they’re quite a bit longer, and
that’s because the frame is pretty thick and these are gonna form the top and bottom.
Ok, we need a way to fasten this together, and I’m gonna try using a mini pocket hole
jig. This is simply clamped to the end of the board and allows us to cut a diagonal
hole at about a 15º angle. You could try drilling without the jig, but this way it
ends up looking a little more professional. Now if we add a bit of wood glue to the sides
that touch, press them firmly together, then drive a screw into the holes we made, it’ll
fasten the boards together cleanly, and very securely. Now just for fun, let’s head to
the router station and try using a key-hole bit to make a slot for hanging the frame on
the wall. If you wanna see how I made this router table, see if you can find it in a
previous project. Now I’m gonna try clamping down a straight-edge and marking where the
center of the bit lines up. And if we mark a 2″ section across the middle of the frame,
you can see now, that when the router is spinning, we’re able to slowly press the board down
flat on the table, and carefully follow the markings to cut out a recessed groove on the
backside. I chose to lift it straight up to finish the cut, and hopefully from this angle
you can see what it did. The head of a screw can enter, but then it’s held securely on
the inside of the groove. Ok, let’s try swapping out the key-hole bit for a 1/2″ rabbeting
bit. If we follow the inside ridge of the frame, you can see it cuts a 1/2″ channel
where we can fit the picture and glass later on. While we’re here, let’s try cutting a
groove around the outer edge as well. And this is just to make them pop out a little
more. Alright, the edges are looking good, but still a little rough with splinters, but
you can see a little sanding will clean it up quickly and easily. Now instead of using
real glass to protect the picture, I’m gonna try plexiglas instead. You might remember
in a previous project, I took the screen off an old TV, and used one of the layers to create
a giant solar scorcher, which was used for all sorts of projects. But there were still
two other layers to the screen, one of which was a clear sheet of plexiglass. Now I tried
using a belt sander to round the edges so it would fit the frame, and now we can use
it as a template on the picture frame matting, to trace the edges, and cut it to fit. If
we tape the picture to the back, and take a look, you can see the beveled inner edges
are already starting to make the picture pop. Alright, it’s time to finish the frame. I
have this can of Onyx black paint from a previous project, and I decided to go ahead and just
brush one thick coating, making sure to cover the sides as well. Now we can leave this to
dry for a couple of hours, and when we come back, the frame is actually looking pretty
good. We could stop here, but I want to use a bit of sandpaper to rough up the edges and
give it a bit of a distressed look. This way, when it gets beaten up over time, it’ll
still look just as good. Alright, the frame is finished, so now we can insert the plexiglas,
the picture, and a wooden backing to keep it together and press it all flat. To secure
the blacking in place, I’m gonna try shooting some brad nails at a bit of an angle into
each of the 4 corners, then pressing them down flat as well. At this point, our picture
frame is completely finished. My little boy gave his approval, and we decided to hang
it on one of the prominent walls of the play room, the same place where it hangs to this
day. Now, these frames are so simple and easy to make, and have such a modern and elegant
feel to them, that I went ahead and made a whole bunch more and framed some of the other
pictures in our house. So sure, you need a few tools to make them, but I got most of
mine second hand at garage sales, and the savings on just a couple of these homemade
frames, more than made up the difference. Well now you know how to turn a simple piece
of common board, into modern and decorative picture frames, that are super low cost to
build, make your favorite pictures stand out in style, and show the people that painted
them that their work is appreciated. Well that’s it for now, if you liked this project
perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Simple Picture Frame

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