Shop Talk Live – Getting Paid For Artwork

Shop Talk Live – Getting Paid For Artwork

And we’re back I thought I was gonna get
to do the intro do you want to do the intro well it’s too late now you already
did it that’s not an intro that’s a bit of an intro go ahead okay hold on I’m
gonna shut it all right well while you do an intro okay I’ll do my best
impression of you what is up everybody this is Matt with Mikey Designs and Shop
Gnome okay we’re just gonna hang out here for a little while wait for
everybody to come in and stop holding your nose you’re ruining my first intro
all right that’s what I do are we still on fire thing okay sorry go ahead start
over hey write beads hey Roman you can do it evening hey you can do it anyways
we’re just gonna sit here for a second wait for people to show up and
apparently Mets gonna go to the bathroom I’m gonna go Carl take a whiz well
Shannon takes the reigns on this yeah apparently I’m just gonna be filling the
dead air so I have exciting news I beat Super Mario Brothers 3 and would
you go pee so I don’t have to like talk about this for the entire like
five-minute intro why are you gonna talk about it anyways this go ahead keep
talking I’m letting you take the brain so I’m gonna stand over here or sit over
here and Riaan say Sam am what’s up right beats faster Abdel you can do it
with the hey Carl welcome back Carl you need to send us
shirts pictures of the shirts yeah I saw your email – by the way Carl been busy
and I’m definitely gonna get back to you I didn’t see any emails you see a
Jurassic I’m not imagining that am i what’s up Sam AM or is it I am Sam am
ah morning in Australia welcome good morning thanks for brining in our day
hey what’s up Jurassic go ahead Shannon I’m gonna I’m gonna read off some of the
people that are chiming in while you kind of fill the the dead air
tell us about Mario Brothers what did you do so I be Super Mario Brothers 3
finally so I took out a new project of Super Mario World and Matt and I were
actually talking about the fact that we’re kind of pissed that they don’t
have the Tanooki suit anymore and actually for those of you who don’t know
in Japanese lore the Tanooki suit or the tanuki is a japanese fox god and so they
have it turned to stone in the video game and i am just trying to fill some
freaking dead air right I don’t have a count I don’t have a co-host here with
me and he’s just he abandoned me hey Carolina screen printing at
frostbite arity hello Sam Austin miner Oh Sam am there we go
so what is up everybody I have missed you guys I swear this is super my
favorite part of the week this is the reason that I actually do kind of still
like Mondays just sitting here hanging out with you guys and Matt is back help
me you all right you doing okay well I told them about how you know Monday
tanukis are Japanese Fox gods they are keys and they won’t pay you in money
they like they’ll give you money if you if they visit your shop or your
restaurant or whatever but when they leave it turns into leaves what it does
I’m confused why you just blew my mind that’s a little much I don’t know what’s
up frost by air and heat welcome Carolina screen-printing what’s up
a big yo yo so anyways I beat Super Mario Brothers 3 first for the first
time in my life and I’m 31 so yay yeah I’m a little jealous I pretty sure I was
a kid hey Jason I I started getting into it and playing it and I got to level 5
and Shannon got so pissed at me because it took her out about three months to
get past the third level I’m really bad at video games guys and she she got
really irritated with me he did it in a day I was pissed so he had to stop
playing cuz I was like I’m not gonna play anymore no no I’m not playing
anymore no it’s just it’s nice to know that
you’re good at this is now something that you’re better at me then I was I
just there’s such a good childhood been trying to fix this Epson 7900 all
freaking day what’s what’s wrong with it what’s what’s going on with that well I
tell you what well we’ll dive into that I’m gonna go ahead and transition over
from the the hold screen and everything and then we’ll talk about your your
printer woes amongst other things isn’t that right Shannon hey Free Press
you know progressive I would actually went to school in San Antonio hmm she
did okay we got two questions or well we have one thing we can comment on and
then we have another question from you can do buddy what is up everybody its
Matt with Micah designs here welcome to our shop talk live show if you’re new
and you’re tuning in for the first time we appreciate it thanks for coming to
hang out with us we’re just gonna kind of shoot the you know what for a little
bit hang out and talk about screen printing things such as like what
everybody’s been up to this week what issues anyone’s been having questions
and so hurry brothers 1 in 15 minutes oh one
yeah yeah it’s Shannon got irritated about that that one too because I I beat
it it took me probably about an hour but granted I was playing it online with a
keyboard in which everything is just stupid weird on it and makes things that
much harder it that’s fun but let’s so let’s see rye beats is having problems
with his 7900 all day long and let’s see not really black just looks like it’s
printing the clear solution change the tubes and everything man so it’s so you
don’t have an all-black system you’re using just the black settings I’m if I’m
getting this correct and doing your film that way and it’s just not working for
you you know from my experience to be honest when I was working for gala
industries one of the things that we did because it’s kind of easy to
troubleshoot cleaning the heads putting new ink in it and all that fun stuff and
there’s minor things you can do as a person trying to problem-solve
troubleshoot all that but I would find there’s places that repair printers they
might charge you a couple hundred bucks or whatever depending on what the
printer is I know that the printers that we had at work they were about four
thousand dollar printers and instead of having to buy a new printer we would
send it out whenever we had issues with it that we couldn’t fix and it would
take them maybe about three days and they wouldn’t solve any issues with it
sorry to hear that man but that might be the the best way to go unless I don’t
know unless you can find some other printers that will work for you
okay so free press I went to st. Mary school off that’s why I went to law
school in San Antonio I lived in the medical district loved it everything was
25 minutes away Max and well she was asking about where I went to school
because I said I went to school there and you can do it god that’s so much fun
to say wants to know if we have an affiliate link for a Q rip he tried it
for the first time today it’s awesome easy he’s gonna buy it for my shop so
his shop tomorrow yeah yeah we we do actually email me mad at my key designs
calm and I will set you up with that because we are we are affiliated with
the the peeps over at free hand graphics that do separation studio and accurate
so yeah you know emailing now that Micha designs that come we’ll set up a
purchase order and all that stuff for you that way and we can get you set up
and then we can get a little bit of the Commission to throw back into this
channel like getting a camera for for shin and put her on when you’re on the
spot create some other cool tutorials another
link it’s completely fine we understand Anna’s nervous in the service about
getting on camera I’ll tell you that much comedian thing when they have that
wedding video and the bride’s like all excited and stuff and they have the
video photographer and you just hear one of the they lift the veil up and you
just hear one of the altar boys go oh she’s ugly you know what they say you
couldn’t put a girl in a pretty dress you still ugly
you’re really nice oh my god hey it’s true well you know I learned that
expression through the the dark director at
the job that I was that eventually I took over his position by default
because he passed away hey Sam yells views but he he was just
hilarious he had all these funny little things and all that and one of the
things if I came up with some artwork and then changed it up a little bit he
just always had these these goofy things like I don’t know that’s that that’s no
more a dinosaur than I am or standing in and the garage doesn’t make you a car
just goofy stuff like that he I don’t know he was hilarious
anyways no anyways to it Charlie’s tuna night anyway yet
now I’m gonna say yeah anyways yeah I’ll be an ugly girl and I dress on camera
that’s what we’ve gotten to Eddie jr. Free Press I think he already said hello
yes we have a question Sam am I really kind of like that one tears about
whether we do anything special for packaging for customer service extend
all the way into the delivery special packaging things in sirs discount cards
cuddly toys really what I think we need to get a little more on that
okay so depending on how many shirts they are okay I’ll say for one Shannon
folds them unlike any other person falls in like she neatly kind of does like a
military role if it’s a smaller order a lot of times we will slip fold and put
them in a poly bag along with the little size label on it because we do offer
that as a service so it is kind of like hey this is what we can do for you and
we charge X amount per t-shirt to do that aside from that I mean we put
business cards in there and we there’s always a written thank you on the
invoice that way yeah so we include the invoice after if you go back and look at
one of our of how we manage our shop we always have
a printout of the order that has all the details and everything and we’ll write a
handwritten thank-you sometimes it’s a little more than just thank you but
protip churches i right god bless on them as well there we go
churches you get a god bless god bless you do you like that they do yeah i
don’t know i mean we we keep a pretty solid relationship with a lot of our
clients without a whole lot of the flash that goes in there we tend to put a crap
ton of business cards in the boxes and i mean that’s that’s about it really i and
we’ve we’ve had ideas about putting additional things in there like stickers
or we’re actually we were actually talking about that today that was one of
the things we’re talking about today and we’re slowly working towards doing stuff
like that i’d say like a small shop for ourselves we don’t have a ton of money
to spend on that kind of stuff I saw rye beats sent a a shirt to t-shirt chick
couple shirts if he hadn’t checked her channel out go go check it out
she put some pretty cool stuff up coke person and he I think he included a
button right beats y’all had the the fill fill us in but there were a couple
little small knickknacks that you put in there so you might want to be a do a try
beads yes yes yes sure speaking of shirts though getting sent out guys I
promise you your shirts are on the way we’ve just been kind of waiting for a
couple more orders so that we could just run them all off at once I promise your
shirts are on the way even Eric if you’re listening Eric had his wallet
stolen after he ordered one of our shirts yeah he told me that he was
go ahead and pay for it and I was just like Nats fine but if you’re listening
Eric I’ve already ordered your shirt I’m throwing it in there you could pay later
if you want but I promise your shirts are coming and we have like three
different questions Jason Carolina’s not remember Carolinas
turned the camera around turn the camera around so we can see her for a second
yeah yeah would you like that I’m gonna go ahead and I’m tellin she’s gonna hide
underneath her desk I’m not gonna do it because that’s pretty awesome it’s
greatly appreciated very much so I’ve completely got
distracted now were yet okay so turn the camera Carolina screen printing as
saying turning the camera around who’s chatting with us I’ll tell you what go
back to I think it was that that was at the thousand t-shirt video log I caught
her on camera it was a video log I’ll put it down I’ll put it down as a
comment or early showed that the video you can see her she’s just kind of
chilling taking a little little break on the the futon okay and okay go ahead
no don’t remember syn 13 I think I was mostly holed up in my apartment and like
pillow forts trying to study but she’s too busy playing Dungeons and Dragons
let me go ahead that kind of thing most of my friends do know how to play do
they host a weekly thing of Dungeons and Dragons
I just don’t play I said I look for in color okay wants to know if it feels easier to
charge artwork per job rather than poor our okay and it’s funny that you
mentioned that because one of the things we wouldn’t talk about today is charging
for art so I imagine that’s why the the question came up hopefully if not I’m
glad you asked that question it depends really I mean if if we’re trying to win
over a client we might just include it as part of the job even if it takes a
couple two or three hours we’ll put the design together they’ll take that like
say for instance the the fire department here we we have connections with with a
few of the people there one of the guys I went to school with and we’ll put it
they’ll say hey we want this as a design we’ll put a design together
they’ll post design up in the station they’ll get a bunch of orders for it and
then it generates sells and that that that’s one way we go about it but but
also we do charge for artwork like say for instance we’ll put together an
estimate even if they don’t I mean we get questions and and today I was doing
a little tutorial on vectorizing art because we have somebody that just wants
art done and if especially if they just want art
done we’ll say okay it’s going to be X amount of hours to do this and we need
at least 50% 50% down to start working on it well we’ll get that 50% down start
working on the art center proof over and then generally they’ll have some changes
and then once the job is completed I’ll send the the native what what’s called
the NATO files your illustrator Photoshop to F like all the files that
they could possibly use for their artwork and so we do do it on a per job
basis trying to I mean there’s times when we don’t charge if it
something simple were it’s just like a quick typeset or whatever then really
it’s it’s almost almost kind of considered part of the the set up
process but the Pentagon if they want some sort of design created like the the
t-shirt design I don’t know if you saw the video but designed a t-shirt for
level racing which my brother he’s been racing he’s kind of out of it probably I
don’t know if he’s taking a year off or whatever the case may be but we charged
them for the time to do the artwork and also for the screen printing so they I
think they that was one of clients I just paid in full was it not Shannon yes
she paid I am on top of it okay I know you’re on yeah Brayton holds a lot of
information so yeah it it depends really safe for instance we’ll have a church
that tends to like to go to custom ink design or custom ink comm which I hate
just even minced throwing that out there but they’ll go to their website the
design program design something and then they’ll share it with us and say this is
the design we want and then so we just recreate the art quickly when I say we I
mean me I myself Shannon’s actually created the artwork
here recently to help out as well because we were just completely slammed
I’m like I can’t take care of it so she knows a little bit but that’s just
because you hadn’t quite been exposed to higher quality oh well that’s that’s the
same part of the art in end of it so I I hope that answers your
your question a little bit I mean if if quite didn’t answer it really then you
know just let us know and guys churches churches are probably one of the best
jobs you’re gonna get just upon just to throw that out there because the moment
they get you they’re set they’re loyal its bureaucratic so they don’t want to
have to like you know go in go in and they start searching again and at the
same time there are going to be the nicest people oh yeah they and also
they’re generally very happy with everything mm-hmm there is in churches
sometimes like that’s one of the situations where they’ll want something
designed and I don’t know sometimes we’ll just include it we won’t even put
that as a separate fee we just consider it a just part of the job because
they’re like they’re loyal they stay with you there was one time that we we
quoted them for a certain color a shirt and turns out none of our vendors had
them and so we just we told them were like hey we’re gonna have to change the
shirt color a little bit sorry and we brought them to her and she’s like oh my
god I love this even more yay it’s just so easy to make her happy verses like
some of your other clients are gonna be like nitpicky like the church as long as
they feel like the donations that their members are making using being wasted or
going to poor use they’re gonna be pretty happy with what they get it they
they’re a great account to have so if possible try checking in and connecting
with the local churches in your area yeah I agree 100 percent I did we miss
did we skip past let’s see okay it looks like we may have skip pass Eddy’s
question sorry about that oh yeah I’m on you I’m on you don’t worry and okay so I
think you used to used to have a DX 200 I was think
getting one because of the size price 120-volt or should I save up for a
better one I would say just I would go ahead and get one because I I got one
before the the the it’s the the one I have now is like the DT 422 which it’s a
forced air dryer but that really launched kind of it will help you get
your shirts out out faster versus if you’re carrying them with a flash dryer
at this point it I don’t regret it whatsoever and then as soon as I wish I
would have kept it but I ended up selling it to just kind of put towards
the new dryer and it wasn’t hard finding someone to buy it for at least 2/3 of
what I bought it for and the the only thing about it is I mean it it’s a good
little dryer you you do have to have the the 120 volt plug for it so I had to
have an electrician come in and install that but at one point I did change the
plug and plugged it into a 110 and it seemed to work fine before I sold it
but hmm I don’t know like I I definitely would recommend it I wish I wouldn’t
have gotten rid of mine it was a cool little dryer so I’d say go forward if if
you feel like you can hold out a little while longer and get something a little
bigger and you have the space for it then yeah I definitely would get it like
at least an eight foot dryer but that that little 5 foot dryer managed it
worked wonders it was it was pretty cool Plus also one of the things I found
interesting about it so the whole hood comes up and you can angle the element
it’s that way you can do caps as well you can screen print on caps set it on
there and it will cure the the ink that you screen
printed on a cap so definitely a good buy if you do plan on buying one use our
promo code Micha designs at Kats pit screen print supplies that way we get
it’ll kick a little commissioner waist that way we can kind of reinvest it back
into this channel okay so I’m gonna answer a couple of the questions Eddie
was also wondering about how to get a no shopping um shirt hmm
Eddie just email me Shannon sha and I know when not Janet but Shannon as they
say n mo n at my key designs comm some of your size and you and an address and
I’ll go ahead and put that in the works and we’ll run it off with the rest of
the ones that I know I’m super late I’m sorry guys and I’m not mark wants to
know what I wanted to know if I was blonde or brunette I’m brunette curly
hair you know my weight so there we go okay Shannon if you can keep answering
some of these questions what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go find the the part
that you’re in in the video and show people no fussy about ya charge $30 an
hour for design we do but you know like a month or something richer you know
even though we we charge that that $50 an hour I always tend to under kind of
like estimate and then like today charged to two hours and I think it took
me three hours but also I was doing a tutorial and not just like really
hustling on things so that’s that’s more than likely my bad so Bob microphone by
Bob right besom what what go ahead Shannon what what were you gonna say no
I’m just was you can see over the last printing video I swear to God does it
grunts for divorce sir let’s say I’m trying to find it I’m trying to remember
where was that what the thousand I know because there was a tag line actually
says shop no makes an appearance oh yeah that’s right I was pissed I’m so clever
what no it’s not the the tag line it’s like the little picture okay so it was
the two color yeah one no no you’re right it does say shop gnome right
because it everybody’s riots there for me stupid I’m sitting here over here
like it’s okay if whoever’s tuned in if I’ll show you this real quick just so
you don’t have to get off the live feed but it was funny because I told Shannon
that I’m like I all I wouldn’t say always I generally put her on camera on
purpose just to kind of rattle her a little bit he’s such a charmer and she
it’s it’s hilarious because she’s just like you you got me on camera and then
that one particular time I got her on there and she I was like is that okay
because it’s kind of blurred out she’s like yeah you know I get I guess it’s
okay if if it’s a half a second and it’s blurry his forehead that and and she she
almost looks like she’s wearing camouflage because she’s sitting on the
black couch over here and blacks all black on yeah yeah so I’m gonna kick
this over real quick so you guys can see here you’re gonna see my the OBS back in
stuff real quick but I’m gonna show you this
this is Shannon right here at Carolina yeah they’ve been bugging me to get on
screen for months now yeah so they’re there she goes there she is
there Shannon the shop gnome right there that’s what she looks like
that is her but I’m gonna poke her nose with the mouth she does it she’s okay
we’re I’m working on it I personally am working on it and Shannon is absolutely
sorry or she’s not sorry no she’s not sorry she’s not sorry whatsoever there
she is right there and look at how happy I her yeah you’ll
have to go back and watch it because she’s just like mm-hmm
she gasps and for me I’m just like I don’t care not of that she’s on camera
that I put her on camera for for myself I’m just like you know I don’t mind
being on camera and so there you have it there’s Shannon the shop gnome if you
have not seen that video anyways let’s change the subject
yeah welcome okay Shannon didn’t what questions do we have we have any other
questions and we do okay I tell you what let’s let’s reverse the roles a little
bit here you’re going to do okay let’s see what we’ve missed here okay Shannon
and let’s let’s uh you’re gonna answer the questions here yes I’m just kind of
reading off some of the comments so they’re basically talking about some
of the this the tax Spray tax and all that I personally like to use a pro
palette or something like that shit you’ll have to go grab that I don’t know
it’s it’s whatever I get from it’s whatever I get I mean I don’t even know
okay okay you answered Eddie juniors questions I haven’t got my shirt now I’m
having to go topless Waldo sorry you happen to go topless you know
hopefully that’s not an issue for anyone else around you maybe you’ve been
working out for the summer like that something like that or you’ve been a
sleepy potato I don’t know what the case may be but okay thank you for the t-rex
drawing and a badass shirt a try beads right Beach has a question okay good
what is that question Shen in the shop gnome
I don’t know I’m so flustered I’m wondering if I’m drunk um Jason wants to
know what’s the size or I they should look at in Photoshop to know if it will
print straight lines I’m used to using illustrator could you repeat that one
more time what is a size or a resolution I should look at in Photoshop to know if
it will print straight lines I’m used to using illustrator okay so with Photoshop
sorry you wall does funny with Photoshop I would make it at least 200 dpi 200 dpi
300 will be great especially if if it’s like solid text I would use 300 dpi if
you’re doing some sort of kind of spot spot process simulated process work or
using gradients or anything along those lines 200 will work fine straight lines
in Photoshop I’m not sure let me go back and look at that question again where
was that question at just so I can kind of
not on our screen anymore let me tell you that okay here it is what what is
the size of res I should look at in Photoshop to know if it will print
straight lines when you say straight lines woody what
do you mean straight lines because I mean if if you go in Photoshop if you’re
designing in Photoshop you can use your your Square marquee tool or use your
rulers hit ctrl or command R to bring those rollers up and you can click and
drag from the top or the side if you’re dragging from the side and you want it
you’re like oh shit I should have gone back and dragged it from the top just
hit option it’ll take that line and go it will flop it so yeah the three stick
to 300 dpi at print size so say for example if I’m designing something in
Photoshop and I know with my Epson 14 13 the biggest print size we’re going to be
able to print on press is 12 by 15 I’ll make my document 12 by 15 at 300 dpi so
I hope that helps I’m I feel like I didn’t quite really understand the
question okay so Carolina screen printing I feel
better now I’m not the only one wondering we hear someone talking but
don’t know who you started with buying enough we go back to we are on the
subject of me showing my face okay let’s go let’s continue here line of screen
printing I don’t know if if you’re female or earthís your name’s Carolina
or if you’re just in Carolina one of them okay well you know sometimes we’ve
assumed and didn’t really know so go ahead Shannon what the the next question
well first off I just want to say that I lapped up Waldo’s comments of more
people see Bigfoot than people see Shannon absolutely true that in the
Loch Ness monster yeah and he also says blind people say I’m sexy blind people
say you’re sexy hey no not me him he’s not like how on here insulting me that’s
not what I had figured that he had to readjust my mind
insulting you yeah but anyways um yeah now I gotta I gotta turn you to work
several questions she he she wants to know what we think of fiber every Jew he
he wants to know how we work distressed worn-out effects on designs transparent
ink okay so alright Carolina’s worth like trying to catch up yeah so my
thoughts on fiber is it’s a great thing sometimes I just want to send a lot of
crap over to fiber I will say that our website I was having some issues with it
being really slow loading because I there’s a a Google PageSpeed
I think it’s Google PageSpeed looked that up you can plug your your website
in there and it was in in the read in in other words it was loading slow and if
your website is loading slow then generally people will go to website if
it takes too long to load up they will go somewhere else and so I Google
Analytics as well I noticed that the bounce rate was was going up so I think
I paid $85 for them to a transfer my website from a subfolder after I
designed a new one I posted it up but it was linked to my key designs calm slash
silkscreen I just wanted to be my key designs calm it was loading slow there
were some issues with our SEO Pro as well and the guy knocked it out in
about 48 hours I wouldn’t say the guy it’s a more than likely a company out in
India but they they did a great job and now the everything is like in the green
when it comes to how quickly the desktop and mobile uploads so I wouldn’t be
afraid to if you need an artist or whatever the case may be is great and what was the other part of that question Janet there
was yeah but you did get scolded by Ingres for vaping on camera I tend to do
it off camera oh no I dropped something up so rich ooh has a question if you
want to actually can you put it over here at least yeah yeah slide it over to
which you wants to know how do you work distressed worn-out effect on designs
transparent ink no generally with the distress print I’ll actually go and take
a texture and let me switch this over to the desktop real quick and then just
kind of show you got it Eddie I don’t know you could type in distressed pattern or something along those lines
and a lot of times you can find something that you can use to kind of
punch out your image a little bit I might do something like this and find a
pattern like this here where it kind of makes it look like it’s it’s already
cracking because you guys know with even like this t-shirt here it’s starting to
look a little distressed so you could take this pattern here bring it over
into illustrator and then let’s see how quickly
get this a load and then do something along the lines of just take your your
image trace let it trace it off expand it and then let’s just say shop now and
we’ll just put some quick text here and so I’ll take something like this and
then I don’t know I might squish the crap out of it and then stretch it out
and then maybe overlay this in white or I might actually knock it out of the
actual design let me send this to the back of it excuse me I’ve let me back up
for a second there so I’m going to select this white part here select same
fill color get rid of that and then overlay something like this on top of it
and that’s one way to to get a little bit of a distressed effect I’m going to
send that to the back with a with a font that’s bigger thicker or a graphic
that’s thicker than that you know you get a little bit of a distress effect
and then the next thing is I actually hey how do you like that you’ll like the
back end of things one of the other things that when it comes to the stress
let’s say it’s a white print is instead of doing a print flash print will
actually just print it once will just flood print it and then it’s off the
press we don’t have to flash it just stick it on the pallet if you’re doing
it manually just hit it once pull it off and then throw it to the dryer the the
other thing is let’s say if it’s a darker color don’t put as much pressure
down flood it and then you can you can actually get a little more creative with
it especially manually because you can you can hit
that print and not completely clear the screen and it will have that distress
look so I hope that helps some what are you grinning about over there okay so that’s what she’s in boy all right let’s
take a look um I’ll help you catch up shit no I’m not ten I’m a 37 year old
grown boy okay you can do it is there a specific under base-wide if you can do
it is there a specific under bass white if it is 100 covered by over print
colors I really just choose whatever ink that you like you don’t have to use
anything in particular I tend to like to use will flexes epic amazing bright
white sometimes I get those flopped around but to me that’s easier to print
manually I would say if we were automated then I don’t know necessarily
necessarily that I consider others but I hate it when it’s thick when it’s really
thick and I’m having to just I like things to be as easy as possible and get
the results that I want and that ink tends to give me the result sweet we did
a little bit of review on the fusion 180 ink which I’m still trying to get
uploaded no not yet because I’ve I’ve got about three other videos I need to
work on anyhow point is it it was really this basket my
judgmental yeah we’re gonna do we’re gonna do a
Shannon edit not that unlike the greatest video editor
but I mean I I was impressed with how opaque the ink is but it was is like
going it was like a back step to me because it just was really hard the
print even with a lower mesh count and then after we printed it I think we did
a shop gnome shirt or two and then I showed Shannon and she’s like I don’t I
don’t like the the fill of it no I didn’t I didn’t like the way that it
took away some of the detail anyways we have questions here and I’m just trying
that’s like for a very long time ago yeah yeah but I’m just saying that she
any still rolling okay go ahead about what you think about affinity designer
Inc workshop management software yay or nay Roy Bates talk about vape juice and
do we ever want to throw in the towel and quit every day you should hear him
okay just just answer you real fast real fast right Bates you should hear him on
his bad days when he’s cranky go get a job I’m Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to
my personality I’m I’m as easygoing as sweet as can be but when I’m pissed I’m
like I’m hulking it I I don’t know if sometimes I’ll break shit and mmm yeah
okay the beat is shit huh yes it’s what it was in the way yes
for NATO okay so I’ll say I’ll say this there’s been plenty of times where I’ve
just been absolutely frustrated or I’m not happy with the way a print is going
actually we we did the the racing shirts I’m like man I wish I had more time to
just this isn’t that and I was just so irritated with the way things were going
and just knowing myself in my mind what tweaks I could make as far as how the
print was coming out and so I’m thinking to myself I’m like I’m like shit I’m
printing these shirts if and a lot of times clients don’t realize what we see
what we think about they they showed up a little early I think we were down to
the last what six shirts maybe maybe nine or so it was two rotations right
and so I I was just kind of like I’m not happy with it
although with the time crunch we got them finished but she came in she like
oh my god they look amazing and then after that after that I was like okay
it’s cool that there’s other times when if we completely let’s say for example
there was a job we didn’t for school and I don’t know how but when I picked up
the artwork the year got left out and we’re talking about 500 shirts with
individual names on the back and and then it’s just they still came back it
was one of those things where I was just calling oh my god we probably may never
hear from them again although we’re doing the same thing
again this year but they were understanding there they were
understanding and I’ll say one more thing when I first started I had a
homemade wooden press and I I had my regular job and I was counting on this
to be like some extra money to put back into things and also
just to pay bills and what happened was I printed my shirt flashed it and then
did another print and all of them because it was a really crappy like I
eventually fixed the the registration issues but that thing was walking all
over the place and I wouldn’t showed the dude that I did the shirts for and who I
actually worked with and I was like man I tried to get these done for you in
time but and even at that time I didn’t have a wholesale vendor I didn’t know
who to go to so I was buying them from jiffy shirts and there were about 3
bucks a shirt they were like $3 a shirt I was using I
don’t even remember what ink but I completely bashed it and then so I had
to take a hit on it and I I remember also getting ink all over the shirts I
didn’t know about a blowout gun and so there was ink on the shirts that was
another issue and I just remember working on them till about 3:00 in the
morning and I went in bed and just cried and I’m like I’m gonna give this crap up
I’m gonna give up I’m not gonna do it and I’m going just I’m gonna figure out
another way to make money but luckily when I do get in that type of when I do
feel that way I kind of push on because I don’t really see myself doing anything
else side from playing music but that’s not that’s not all it’s not as
family-friendly I’ll say first off what I can comment on that about is you know
when you do get like that you’re like ah quite a rag because just cuz you’re
grumpy yeah I’m gonna go I’m sitting well shit what
am I gonna do and second off what something I’ve
noticed yeah pretty much thanks I’m gonna be CEO apparently but it always
comes back but what I have noticed though is when you’re in that terrible
mood so many more mistakes it’s like it’s a snowball in performer
so that’s another reason thinking I always want to try to like emphasize
like a positive attitude is because when you’re in a bad mood and you’re printing
and you’re frustrated and you’re not calming down more mistakes get made and
then the entire order goes to shit rather than getting frustrated with
something taking a couple of as a cool off and then coming back to it with a
with a cool head to be able to you know you know I’m actually trying to give a
good point here I don’t even know I was talking about anymore yeah come back
just come back calm down come back and neutrally assess the situation rather
than just keep pushing on keep pushing on even though you’re pissed off at it
because you’re going to get make more mistakes and that’s something I’ve
noticed that when Matt is actually angry about the way the art is coming out kind
of tends to happen and I’m in the background going um we have another
pinhole or can you check your hands cuz I’m getting a lot of smudges on the
sleeves I’m like why don’t you check your hands you look at your hands huh
there’s nothing on my hands and I don’t know I mean yeah it can be frustrating
it’s it’s not the easiest thing in the world profession it’s not the easiest
profession I’ll say that and then also the service in there’s times when it’s
just it can be a headache dealing with whatever the case may be well that’s why
you have me yeah so if I’m frustrated or whatever and
even aside from having a good support and all that even just walking away from
it for a while to cool down and I have sometimes you can’t do that with a
deadline but however just kind of kind of figure out a way to
a way to just kind of get your attitude back and problem solved
wherever the case may be okay Shannon the shop know me any more questions
oh yeah a lot yeah we better get on it then yeah this try thirty percent
curable reducer now I I’ve never liked mixing in terrible reducer okay but
thank you and excuse me I didn’t even read that right try thirty percent
curable reducer and you you’re absolutely right about that excuse me I
thought we were still looking at or talking about I don’t know where to help
help my head was that with that but yes thank you Jason ends curable reducer
will help too you can put a little bit of soft hand
additive in there as well maybe even using water-based ink
go ahead Shannon what were you gonna say he’s a man
okay Jorge is still asking he was asking a second time about any idea on affinity
designer and then ink works was asking about soft shot management software yay
or nay okay the the Infinity designer I’m not even sure what that is so if you
could fill me in on what that even means I’m I’m really not sure so and then shop
management software I would say it’s it’s a great thing for for us and and
we’ve had a discussion something recently and got a phone call from
another YouTube personality and you probably didn’t mind no I’m talking
about however yeah and so to not give too much
away really we’re alright let’s just say
we’re gonna we’re gonna give their their software a shot and see how it works out
for us that we once it comes out we’ll have
more feedback or have more feedback about that we’ve used print aho okay we
have used print of oh and I’ll say one of the cool things about it was being
able to know what’s due when what stage it’s in we’ve based our how we manage
our shop around software like that and then from my experience working for a
print shop not not a screen printing shop but an actual shop that this
business cards letterheads brochures and all that they had a specific software
design for them to help manage all that and they put it
in stages almost like print Avvo and i will say that the the amount of work
that was coming in and out and then even for ourselves it definitely helps there
there’s definitely pros to it Shannon I don’t think on the other hand as to gun
ho about it because she that’s where her job comes in is she is the shop
management she she knows what’s going on with orders orders the shirts due dates
who needs artwork and all that stuff so if that I will say the reason she’s not
to gun how about it is is we get the software in here then it’s like hey I
become redundant that the her job is kind of he’s like it’s replacing her her
job to an extent aside from marketing and figuring out new ideas and all that
but but I mean but also at the same time if if there was more time for marketing
and that was more automated then yeah we could bring in that much more cells and
perhaps pay panda to come in more often so panda as someone that’s been coming
in to reclaim screens and help out and well what it will help just be able
to not part but you know it’s forcing my job into a new direction when I was when
I was really comfortable and happy with where my job management was going it
doesn’t really feel like I’m a manager there’s a freaking computer that’s a
manager and that’s taking care of everything and besides you know what no
one is going to nag you about getting this shit done the way I will right so
so one of the the things is like I don’t I don’t care what software it is or
whatever management software you’re always going to have to you know there’s
always gonna be somebody to talk to somebody that isn’t one that will not
want to go through your whole software and all that they weren’t it done more
manually we had a client that got a little irritated that we did use our the
way we do things to process payments or like they don’t want to they didn’t want
to go through PayPal essentially they were worried about that so print
management software yay for me name for Shannon yeah in the sense that it the
thing that I want for our website personally is for people to get a quote
online and actually kind of figure out okay this is how much I’m looking to
spin rather than because there’s a lot of times that it’s it’s just inquiries
just drop off dead and we don’t hear anything so I mean I can think of pros
president and cons so I really like the way we have things set up but also I I
see benefits Shannon I think it’s just there’s a selfish aspect to it there
it’s kind of like I imagined when ATMs came to banks well what’s my job gotta
be I don’t I don’t know you’re jobless or I I don’t know what the solution is
Shannon don’t worry you won’t ever be jobless you’re quite brilliant at
marketing and the print management software and all that you know I feel
like we’re having an open discussion here about I’m just like sad don’t be
sad about it but once there what’s the be sad about making things to teach me
everything and it was well that’s not gonna go to waste I guarantee you there
it’s still not gonna go to waste there’s still people that are gonna want the
quotes the same way so I think you’re I I feel like it’s it’s becoming a bigger
probably like this is going to take this no no not at all that there’s nothing
that’s that would replace yeah right okay what you do thank you thank you
transitioning on guys I’m not gonna lie I am so you guys have been blowing up
the comment section this time for some reason I don’t know what’s in the water
but if there are still questions could you mind repeating them so I can read
them from the bottom let’s see yeah yeah let’s see I’ve wanted to quit I just
have so much about saying that but you okay we got some questions to each other
are you gonna go resupply let’s see where where’s everyone laughter screens
from Rhys supply and they’re you know they stopped in to the shop recently and
I I don’t know I I have my preferred vendors to go to
whatever works for you use a epic ABW also pretty good print in basement
Timbers about 62 in a summer 15 ok all ink is – you can do it all ink it you
can do it try it try the the will flex give that a try the epic amazing bright
wide ok talking about the printer mark is like everyone is funny change the
tubes okay let’s see right bees okay said I make I make my own screens that’s
pretty awesome suggest doing it yourself like I’ve I tried that in the beginning
I mean you have to have the proper equipment to get the proper attention
the proper Newton’s virtue as Shannon says 2010 say it Shannon how’s it go
renew I’m all-in for making a lot of money with less responsibilities as
possible there’s nothing wrong with that don’t get gold up or no names you know I
haven’t I’ve ordered filmed through them and
their film is actually great let’s see a try B’s okay so it looks like for the
most part a lot of chatting going on how do you feel about question yeah yeah is
it the how do you feel about people low balling or was there something else
Shannon yeah what are you drinking she’s drinking vodka what she answered okay so
how do we feel about people low balling I mean really low balling prices I got a
message from a customer saying that he found someone else lower basically one
color front and back about 350 cheese okay I’m gonna let
probably not okay let’s assume that he’s saying that there they are supplying the
shirt no I would I would tell them to take a hike and and go with that person
that offered we we would even do 350 for 25 shirts and that’s I mean so we have a
screen fee of $20 and then we have a price bracket that’s 12 the the 36
shirts and just for the printing alone for one colors as 265 but if someone’s
providing the shirts it’s at 270 okay so it’s 270 hey glad I knew it off the top
of my head and that if they’re providing their own shirts to will charge them
about when a dollar 75 per shirt if they’re providing their own shirts
because that’s how we make profit of I would say generally a one color print on
t-shirts where it’s somewhere in the the ballpark 425 we’re somewhere in the
ballpark of like 10 to 12 bucks I don’t know is anybody else noticing that the
vendors have been upping their prices for the blanks because we’re up 14
anywhere from 20 the 14 cents with one of our vendors not for blank is that
just TSC I don’t I don’t know we I’ve only been using TSC lately because it’s
been the cheapest but now it’s starting to hike out of nowhere so not a journey
that’s the price of SanMar and siness so I just don’t know TLC is like
hiking let’s see Jace isn’t Jason ends was
saying yeah they probably have 5,000 blanks that they get paid nothing for so
I don’t know maybe they’re providing the blanks I will say that when we did the
thousand shirts the the more shirt yeah I think they’re just going up everywhere
which sucks because then we have to yeah our clients come to us and then it’s hey
why why are you charging more per shirt or like there’s nothing we can do about
it they’re just increasing the price of it
if you feel like you can find the shirts for cheaper than go for it the most
annoying thing though is when a client comes back after like three years or
something this is so much more okay why is this more inviting
so in quirks asks what is your biggest mess up mine 325 shirts conveyor dryer
wasn’t set to the right time and the shirts didn’t cure correctly dude that
is that’s a big head I will say I think my biggest Shannon do what do you think
is the biggest sense you’ve been part of it I know mine personally what is I was
dicking around Wow the shirts were coming off the
conveyor for full-on polyester oh and they kind of or maybe just a little
I am very certain that’s why we haven’t heard from them when they were ordering
every couple months that was a difficult print to but it’s a beautiful print I
just I was taken around on my iPad wasn’t paying attention when they were
coming out the dryer and sorry but that is my that’s my biggest fuck-up and that
was probably they knew it ah but it cost us a really really good
clan it probably it wasn’t 325 shirts but it cost us a really regular
well-paying client right I think this is the first time I’m actually telling you
about this and my suspicion is no don’t don’t get me wrong I’m well aware of
everything that goes on and you know sometimes sometimes shit happens but
Shannon you got to keep your shit together it’s it’s not that big you know
they were supplying shirts they’re a good client and everything but I part of
me so like part of me felt like it wasn’t my best print word anyways good
night so as in quartz is leaving he asked what
the biggest mess up was from what I recall mines was it was about a hundred
and fifty long-sleeve shirts and it was the first time for me to scream print
glitter and they had a red glitter hard on it
and I put a white base underneath it I should have just print flashed printed
and this is when I first started and I was still having to do this stuff in the
milled night and then had to work so man that at that time I think this is about
four dollars and fifty cents a shirt I mean at 450 a shirt and I think is about
a hundred and fifty of them I mean that it’s that that was you know I I didn’t
make any profit off of that and they definitely did not come back I will say
however though it did let me know that Google AdWords actually worked and got
quite a bit of business that way okay is there any other questions before we we
get out of here Shannon because it is 8:13
um I’m just gonna tell you guys how much I love you I love you lots
you know we we we do love you guys we appreciate Waldo your bellybutton okay
my up my brother and I our cat was pregnant when call him my little brother
was probably too and they asked where babies come from and my brother just
where the kittens come from from the pregnant cat oh ok guys we’re going to
wait you can do Gildan 445 800 performance polos in size medium white
and 75 in royal blue medium the medium White’s were mislabeled they were
actually small yeah you just gotta bite the bullet on that one it just sucks
okay so one of the things about when we do mess up no matter what the size of
the order is we try to make things right well I mean you do your best to just
make things right well even if we have to take a hit on the whole thing we will the vendors dick does say that I mean in
the past we we have kind of not taking not taking responsibility for it but we
haven’t done that here recently I would say happens print wise but if I screw up
an order or something I’m like the vendor shorted us sorry and it’s okay
because you don’t actually name the vendor itself yeah you’re not like
throwing anybody under the bus you’re throwing a hypothetical I think I think
a lot of them people can tell though whenever you’re
kind of like displacing the the blame from actually like taking responsibility
we we do into you know we take responsibility for we make things right
is is really the the point of it all but sometimes you know it’ll be it’ll be
easy it’s always easier to find an escape code we always take the hit on
our end to make it right we do it sucks sometimes yeah I guess that’s that is
mislabeled sure it’s common it was the first time I had that problem we’ve had
couple issues we’ve actually gotten to the point where now every time that Matt
is registering the screens and getting everything started up I’m out there in
the shop with him counting the shirts and making sure that everything is there
yeah yeah we’ve made that I mean it happens often and so every single time
and this is something that I will say last year we we didn’t really do that we
kind of counted on our vendors to provide unless it’s like a huge order
the the alkanes that was about 500 shirts were they all had to have
individual names on the back now we as of I would say this year we’ve I’m like
we have to count the shirts and make sure we have what we have booked and
we’re getting what our clients ordered because it’s costing time and money to
reset all that stuff back up and and sometimes it might be a couple weeks
later when they reply even though it’s it’s in our our terms and conditions you
know we give them I think about either five to ten business days to say
hey is it five mm-hmm okay so five business days if they haven’t said hey
there’s some sort of discrepancy in the order then even still well we’ll we’ll
make it right we’ll make it right yeah so we really are we’re such pushovers two times yeah but she she come I mean
that’s why we’re at where we’re at and our clients come back to that level of
customer service thank you we’ll do whatever we can to fix the issue there
you go okay we’re going to go ahead we got one more ah okay no no it’s it’s
fine I I enjoyed it but also I know one yeah one more question and we’re we’re
gonna get at her guys it’s not that it’s not that we don’t like hanging out with
you guys we’re ready to kind of wrap this this day up and get something to
eat so Shannon what is the question mark
wants to know if we have a jig for screen-printing hats or did we heat
press it with vinyl we do have a jig for screen printing hats and really what I
did is I took a bad pallet took that pallet and then made a little riser on
it that was about the print size of a hat put a little piece of wood in
between it and just screwed it straight into the pallet the only thing we really
can scream print on well is the the foam trucker caps because with the five panel
caps you you really do need a round jig you need those those flexible screens
that go over it we don’t have a a hat press generally I would say most of the
time most our clients one I don’t think we’ve done screen printed caps and
everything’s been embroidery anyways we’re gonna go ahead and get out of here
we really appreciate everybody that that is tuned in don’t forget to subscribe
give some of our videos like go go back and watch some of our videos go over to
our Facebook page give it a like follow us on Instagram
Shannon Shannon’s the woman when it comes to Instagram she’s running that
and she posed some really cool stuff also I’ve been doing a lot more graphic
design tutorials start trying to get into that so if anyone out there needs
Adobe software use our link in the description and it helps support our
channel and also if you’re in the market for screen printing supplies or
equipment use our promo code Micha designs that cast bit screen print and we’re gonna get out of here you guys Shannon do you want to say
anything before we get out of here and call it a night okay so going back to the reason why it’s like so popular is
because if you press a couple buttons it turns into the stone statue and actually
in Japan they have a bunch of tanuki statues all around but they all have
gigantic testicles there you have it and all that fun anyways it has been fun as
always and again we appreciate it but we got to get going we’re out of here you your penis facts

Dereck Turner

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    we charge $8 for the print+shirt for only 25 shirts. Setup is $25. Most people dont understand that you don't really make much from the printing on large runs and most of the profit is in the garment markup.

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