Shape of your heart –  candle mold milled on a DATRON neo

Shape of your heart – candle mold milled on a DATRON neo

Hey everyone and welcome to this DATRON Academy web special for Valentine’s Day. Have you ever thought about using a mill to make a very unique present for your friends and family. Now today we’re going to mill a wax mold that we’re going to fill with liquid paraffin wax and some color to make our own candles. Now – I’ve already set up the model in my CAD/CAM System and all the tool paths are generated and posted to the machine so in the next step we’re going to mill this mold into this aluminum block [Music] In the next step, we need to liquefy the paraffin wax. That’s why I have this heating plate with the pot and hot water and i’m going to put this into it in a glass and just let it sit for a while until it until it is liquid Ok now that the wax is liquid we put the wick through the mold, just let it hang. Take a wooden stick and do a little bit of wax along the wick so the wax can not flow through the hole OK – A little bit left here but we can easily just scratch it off later on. So now it just has to sit for a while and cool down again so the wax gets hard. All right, now that the wax is hardened it has shrinked a little bit. So it’s kind of easy to get it out of the mold. Just knock it a little bit and then I push it from back side and you see that is the backside and here is our candle.

Dereck Turner

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    What tools u use ?

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