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(mysterious ping) – The world is weird. – And/or wonderful. – And I’m taking my curious little friend, Ryan Bergara around, to explore
every little last bit of it. – Hey, where are we? – We’re at the Mystic Museum. (epic retro theme music) – [Shane] Burbank California. That’s where you’ll
find the Mystic Museum, an outlandish antiques wonderland, stopped to the gills with
a panoply of creepy curios. My colleague and I sat down with owners Kiko Bailey and Erick Wessell, to find out more. So tell us how this place came to be. And how you amassed this
giant collection of, not accursed objects,
but maybe some of them? – Some of them yes.
– [Shane] Yeah? – Some of them are haunted. I won’t say cursed, ’cause I don’t think we’d
take anything cursed. Unless we’re able to like, contain it, in like a glass jar that’s
right behind your head. (Eerie hum) – [Kiko] Yeah, that long guy there, yeah, he’s cursed yeah. – He looks cursed as hell! – [Kiko] Sometimes his
eyeball is like sticking out and like, well how’d that happen? – What’s this handwritten note here? – Oh, that’s from an automatic
writing seance session. – Oh! – So that’s what the mediums
that time came up with. – Like in the changeling. – He does have a vacant
stare that you can project any kind of emotion onto. I could see him being
angry actually right now. – But I could also see him saying, “Hooo!” Enough about our little friend up there. What were you guys doing before this? ‘Cause it seems like a
strange thing to just jump right into this from the start. – What we did and what we knew each other, was we both collected vintage. And so it was natural to
just do a venture store. And it was about one week of opening before we decide we need
to do it more our way. Which is why the oddities came out. – Well certainly it worked. This is pretty amazing. – [Erick] Thank you.
– [Kiko] Thank you. – I can’t wait to walk around here. – Can’t wait to see some bones. How many years has it been here? – [Erick] Three. – [Shane] This is only three? This feels like decades. – Well we change it out every like three to four months. Next time you’re here, it’s gonna be like 1980s horror. – Wow! – That’s crazy, so by the time our viewers actually get to watch this, it’ll be a completely new experience… – By the time our watchers get view this. (tiny little honk) – No need to get snippy.
– Sorry. I’ve also heard that you
guys maybe have someone here who could lead us in a bit
of a spiritual gathering, seance if you will. – You’re approaching
this like a drug deal. Why are you doing it so weird? – Well I’ve never, hey look. – I can tell from the guy
around the corner that. – You gotta be quiet about these things. – We could hook you up.
– Yeah? (Ryan laughs loudly) (sudden suspense note) Alright, let’s begin our exploration. I see some old photos here. Do you know these people? – [Kiko] Nope. – Apparently it’s supposed
to be all one person throughout duration of her life. – Whoa! – So it’s probably like,
was that her funeral? Like all, like together. – What in the world?
– That’s a dead lady. – I was just.
– Whoa! – What is this here? – [Kiko] It’s a casket plate for a coffin. – [Ryan] That’s German too. – “Estella Nuismer”. – Age 18 years. Wait is that her casket? – [Kiko] Not her.
– [Erick] No. I mean that would be
great, I would love that. – Is she?
– She’s cool. – Is she just
– Dead. – She’s dead. – She’s dead.
– Yeah. – [Kiko] She’s definitely dead. – Is this all just for sale? If anyone, if someone walked in here and wanted any of this, they could just be like,
“Well name your price”? – Almost everything in
here is for sale, yeah. – Ooh. – [Ryan] Oh dear Jesus Christ. So this guy has a weird
obsession with butterflies encased in glass. – These. These are gorgeous. – Okay, keep it in your pants. – The Common Archduke. – We’re in public. – The chocolate Albertros. – Jesus Christ. – How much do these run? – 45. – 45 bucks. Good to know. We’ll I’d be picking one of these up on my way outta here. And that brings us to some teeth. – Yeah, so if you’re making
your own bone-throwing kit. So this really has to do with like voodoo. – I see.
– Oh! – Or hoodoo if you’re not in the religion. – [Shane] Buffalo tooth. – [Ryan] So this is ideal for when you have like a witch’s brew. And you have like an ingredient list. Like you need three coyote teeth, or one chicken claw. – Yes I guess you could do a few. – A whole peacock! (peacock screams and choir ahs) – Each animal is supposed to
represent a certain thing. – [Shane] What beautiful. – [Ryan] What in the world is. – [Shane] It’s a chicken? – That is an aligator. – Okay, I was gonna say,
“I guess I’ve never seen, “never gone to KFC in a.” – Eda. – That’s deer knuckles. – Deer knuckles? I guess I didn’t know deer had knuckles. I’ve never seen them like
give me a thumbs up or. – So when you sell, let’s
say, a turtle skull, or. – Whoa, let me see that turtle skull. (Ryan laughs loudly) – Oh yeah, that’s a little guy. – So it’s a true thrift
store, in that sense? You’re not trying to
replenish or keep inventory. – On this side of the store, yeah. As much of one-of-a-kind as we can. And we do fill the skull case, but not necessarily with the
same skulls all the time. – That makes sense. Turtles live a long time too. – Yeah.
– Not all of ’em. – Well clearly. – [Shane] Doesn’t that look
like a little dinosaur? Remember in? – I mean it did until I read “Gecko”. – Remember in the “Lost World”, when the little girl
goes to have a picnic. And they’re like (small bird squeek). – The fictional film “Lost World”? Yeah. – Based on science fact. Jesus is here too. – I’ll tell you what this is, I really like these things. So these are what’s
called “Last rights kit”. So this goes in here,
it’s like a little box. – [Shane] Whoa! It’s like a Transformer. – Well they used to call
these “Sick call kits”. So if you were sick, they
would pull these out, put it right here. – [Kiko] ‘Cause they new
they were gonna die right? – Die or if you were sick
and the priest wanted to, or the family itself
wanted to kinda cure you, they would put this in here and you got your holy water. – This feels like something
that would be in the holster of every exorcist out there. – [Kiko] Right. – Could you imagine
whipping it out like a, like a switchblade, just sorta like, (Shane mimics swinging swords) – That’s what I’m saying,
like a butterfly knife. – So that’s probably like a 60s or a 70s. And then here’s like an
older version of that. – [Ryan] Cool, a little candelabra. – [Shane] That’s dope. – [Erick] Here’s a praying pew down here. – [Shane] Wow. – And then this in here
would be the communion. So you would eat your. – [Shane] This has so many fun
little compartments to this. – [Kiko] I didn’t know about that. – This one too? – [Ryan] We’re all learning
today, this is insane. – [Shane] You keep your
little snacks in here? – [Ryan] Now do you put
this on when you pray? (Shane says something about a masquerade) – Yeah, yeah, here you do, yeah. – [Shane] So you know, that’s
how Jesus recognizes you. Ooh, someone’s ready to pray,
they got my official mask on. Everyone thinks Jesus looked
like a sexy white man. I’ll tell you what. He looked like this. (holy light shining music) History shows. – He looked like the red
skull in the “Winter Soldier” – [Ryan] Is there any items that you think we should talk about, like crown jewels? – Well we’re kinda known for
our, you know, skeletons. – [Shane] I was waiting to get to this. – [Erick] So like these
things are really really rare and hard to come by. – [Ryan] But that’s glass? – Lucite. – [Ryan] What is Lucite? – [Erick] It’s just a hard plastic. – [Kiko] It’s like acrylic. – So these were made so they could test, like x-ray machines and cat scan machines, without constantly putting a live human through the radiation. – That makes sense
– Sweet of them. – You can see the cartilage. – Oh let me see that cartilage. That’s disgusting. And it’s in all of us. – I will say, bone marrow is delicious. Not human bone marrow, but like I went to a place once, and they scooped up the bone marrow and I couldn’t get enough of it. – [Kiko] Oh yeah.
– [Ryan] It was delicious. I kinda have a trypophobia to. Well I don’t like
honeycomb looking things. – [Erick] Oh yeah, that’s a. – [Ryan] That’s a thing.
– [Erick] That’s a thing. – And I have it, because I looked at that and my skin, ah come on, man! Come on! – I think this is interesting. Can you guess what that is? – [Shane] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. – [Ryan] Okay, I’m sorry. – [Shane] Is it, is it. – It has residue on it, I’ll say that. – [Shane] It’s some sort of. – I think that’s from the prop house. – [Shane] Vertebrae or something? – It’s actually, your, ankle. – Whoa! This is fun! I’d never thought it would
be fun to guess the bone. Oh everybody, it’s time for
our favorite game again, “Guess That”… Ryan, say it with me. – “Guess”! – Every, no let’s all say it. – [Everyone] “Guess That Bone”! – Let’s let the audience get
proper time to observe that. Here is my finger to hold up some scale. And I have normal-sized
hands, unlike our president. (Ryan laughs) – Oof. – Sorry, anyways, I. What do you think this is? (Shane exhales loudly) – [Ryan] He’s really selling it. – What in the body looks like that? This is an adult. – I’m gonna say a large male. – A large male? – So like him? – Yes (wheezes). – What does that look like on me? Foot! No. I didn’t mean that. Um (trumpet falters), nope. (everyone laughs) A rib? Rib, somewhere? – Close but no. – Oh, oh. Clavicle! – [Erick] Yes! – Yes! – [Ryan] How? – I’ll show you. – [Erick] So clavicle. – Clavicle, feel them on
you Ryan, they’re there. Do you not have clavicles? Is this sorta a hoax (laughs). – [Erick] Oh it says something on it. – I have no bones. – No bones! – I’m just goop. – No-bones Bergara. – I’m just goop and eyes.
– No bones about him. – Thank you for playing, – [Everyone] “Guess That Bone!” – Let’s move on. – We’re no longer in bone-town. We are in the gift shop and just a look around
is a horror-geek’s oasis. I’m seeing several properties that I love, that we of course can’t show. – Cannot show on camera. – But believe me, they’re here. – Oh, who could forget
that beloved property. – Or that one! I love that director.
– Wow! – [Erick] Good stuff. – [Shane] We are in front of, something very interesting here. – So here we’re in front of like where we keep most of our tarot decks. We also do our own like ritual bath salt. Our spell candles. And then also rune kits. We also have a section over
here where we do books. So if you have any subject on anything either Wiccan, herb-related, crystals, anything like that,
wantin’ to learn spells, just wanna know the history.
– Yeah. – Of witchcraft or tarot or anything, we have, you know, the book for you. – [Shane] “Hex Your Ex”,
that seems a little bitter. – I mean, I think the title
has more of a shock value. – Oh I see, they get you in, and then they give you
some worthwhile hexes. – ‘Cause you don’t
wanna really do anything to really create anything bad for anybody. Because, you know, the
belief is that you would get it tenfold back at ya. – Karma. Karma.
– Karma. – Do good in this world, don’t be hexing nobody, have fun and live your life, smile, dance like nobody’s watching et cetera. Look guys, I don’t know about you. But I’m feeling ready for a seance. – Good segue, let’s do it. – Let’s do it. Are you guys ready? (intense ominous music) – You’re looking up like
that scene in “The Haunting” when they could hear
all the walls crunching. – Well, it’s because there’s
a vibe in this room right now. We’re joined by two new presences here. Mia, the medium. And Vanessa, who also works
here at the Mystic Museum. – She had a less-defined title I guess. (everyone laughs) – Not as clean. Let’s dig in, let’s kick some, well we’re not kicking any ass here. We’re opening ourselves, how, what are we doing here? – So we’re gonna be lifting
the veil between the worlds. I have this oil that I makes, we’ll be putting that on our hands. Little bit behind your neck. The reason we do this, because this is the biggest
portal on your body. That’s why you bow your
head when you pray. So just to put some back there. – [Shane] That’s a lot of oil. – [Ryan] I feel like a breadstick. – This is a lot, a lot of oil. – You still, you still feel good about
that turtleneck right now? – Put it in the mustache. – It’s just on the cheeks, ooh, the mustache. – Yeah, really get it
nice and moisturized. So we’ll get started. We’re gonna lift the veil. So put your hands on the
table, close your eyes. We’re gonna take some deep breaths in. (everyone inhales slowly) And hold it. Two, three, four, and out. (everybody exhales slowly) One more time, breathe in. (everyone inhales slowly) Hold it. Two, three, four, and out. (everybody exhales slowly) (mystical music) Now imagine a white light
starting at your feet, going up your ankles. Match your third eye, that’s shooting out the top of your head. This is gonna keep us
protected during our seance. We’re not gonna allow anything bad in. There’s a veil that’s lifting, lifting. And when I ring this bell
the veil will be lifted. (bell rings) (bell rings) (bell rings) We are now between the worlds. Does anybody wanna bring anybody in? – Yeah, let’s, let’s bring in the master of
suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. – Oh nice! We’ll be joining hands for this, just to get the energy up. So left palm up, right palm down. Left palm up, right palm down. And in love and light. And then we’re gonna
all say this together. We call in, – [Everyone] “Alfred Hitchcock.” – [Mia] One more time, in
love and light, we call in, – [Everyone] “Alfred Hitchcock.” (suspenseful music) – He’s coming through, but he’s really, he doesn’t really believe in this stuff. He’s being really resistant right now. – Is he standing profile? – I don’t see the
profile, he’s just kinda, he’s standing back here, lets use the rods. These are dowsing rods
that can sense spirits, people can communicate through them. You can uncross you hands at any time. But I thought it was really sweet. – Can I open my eyes? – You can do whatever
you wanna do, you can. – Have people had their eyes open? – We’ve all been laughing at you. – So they’ll cross on yes,
and stay uncrossed for no, Alfred are you here? And I can’t control
these by the way, at all. (metal chimes) Yeah, you’re here. Go back to the middle please. Thank you. Where are you in this room right now? Yeah.
– He’s leaving. – He’s right behind me. He’s been there and he’s like, “This is not, this is not what
I wanna be doing right now.” – Where are all the blondies? – Right. Do you have any questions for him? – Do I have any questions for him. – Yeah, while he’s here and sorta willing to
answer some questions. – Yeah yeah. – What was it like working
with Jimmy Stewart? – How about “yes” or “no” questions? – Did you like working
with old Jimmy Stewart? – [Ryan] He was gonna be the
other person I wanted to call. – No. – He didn’t like working
with Jimmy Stewart? – Well then honestly I don’t
know what we’re doing here. Because Jimmy is the best. – Shut it down. – You asked for him. What question you got? – Do you think you’re the
greatest horror director of all time? – Yeah, he’s got ego on him for sure. – I like that. Do you think people should
enjoy popcorn with your films? – No. – That’s un. – ‘kay, I don’t know if I
agree about that, Hitch. – He probably brought
grapes into the theater. – No. – Grapes? Did you bring grapes
into the theater, Alfred? (rods connect and chime) (everybody laughs) We’re learning things! – Alright, so place your
fingers on the board. – [Shane] Elbows off the table everybody. – Off the table. – Mia told us that before
we started rolling. I don’t actually know that. – Before we do this, I would
like to lift up the board. To show everybody. – To make sure there’s
no hooey underneath. – No not that I don’t trust. I want the audience to know there is no. – Well we know that Kiko and Erick would never sell any flim-flammery here. – Well that’s part of our museum. That’s an antique board. – Whoa dude. Stop knocking on it. – Well I was tryna. – Ooh, check this out. Donk. Donk. Donk. – Is there anything under the table here? – No. So we’re gonna wake up the board. Alfred? You got this bud. And then you can ask questions. You can do “yes” or “no”, or if you want him to spell something out, you can do that too. You might notice a feeling
in your arm or your shoulder that it’s, that’s where you’re gonna feel either pressure or where
he’s trying to move it. – You have some bangers in the bank that you never got to put to screen? – [Mia] There you go. – What if he types out a
whole script right now? – [Ryan] Exterior, dash. – Houston. (Ryan wheezily laughs) – [Mia] There you go. – [Shane] What’s that, I
can’t see what it says? – [Mia] He’s just tryna get
the hang of it right now. – You got it dude. – And sometimes with ouija boards, it seems like whenever people cross over, spelling kinda goes out the window. Did you have more movies
that you wanted to make? – You’re taking this thing for a ride. – He’s figuring it out right now. – Can you see movies in hell? – [Erick] What makes
you think he’s in hell? – What? (faint chime) (everyone laughs) What’d he say? – Yes. – Yeah, he gets to watch
movies in hell, that’s cool. – Are you in hell? – Are you in hell? (suspenseful music) (faint chime) – Me and Hitch man, we’re
like this, I get it. What kinda celebs you get, you get like a? Who’ve you had that’s been really chatty? – Elvis is usually pretty chatty. – Oh I’m sure he is. – Before the whole
“Finding Neverland” thing, one time we brought Michael Jackson in. He was also pretty chatty. – Pretty quiet now huh? (Shane laughs) – Yeah. – Michael’s not it in (laughter
drowns out Ryan’s words) – You’re gonna have to go
through his ghoul PR person. – Marilyn Monroe does
not wanna come through, she will never,
– No? – come through. – Makes sense. – What if we call JFK? – [Shane] Yeah, what about JFK? – John I have a lot of theories
as to what happened to you. Did the CIA kill you? – No. – Did LBJ kill you? – What about the umbrella man? – Was it the umbrella man? – [Shane] Holy, ah. – [Ryan] I wanted it. – It was the umbrella man. Oh he’s teasing us. So, you’re gonna love this. When JFK’s car was driving past, past the grassy knoll, there was a man who showed
up in the “Zapruder film” who had an umbrella. – An umbrella, sunny day. – And it turns out, at that time there were actual plans in
motion to develop a spy gun that shot a bullet out of an umbrella. – [Shane] Like the penguin.
– [Erick] I know about that. I know about that guy. – A lot of people think it was him. And if that is conclusive, which, (faint chime) – [Shane] He knows all of it. He’s saying yes, yes, yes, yes. – Yes, marked by umbrella. – You have any other questions for JF, I mean we got a president here. – No it’s good, we figured
out who killed him. I think that’s plenty. – I got a question
– [Shane] Okay. – Do you want the world
to know who it really was? – [Ryan] Nah. – [Shane] He’s like, “I’m dead, dude.” – Kinda seems like “Guh.” – Maybe he likes some mystery, he’s like JJ Abrahams, he likes a mystery box. (faint chime) – “Yes I am just like JJ Abrahams.” (Ryan laughs) – Well that was certainly
a strange session. – [Shane] Great session.
– We have to. – We do have to close. – We have to close the veil first. – Close the veil. Before we do this, I’d just like to say to you all, that this has been a pleasure. I want to thank you
again for having us here. – And to you John. And Alfie. Alf, both of you. – They’re probably hanging
out with each other. – They’re probably having, they’re probably throwing
back a cold one right now, having a good laugh. – “I really liked the bats.” (Ryan laughs loudly) – You love bad JFK. – I do love bad JFK, it’s very fun. – [Shane] Okay here we go. – Alright, so imagine everybody that we had called in around the table. – It’s a funny crew. – I know. So everyone is around, and then we’ll imagine
the veil lifting down. Down. Down, as the people that
we invited in, step back. And then the veil is closed. And thanking everybody. (Thank yous ring around the table) – [Shane voiceover] It’s not every day you get to feast your peepers on some breathtaking butterflies. Test your clavicle recognition skills, and talk to a deceased master of horror about his love of grapes. But you just never know what’s in store at the Mystic Museum. I mean we didn’t even have
time to talk about this. Or whatever’s going on here. – Did you enjoy it? – Yeah, it was, it was a rotating cast of
characters we had here. We had a president. – Old Hitch. What a journey. – Yes, thank you for taking me here. – My pleasure. – Well. – [Together] Goodbye! (upbeat music)

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