Shadow Box Dollar Tree DIY With Picture Frames

Here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna take these two picture frames take the back off and both of them, I’m
gonna to glue back to back but before I do that I’m going to insert these jewels
and probably some of these rhinestones. This polish came from the dollar tree. I didn’t get it for the polish I just got it for the rhinestones cause their neat and real small you can do lot of things with that. I’m also going to decorate the
picture frames with diamond wrap and these rhinestones. Both of this came from the Dollar Tree they’re both self-adhesive. I got this
idea from a couple of other youtubers, I will give them their credit. I can’t
think of their names right now but I have been wanting to decorate my dresser and my walls with shadow boxes but I just didn’t like what I saw in this
store so, I’m just gonna make it my way. Okay I’m going to start with this
greeting card and I’m going to trim it down a bit so I can fit inside the picture frame that you see over here. Right now I’m going to glue these
rhinestones right on top of this greeting card. Right here I’m just trying to make sure
that the card is in the right place. now I had to make some changes because of this
picture frame just wasn’t deep enough, so I could not glue it back to back
I actually glued them one on top of the other so I can make a proper shadow box. Now I’m gluing the glass down like I’d
be at the first picture frame. Here’s where I add the rest of the jewels
and I’m trying to get a 3d effect from shadow box. It’s all finish and in case you guys are
wondering where the music comes from I play around with GarageBand and come upwith some different sounds cause I like music but I want to thank you guys for
watching don’t forget to Like comment subscribe
turn on your personification and I will see you guys in the next video. God Bless.

Dereck Turner

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