Sesame Kadai Mix Vegetable Curry  – By Vahchef @

Sesame Kadai Mix Vegetable Curry – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re going to learn how to make
Tilwala kadai subji that is nothing but sesame seeds tempered with nice tomato
and vegetables, so dear friends let’s learn how to make this; first we’re
going to make tilwala kadai masala; for this we’re going to add some
red chillies into a pan and we’re going to dry roast all these kadai masala and then we’re going to make it too coarse powder and in this after adding red chillies, add coriander
seeds, peppercorn, and garam masala, whole garam masala and first we’re going to
dry roast these ingredients on a slow flame because once you dry roast them on a slow flame all this moisture that is there in these ingredients will evaoperate
and then this will become nice crispy so you can put in a blender and make into a coarse powder, you know on a slow roasting after this we’re going to add cumin
seeds and also we’re going to add sesame seed black and white you know both of
them have slightly different flavors and we’re going to get the best of it black sesame seeds and also white sesame
seeds and we are also going to slowly cook this for another 2 – 3 minutes on a
slow flame once these are slightly roasted in this
add the dry kasuri methi this gives a nice buttery flavor to all
the kadai vegetable and we’re going to cook this for another one minute and then
we’re going to put in a blender and coarsely ground it do not make it a fine
powder coarsely ground it. Now take a kadai and
pour some oil, in this add some chopped onions, add salt and
cook these onions till they’re slightly brown, now when the onions are slightly
colored, in this add ginger-garlic paste and then mix and cook till the raw
flavor is gone at the same time add some turmeric, now we have this til seed kadai masala and add half of this and you can add little extra and in this add some green chillies wow the moment
you add this masala this gives a nice aroma and in this add some chopped
tomatoes and i also made the puree of tomatoes just to make it the nice add some of the puree of this tomatoes,
in this i’m going to add some of the red chilli paste because this red chilli paste is not hot and will give a very nice color and in the hotels and the restaurants they add red color I don’t want to add so i’m adding this red
chilli paste to give a very nice color that should be good enough and now put
the lid on and let it cook on a slow flame for 10 minutes till all the masalas get cooked. Now see look at this, this masala is cooked and it’s slightly oozing out oil, in this add little bit of a sugar that’ll give a very nice taste to this
tomato and spicy masala now for this tilwala kadai vegetable, I have taken beans and carrots cut them into you know thin pieces and then boiled them till they’re almost ninety percent cooked and green peas and potato, all these three have been cooked whereas the paneer, capsicum and the
onion they are raw, so first we’re going to add this capsicum and onion pieces into this and just saute in this after this slightly cooking for a minute mixture is slightly dry so I’m going to add some water wow but look at, this is good I’m going to let this cook for 2 minutes
now after two minutes we are going to add the green peas which have been
boiled, carrot and beans that also have been boiled and potatoes that have
been boiled by adding little turmeric and salt and mix all of this you know this
can feed around 10 people, I have made so much of this and add paneer on top, cover it and let it cook on a slow flame for another three minutes and then we’re
going to mix it and top it off with some more of the kadai masala and it will be
super awesome now look at this these are all nicely
cooked now just mix this is already now haha let me taste wow look at this, this is perfect and
even just by the smell i can tell the salt everything is appropriate that’s good onion is still crunchy wow the vegetable
is perfectly done when this is done just sprinkle some of this kadai masala;
usually they sprinkle the kadai masala when this is portioned out that’s when they sprinkle some kadai masala on top and do not forget some chopped coriander on it dear friends very easy to make look at
this dish look you know so perfectly cooked and
look at all the vegetable they look just done this kind of Awesome
spicy kadai vegetables they need to be eaten with phulka, naan for anything with
a nice side of salad especially because of the til seed added
this is another way of making awesome , kadai masala, dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s session but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking
tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you

Dereck Turner

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  19. rina roy says:

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