Self Care for Creatives: Artist Dates 🌻

Self Care for Creatives: Artist Dates 🌻

Today I want to share a tool to help you tap into your creativity and spark inspiration, a tool for nurturing your creative soul,
called “The Artist Date”. The Artist Date is one of two basic tools
in the book, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. The other tool is morning pages, which I’ve already shared about on my channel multiple times. In a nutshell, the Artist Date is a weekly
solo date to explore something that interests you, spending quality time with yourself to nurture
and fill your creative soul. I’d like to thank Canon for sponsoring this
video and for creating amazing products that allow us to be creative, express ourselves,
and share our gifts with the world. I honestly wouldn’t be here without them. For my Artist Date today, I decided to explore my new neighborhood and capture whatever inspires me. I just parked on a random street and started
roaming around freely. I brought my new Canon EOS M100, which is
great for travel because it’s so portable and lightweight. The EOS M100 is a mirrorless camera that takes
beautiful images thanks to its fast autofocus, an advanced image sensor, and an intuitive
interface. It also has the tilt-type LCD screen that
rotates 180 degrees, perfect for vlogging and selfies. There’s also a fun feature called “Creative Assist”, which allows you to customize
the look and feel of your shots. Check out the link in the description below to learn more about the Canon EOS M100. The author, Julia Cameron, describes the Artist Date
like this: “Artist Dates fire up the imagination. They spark whimsy. They encourage play. Since art is about the play of ideas, they
feed our creative work by replenishing our inner well of images and inspiration. When choosing an Artist Date, it’s good to
ask yourself: ‘What sounds fun?’ and then allow yourself to try it.” After exploring the city, I went to a nearby
garden to relax with nature. I find myself inspired by plants and flowers lately, and it was all I felt like capturing today. It was also really fun to test out the camera
in this setting because, to be honest, I felt more at peace here because there were
less people around, less eyes judging me while I film. So I felt like I could take my time here and
just be more creative. Finally, I found a cute, quiet spot to sit
down and journal. I love journaling anywhere, at parks, on the
beach, in airports, anywhere where I’m alone, basically. It’s just so nice to sit down and share my
thoughts of the moment. To just be present and document that feeling
of peace. I also took this time to review my 2018 goals
in my Artist of Life Workbook, just reminding myself of everything I wanted
to create with my life this year. I also took time to check out my bucket list
and cross off anything that I’ve done so far. And of course, I wanted to document this moment
on this cute bench with a selfie. I love that I could send photos from my camera
to my phone via wifi. This feature is a must for me. I use it all the time. I hope you’ll take this as a sign to start
giving back to yourself. Carve out that one to two hours a week to
take yourself out on an Artist Date and nurture your creative soul. Do something for yourself, just for fun. Let yourself play. Now, I’m curious: What would you do for your
Artist Date? Share in the comments below because I’d love
to hear your ideas. Make sure you subscribe for more videos like this. Love you all so much,
and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Self Care for Creatives: Artist Dates 🌻

  1. jayzel Syd says:

    I like going to museums and go watch movies by myself 🙂 i love your new neighborhood, there are so many awesome cafes over there 😉

  2. Carrie Spracklen says:

    I love this idea and will definitely try it!!

  3. Jenna Grams says:

    This was so helpful for me. I really needed this sign to take time for myself. I think tomorrow if they weather permits I'll go to my local park. Thank you so much!


    Amazing <3

  5. Terese Maple says:

    Beautiful message❤️❤️❤️

  6. Munira Hoosain says:

    I love my M10. It's such a great beginner camera!

  7. Cess Kin says:

    So inspiering, thank you ❤

  8. paris says:

    beautiful video! also, i neeeed to know where you got those shoes!

  9. Farzana Hossain says:

    I just love u Aileen… Thank u soo much..!!! 😘😘😘

  10. silverfox says:

    I know it's a sponsored video, but still I would've liked to hear and learn more about the artist date and less about the camera :/

  11. Josephine Lu says:


  12. Ana F says:

    Love love looooove this video
    Keep going Aileen ( sorry if I wrote your name wrong)

  13. Bettina K. says:

    This is a beautiful video!

  14. Arielle Dalia says:

    I love this video, it's beautiful! Also for my artist date, I think I'd check out one of the botanical gardens in the city (I live just outside NYC)

  15. onepandella P. says:

    I think my dream artist date would be to go somewhere like a chill cafe or park or street and draw what I see

  16. Camyll Fortin says:

    I love to go to a museum and sit somewhere I can draw those beautiful sculptures. Btw I love you videos, they always make me feel so much better ❤

  17. fawnsoftly says:

    Alright, I'm sold, I'm buying this perfect camera.

  18. theneighbordowntheblock says:

    Wait, you don't have 1M subscribers??
    Hold up, gotta link your vids to my friends.

  19. emma La says:

    An artist date seems like a really good idea. I’m very interest in the canon eos m100 and id love to hear your review on it. If you don’t mind could you do a camera review??

  20. uwu uwu says:

    Thank you so much. Way to start my morning. Sending so much love and positivity 🌻❤️

  21. InfiniteBe says:

    I freaking LOVE this. Can't wait to see more!

  22. Adrienne Shih says:

    Pasadena! 🙂

  23. Amalia P says:

    We love you back! 🙂

  24. 012Along says:

    I would try a new cafe & bring a book or magazine to read while I'm there 🙂

  25. OlaCym90 says:

    My artist day is the moment in the morning when I take my cup of coffee, look through the window and start thinking about beautiful moments of my life.. then I take a walk in a park nearby just to refresh, get inspired 🙂 I live in Belgium so now it's not so sunny but rain also brings a lot of inspirations! x

  26. Valerie Maldonado says:

    I would visit vintage book shops, antique stores and take pictures of trees. Love this video. Thank you as always.

  27. Crystle Rose says:

    For my artist date, I'd probably go to my library, or stay home with a good book. Books rock my world. There's a lot of snow here right now, so we're lacking in color. Snow is pretty, but I'm bored by it right now. Maybe I'll challenge myself to find beauty in it again?

  28. //sara// says:

    Now THIS is how you do sponsorship videos. Loved it, I always adore how calm and peaceful your videos are!!

  29. Mr Unicorn says:


  30. Terézia Molnárová says:

    I love this kind of videos. i dont have internet in my room so i am kinda sad i cant listen to videos like this while creating art, but i think, we need to go trough the more bad times to have the best ones. and the date, we will move to a nice place near a river, so i think i will go there and just draw and write and enjoy life. and untill we dont move, if its going to be finally warmer here, i am going to go skating and, yeah! thank you for this video its so inspirating! <3

  31. Siorikira says:

    It helps when there's at least one pretty place around…not the all year grey and dusty town. But till, it nice to watch your video, so much.cant help it, so envious. No wish for doing an artist date here even..

  32. shavelx says:

    Lavendaire am thinking about buying my first camera to take photos for my website so is the canon eos m100 a great camera for that?

  33. shavelx says:

    I love your journal,where did you brought it?

  34. M 0 says:

    I love this so mucccch😥

  35. Arguinmera says:

    This is such a great idea! I’d try it but it’s winter right now and I live in a small town so there’s not much to go to.

  36. Megan Bennett says:

    One thing I did recently was hold my own personal writers retreat and I really want to that again. I took a bus to a near by city and spent the weekend there. Disconnected and only writing. Best weekend ever 🙂

  37. ChVP * says:

    So beautiful as always,thank you!!💕✨🌱🌸🌿🌾

  38. likhitha p says:

    Your videos are so beautiful and peaceful to watch it feels like meditating! Just love them👍

  39. Carisse says:

    For an artist date, I would go to a library or a bookstore. Flip a page of every book I find interesting. ♥️

  40. Nefertiti Montoya says:

    How you do get those shots of you so in focus with such a low aperture????

  41. Jean Wang says:

    omg you live by that 85 <3 i loveeeee

  42. Moqa says:

    This video was so peaceful and calming. I love how you seem to be able to balance art and business so well in your career! ❤️

  43. Marie Racé says:

    Tes vidéos sont magnifiques et de grandes sources d'inspiration. Tu me rappelle parfois Michelle Phan avec ta douceur et ta beauté! Merci beaucoup ❤

  44. theneighbordowntheblock says:

    your content is amazing 💕

  45. Lexi Schaad says:

    What type of phone do you have?!?!??!? I REALLY like it :)♡

  46. TheDrbarnaba says:

    Please do a series on Trello. I have to switch from Wunderlist as well. Can you recommend todoist or other "organising" apps BTW?

  47. ANSHIKA JAIN says:

    Recently subbed…. Its wonderful how you give time to reading the comments and to reply to them. I felt greatly inspired. I would like to sit on my terrace between all my plants and stare at the sky for an artist date. 🙂

  48. Ellie Naomi says:

    I would go to a cafe and write lyrics or take a nice walk in a park to gather ideas.

  49. Tom Siodlak says:

    I have the same camera 📷 do you color grade these vlogs using a LUT? ✨

  50. Anneli Wahlstedt says:

    Lovely video! Thank You for sharing! 🙏🏻 Such great environments and the message about taking creative fun time is very important. I have integrated me-time everyday on my way to work. I write, I take photos and I listen to music. Instead of just time to transport I make it meaningful, joyful and creative! And I love it ❤️

  51. Tia Keyaira says:

    Could you do more videos about creating Lavendaire, and how someone who wants to do something similar can start

  52. Claire Holdich says:

    Another great video, Aileen. I'm a musician so my artist dates include going to gigs and concerts, also spending time in nature for inspiration and listening to lots of new music. Thanks for the great content 😃🙏

  53. Sanjeewa Wickramasooriya says:

    Very creative and qualitative work…hit if you agree…😋😋😋😋😋

  54. Naomi Carter says:

    In summer, I spent a day and travelled up to the V and A in London, where I simply wandered around the museum, taking photos but with no clear purpose. It was lovely!

  55. Elise Quintana says:

    I would go listen to live music, go to a museum, or go on a walk or hike. I'm going to start doing this. Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring, and informative video as always, Aileen!

  56. juliana Diana says:

    hi Aileen you're beautiful as usual ! am 30 year Old do you think that it fit me to wear a bag like yours? i like it! hugs

  57. Lauren Hales says:

    I discovered your channel today and every single video is so aesthetically pleasing! So lovely.

  58. ivonehime says:

    I like your tee/ blouse and your skirt, where did you get them?

  59. Gehad Gogo says:

    I know you are inspiring and saying solutions what should i do i do not have money i do not have a work i did not buy a new boot scince two years i did not buy a new winter clothes i just wear the old one and thank god that i have old one ❤ i do not have money to take course or buy new clothes or shoes or bages i don't know what should i do i am trying to learn new things through internet trying not to lose hope but i am fall down so many times what will you advice me and wish me to find a new job to make things better please

  60. Fatma Alsarraf says:

    Morning coffee front of the beach ❤️

  61. Bre Wignall says:

    If i took myself on an artist date, i think I would go to a coffee shop with my laptop and try to write something, whether it be my current project or just letting myself play with something completely new. then maybe i'd go to a bookstore or library and browse through all the different stories there, and the people who've already achieved my dreams. then i'd probably have a walk in the park, and sit myself under a tree with a book. love your videos, and how creative you are! <3 xx

  62. AnnaCupofCoffee says:

    Artists dates are so lovely! I enjoy visiting the local coffee shops around my time and just immersing myself into each shops vibes. Another artist date I love is going to the local small theater and watching whatever they have in their “indie” list. A lot of them are films from Sundance and things like that and it’s always full of creativity and inspiration. I highly recommend doing it if you’re into film. 😊

  63. Let's Talk With Oana says:

    Your video is so relaxing! You are doing a great job! I wish I would be able to make such nice videos like yours (hopefully , with time …I'll get as good as you)

  64. Lola Gets says:

    Thats nice… love it. Im connected on you keep in touch thank you..

  65. Dwiki Dimitra Liani says:

    Look boring

  66. Jessica Blomqvist says:

    Hello! I like your videos so much! Thank you!

  67. Keana Garnett says:

    Love love love…you inspire me so much

  68. KatTV says:

    I love the quiet of museums and art galleries for solo dates. And libraries. Just something about rows and rows of books that I love getting lost in 😍

  69. Dasar G says:

    i didnt know about that camera m 100 and it seems sooooo cool!!!!! 😀

  70. PowerInYourCurl says:

    Amazing video Aileen. I will go on an artist self care date to a cozy tea shop or bookstore this month.

  71. Glaiza Binayas - Bullet Journal says:

    I love going somewhere where I haven't been yet, alone or with just one friend. I wish we have more trees and plants here in our city though.

  72. Aesthetic sky says:

    I love all your videos, they are so motivational. I love your style. Thanks for this video. Love you sis

  73. Belle Kingsbury says:

    I get so caught up in life I forget to take time out to just let my creativity flow freely sometimes but I like the idea of an artist dates, it encourages you to keep getting better at whatever it is you want to learn

  74. skylience. says:

    Thanks to you I've started to plan my artist date and connect it with general self-care date for Valentine's Day to give my spirit as well as body huge amount of love from inside ♡ I just can't wait for 14th February!
    Also i'm so happy about your partnership with Canon 😊 I love this brand so much ♡ Recently I have hard time deciding for camera for me to start with and after watching this video I'm pretty sure that Canon EOS M100 will be perfect choice ♡

  75. Laine Būmeistere says:

    This is so inspiring, thank you! 🙂 Now I know what can I do on Sunday – take myself out for an artist's date!

  76. 지 ~ 智 says:

    for an artist date I would go to my favorite bobba tea shop and take a different beverage to try something new. I'll go to a park near the shop and I'll go read a book or journal my thoughts. Also I would take the time to enjoy what's going on around me by people watching, then I would look up to nature and the sky to appreciate the beauty of life

  77. Mayah N says:

    So in love with this video, your content & your way of life/message to the world !!

  78. littlerose345 says:

    I love this video, and keep coming back to it! I have to watch your videos everyday, (I'm also a new subscriber,) so that I can start off the day inspired, and with a positive mind! Thank you so much! 🙂

  79. Naliflower says:

    Your sneakers are cute!

  80. Sanjukta Das says:

    Hey lovely video. I wanted to know what kind of music you are using for the background. They are so amazingly soothing to ears and go with the flow.. Thank you in advance ..

  81. annemari arendi says:

    I love your videos! You are always so positive and you always make me smile!😘🌻✨

  82. Fred Gingras says:

    Once a week? Hell, every day!

  83. Keny Betancourt says:

    Thank you, this inspired me so much

  84. Diana Piñeiro says:

    you really inspire me! thanks! Greetings from Venezuela

  85. Izzy y says:

    What I love to do on my artist date is go to a nearby town and spend an afternoon there. I go to different coffee shops just to sketch, read, write, and of course order food or something to sip on. Then I walk down the street to a local thrift shop to pick out some really neat pieces. Afterwords I go to this little nature trail by this river and take really neat pictures along while enjoying my time out in nature. These days honestly so refreshing.

  86. Twin flame Channelings. says:

    Beautiful…will definitely try..thanks for sharing…😊🌟❤️😘

  87. ciel222 says:


  88. amy zee says:

    Love this video n idea … i go for long drive alone to get inspired by the nature , ppl or situations .

  89. María Camila says:

    This is nice (I suppose this wasn’t your actual date, since you were being taped and you had to show what you do to us, but I will believe that this is a representation of something you really recommend). However, it’s frustrating for me to see things like this now that I’m back home, because I would never be able to be so relaxed on the streets, like this. Oh, and taking out my devices is out of the question. This artist date outside is really not an option for those of us who live in not-so-safe countries.

  90. Proud Muslim & Pakistani says:


  91. Jas says:

    I love your skirt. Been looking for something like that but I cant seem to find one 😭

  92. Tatiana Silina says:

    I love this video. I have watched a number of times already. It's just so soothing and beautifully made.

  93. Berenice Betancourt says:

    I´d include some reading time, and observe, imagine…a story in every aspect of the place. Then go to write!

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    Going on a picknick.

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    great collab and loved the value in this video! thanks for sharing!

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    I don't know why, but I felt peace with this video. Tomorrow I will have an exam and this made me so calm that I even forgot about how nervous I was. Now I just want to go outside, take pics and enjoy the world.

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    This is my favourite video!

  98. Happy To Craft says:

    First time saw your video today, inspired! 😃 I do charms with resin and you can see more on Instagram at happy2craft. 😄Enjoy creating stuffs with my hands. Enjoy making personalized and custom charms children at children's home (orphanage) seeing their happy faces is my motto. Happy2craft 💕

  99. Juliette T Lin says:

    Love this video! I just started reading The Artist's Way for the second time and I'm excited to continue my artist's dates and document them like this 🙂 I feel like going out and filming in and of itself could be considered an artist's date as well!

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    My favorite vedeo❤️

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