Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: Common Sense Test | Ft. Arushi & Kanishk | Ok Tested

Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: Common Sense Test | Ft. Arushi & Kanishk | Ok Tested

For the first time
A TAG-TEAM QUIZ. As soon as the question finishes,
our timer will start, yes? Oh f**k, 20 seconds to answer each question. Welcome, we’re the Science Bros right here.
Class 11A, Commerce.
Commerce, me too. We’re representing ARTS!
Commerce and arts I don’t think have a problem. Commerce and Arts are like those kids
who can… get together well. The kid with attitude has Science.It’s true that the Science kids don’t gel well
with the Commerce and Art kids. But that’s because WE’RE F**KED UP
ALL OVER STUDYING! WE GOTTA STUDY SO MUCH. Today we’ll know which stream gets people where. Who took Science, huh? We’re proof that we didn’t do anything related to science.
We’re right here. Yeah. Exactly. So if you’re gonna get into Arts,
then choose Arts to begin with. You took the longer route, dumbf**k. I mean… Science students know that we’re not
going to get anywhere. Let others get somewhere. Let them win because we don’t even
have the pressure to win. No pressure. WE SWITCH ON THE LIGHT! We switch on the lights first. YES! YES! YESSS! You’d light the match first. Match first. MATCHSTICK! MATCHSTICK!
We study the mind, yes. Matchstick! Matchstick! Matchstick F**K! THERE’S A LOT OF PRESSURE! F**K! He said ‘Switch lights,’ and I was like “that’s right.” Nice question. This is good. Actually, I’ll ask this
question around in a party. All 12 have 28 days. ALL! ALL! ALL! So what’s wrong, science students? All. Oh, f**k. You’re a genius. Commerce, Science, Arts…all of them will answers this. This one comes in my family group.
So the difficulty level will go up now?
Okay, we’re ready. We have to think now, Josh. Is it…for a… Oh f**k. Bro… He does not have a widow because if he has a widow, then that means that the man is dead. No, no, no cuz he’s dead. Cuz it’s her widow, right? OH YEAH! No because if it’s his widow,
that means he’s dead, right? How could he have a widow? A man cannot marry his widow’s sister
because he’s dead. How’d you think so fast, dude? Dude, widow is the word. Why you guys weren’t writing down
the timings? Write down the timings, no? We did it in
11 seconds. Was anyone faster than us? We were faster than that, dude! No, no! Don’t time it up. Whenever I do anything with Akshay, he wins. Today, I’m going to win too.WE’RE WINNING THIS TIME! I just want to say that this quiz
is heavy on all of us. There’s so much pressure that all of us
should be sent on holidays. As long as the forest is. What does that mean? That doesn’t make sense.
How far can a dog run into the forest? No! He cannot run bro. Four-rest, so all his legs are on rest.
Shush, no! It’s definitely not that. There must be some hook to it
which we can’t catch. This is a very incomplete question. Parents tell you to choose
Science and Commerce. He doesn’t want to do it.
He wants to have chicken. He wants to fly high.
He doesn’t want to run, Naina. If he went into the forest, then he did. So what’s the answer? How far can a dog run into the forest? Zero. Only in the beginning. He probably wills to do it, bro. Yeah! Let him be, pal.
The dog can run halfway into the forest.
After that, he’s running out of it. Okay, next question. Do you want to say something? I want to just cry. We have 3 out of 4 correct. But bro, the first three are correct
in KBC as well. The INR 1,000 ones. If we’d known the dog,
then we’d know. Let us meet that dog man.
How much he can run, let us know as well. Do we just watch dogs running
around all day? What is this? The height-related details are a distraction He weighs chicken or mutton. The meat in the shop. He weighs meat. Oh yeah! He weighs the finances of the thing
because he is the clerk. The commerce ones thought that
the clerks can only make balance sheets. There are more things to do, man. Why are you so fast? What? Are you the dog? Into the forest? Are you running into the forest? I’m also running into the forest. What does he weigh?
He weighs nothing, no? The clerk will count the money, and the
butcher will weigh things. So he weighs nothing. Hmm. The commerce dudes are tripping you. Yeah, I know. Let’s just stick to it. Yeah. How will a clerk weigh meat? How? He can be a store clerk, right?
It’s his job. It doesn’t have stairs cuz’ she lives
in a one-story house. C’mon man, yes. That’s what I’m saying.
If it’s a one-story house, then
what would the lady do upstairs? That’s why she didn’t get the stairs made. If it’s a one-story apartment then
it doesn’t have the stairs made. Commerce forever, bro.
Killing it. Best quiz. Science kids know how to take the stress. It’s a motivation. The stress
is just channeled into the thing. The stress is pumping us up. TRICK…QUESTION…BITCHES! My mind’s open now. I don’t have to do anything. Akshay
knows everything. Wait a moment. We win when we
hold hands. This is the last question and
I’m just banging heavily. But it’s not going off in my heart. Last question. Come on, Akshay, come on.
You can do it. You gotta do it. Last question. The answer is too easy,
so I think that… Uncle, Sheep and seven…
that’s all I’ve heard. Seven sheep, because all but seven sheep. All die, but seven are left.
It’s a stupid question. Akshay has been right throughout the whole quiz.
I’ll go with Akshay. We don’t care about victory.
We’re very humble. People will have a different respect for commerce
after watching this video. They’ll have a distinct respect. Wow. This is how intelligent the commerce
students are. We put the ‘Art’ in ‘Smart.’
Smart might have ‘Art’ in it, but the S & M
are Science and Maths.
Yeah, we have fun! First tag-team quiz, and I can’t
tell you how much fun we had! We want to meet that dog who’s running in the forest.
Yeah, that bugger. He caused us to make a mistake. This dog is the reason
we tied, right? Yeah, our production team realised this… in a day that Science and Arts, both had a tie. But we aren’t happy with the tie because
we know that we are the undisputed champions. Now we have to do a tie-breaker. Exactly. If you guys feel the same way,
don’t forget to comment below. Write ‘Halla’ in the comments. If you guys chose Science but now do
things related to Arts, please LIKE this video. COMMENT down below because we really want a
tie-breaker and so do you. All you Science kids,
don’t forget to SHARE and represent! Also ask where did the Commerce students go. Oh they went to SUBSCRIBE, probably. You mean…late commerce? Late comers.With whatever subject, if you’re doing what you wanna,

Dereck Turner

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