School of Culinary Arts

School of Culinary Arts

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Length : 0:02:53 Speakers : Gail Simmons, Richard Simpson,
Daniel Boulud, Sabrina Sexton, Andrew Gold, Linda Simon, Cindi Avila, Miguel Trinidad,
Kelly Senyei, Michael Anthony, Marc Murphy Special Comment: [0:00:00]
[Audio Starts] Gail Simmons: I think going to a culinary
school and working in kitchens, learning what it means to really be a chef and to be a cook
is invaluable experience. – I can’t stress that enough. ICE has an award-winning culinary
training program, which is only six to 12 months. It has launched more than 10,000 careers
just like mine. James Briscione: Now I think that plate looks
really great, very nice. Richard Simpson: The Culinary Arts program
is the foundation of everything that we built here at ICE.
The curriculum’s 13 courses include fundamental skills, introduction to meat, fish and poultry,
soups and sauces, dry-heat cooking, moist-heat cooking, breakfast, brunch and lunch, international
cuisines of France, Italy and Asia, pastry and baking, modern culinary masters and hors
d’oeuvres, charcouterie and buffets. Daniel Boulud: What I like about ICE cooking
school is the boutique size of the school which I think is very important because the
classes are never too big. The teachers, of course, have very high knowledge and we have
had wonderful results with the selection of the student. I think it’s a big plus for ICE
— the location. I mean they’re in the heart of New York City.
Sabrina Sexton: Here at ICE, I love that we offer small, attentive, hands-on classes,
never more than 16 students and I’m able to give each students lots of individual attention.
Andrew Gold: The student experience extends outside the kitchens through guest lectures,
networking opportunities and volunteer opportunities by the hundreds.
Linda Simon: The externship is an opportunity for ICE students to get practical experience
in the industry as part of the training program. When they complete their training in school,
they then go and work and it really gives students a leg up and an opportunity to get
hired out of the externship. Cindi Avila: One of the great things about
ICE is it prepares you for so many different careers: from working in a restaurant, to
being a caterer, to working in food media, to owning your own restaurant or even research
and development. The possibilities are endless. Miguel Trinidad: The key points about the
program were not only the instructors but the freshness of produce and ingredients,
the quality of the meats, technique, equipment. It was a well-rounded program. We were in
a space where you had everything that you needed in order to accomplish your goal. I
chose ICE because it was already established, and I wanted to be part of it.
Kelly Senyei: ICE is the best place to take your passion for food and cooking and turn
it into a career. Graduating from ICE has really given me credibility as a food journalist.
Michael Anthony: ICE students are such good employees because they come into a restaurant
prepared. We have a number of our key staff members who have graduated from the school.
So we see a great continuity over the years, that in my opinion is only getting better
and better. Marc Murphy: I own four restaurants and a
catering company. ICE really helped me realize my dreams.
Gail Simmons: Come to ICE and find your culinary voice just like I did. [0:02:53]
[Audio Ends]

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