School Lockdown Stories 2 Animated

School Lockdown Stories 2 Animated

I’m 22 years old fresh out of college And I recently got a job at my old high school as a sort of… computer intern in the school basement.. The basement of the school is very messy and disorganized, But there is a small three-person office. That’s actually very nice down there It has three nice big desks, two mini fridges, a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall and also Satisfying air conditioning- a luxury the students and teachers cannot enjoy in the school- -and of course all the school servers and other computery stuff I got the job because three of my old computer teachers flat-out adored me- I could actually consider them as real friends Not just teacher figures, so they all helped tremendously in landing me this job It’s been great- until something that happened a few weeks ago My two co-workers that share the office with me, Dave and Gary, weren’t in the office at the time They were upstairs working on papers or whatever I was eating my sandwich during my lunch break when I got a phone call from one of the women in the front office Telling me the school was on lockdown and that somebody possibly armed had entered the school There wasn’t much that I could do other than turn off the lights because Surprisingly as nice as this little office was it didn’t have an actual door to it Just a big opening and the door to the whole basement didn’t even have a working lock! for my own safety I did turn off all the lights in the office and my computer screen I kept my phone on the desk texting both Gary and Dave, but they wouldn’t respond I sat down there in the dark playing games on my phone for like 20 minutes Waiting for the call from up front to tell me to resume working. I had no idea what was happening I couldn’t hear what was going on upstairs from down here But I was not allowed to make any calls until I was informed that the lockdown was over Then, the noisy basement door opens As the creaking echoed across the basement and into my office I sat up for my seat wondering if I should call out Gary or Dave. I was eager to get some info from them Someone then came running down the stairs and their footsteps were approaching my office. I pushed away my chair and crawled under my desk Somebody entered the office, but did not turn on the lights There was just..silence I can’t even describe the fear I was experiencing- I felt like if I made one sudden noise I’d be a dead man Suddenly my phone dinged as I got a text message (DING) I felt my entire world shrivel up and die at that one moment as I clenched my teeth in fear Footsteps suddenly moved closer to me until I finally dove out from under the desk in capitulation, begging whoever it was not to kill me And just then someone grabbed my arm and pulled me up It was some guy in a red plaid button-up jeans and a reddish black cap He told me, “It’s okay. I’m just down here hiding with you.” “What’s going on up there?” I whispered to him He kind of ignored my question and asked me if “There’s an exit down here.” I told him yeah around that way Before he could do anything else. I asked him “…who are you?” There was a brief moment of silence before he started explaining He was coming in to pick up his son when a teacher told him to hide After his explanation I checked my phone and saw the text. I received was from Dave It said “Dude. This is fucking crazy some guy with a gun shot Mr. Buckley. He’s wearing a red shirt and a hat whatever you do don’t come upstairs..” I was about to reread that text out loud to the man Until I realized I looked up and felt my stomach sink The man seemed to catch on to my suspicious stare Panicking all I could think to do was to run for the upstairs A gunshot echoed through the basement and I could hear the bullet ricochet off something metal in the darkness (PEW PEW) But thank God that bullet missed me and I made it upstairs Fortunately, police were waiting at all exits including the basement exit and caught the man the second he opened the door More good news our teacher Mr. Buckley survived the gunshot It was later determined that the man and Mr. Buckley had some beef for whatever reason, but that was never revealed all we know is that Mr. Buckley couldn’t have done anything that would have warranted this kind of reaction And I know that the sound of that gunshot will forever echo in my mind.

Dereck Turner

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  2. Selena Turnipseed says:

    Ok this dude was in scary vacation 3.He has had luck tho

  3. Superjoltgamer 17 says:

    0:17 look at the third bottom shelf and youโ€™ll see uganda knuckles.

    Like if you saw him

  4. Superjoltgamer 17 says:

    I have a scary story

    No wifi for 4 years

  5. Dat Gurl Rich says:

    Is it just me,

    Or Does every Scary story that has a Teacher in it,
    Always the same boi? XD

  6. Jenny ally says:

    Dude Turn your phone off..are u stupid

  7. Kamsi Mgbojirikwe says:

    Man, if that was me, I would go ryu all up on his ass boi. He be crying home to his mommy after that hard ass whoopin I gave him

  8. ๊น€ํ™์ „ says:

    Did you notice there is ugandan knuckles in the storage room

  9. rusty shakelferg says:

    Will forever echo in my heart

  10. Prerna Khurana says:

    Can you do Omelto snake bite horror story please ๐Ÿ™

  11. Water Boy says:

    I hate those movies or videos that like something scary is happening and u sneeze like bruh u gonna die today so get out

  12. curios george says:

    Wait this was posted 8 days before the parkland shooting #NEVERAGIAN

  13. My_brudaa says:

    Who else saw the red wakandan wa du heck bear at 0:17

  14. Gacha girl 666 says:


  15. Givemethatmemekit says:

    White kid with a double barrel comes in

    Pumped up kicks you better run better run out run my gun

  16. acha faze says:

    Who got beef with me?

  17. midoriya the nerd says:

    why wouldn't he hide under his desk

  18. Jackson Conley says:

    2:52 thatโ€™s what you got from texting at Lockdown

  19. Jackson Conley says:

    4:58 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kermit says:

    He could exit trough the exit doors down there

  21. soulhunter says:

    How to survive that

    Be the camera man

  22. Devin Morales says:

    Anybody else think the guyโ€™s friend, Mr. Buckley, look a lot like Ned Flanders?

  23. AncientPharo Yt says:

    2:09 Uganda knuckles

  24. Warrior Cats Tigerclaw and Shawdowstar says:

    My scary story

    3am sees person at one of my trees staring at my house.

    Also last night me my cousin and our friend were outside by her barn at 10 pm and heard a bang sound in it

  25. That one Kid says:

    This is the safe room |
    It has metal doors, 10 years worth of food, no windows, 10000 gallons of water, gun proof vests and 3000 bullets for guns/guns and everything you need

    All you need to do is like all my videos and subscribe to me Iโ€™ll do the same reply when done

  26. saysmau says:

    I could literally watch these all day every day

  27. Burger chan says:

    This is scary

  28. ShowOutBoyZ Ju says:


  29. Pavly Wingit says:

    If I was in that situation, I would tell him โ€œhey dude, so I was playing on phone and didnโ€™t manage to pass this level of candy crush, do you mind doing it for me?โ€ Then Iโ€™d give him a a drink and a chocolate bar to make him feel better.

  30. Crazed Flirt says:

    0:18 do u kno da wae

  31. Joshua Neil says:

    At 2:09 Ugandan knuckles or is it suckles

  32. ะŸะตั‚ะบะพ says:

    0:21 did someone see uganda knuckles ? xDDDD

  33. babyRudy cedillo says:

    Is it just me or I saw some things when the video begins

  34. Jayden Jeab EDGERLY says:


  35. Leeza Subedi says:

    I liked the intro by the way ( and the whole video ..but itโ€™s scary)

  36. Billy Bob says:

    Did anyone else see that meme

  37. Ocean Girl25 says:

    me and my friends in this situation
    Me: guys stay quiet..
    Friend 1: burps
    Friend 2: sneezes
    Friend 3: coughs
    Friend 4: farts
    Friend 5: starts making Tik toks

  38. FiveLives Gaming & Fun says:

    Guy:playing games

  39. RealToxicWarfare says:

    did any one say that uganded kunckles

  40. Rahad says:

    0:20 who else saw the ugandan knuckles between some boxes?

  41. Pp Supreme says:

    U can see Uganden knuckles behind the boxes at 0:20

  42. Levi and Chloe Vlog says:

    Mr.Buckley in the school tripโค๏ธ

  43. Pixel Gamer says:

    He should have kept his phone on silent

  44. Galaxy Is Chillin says:

    It seems
    I almost killed
    a school shooter
    i punched him in the nuts and shoved his gun in his mouth- they stopped me tho.
    he looked just like the shooter in this video!

  45. Galaxy Is Chillin says:

    I was playing games on my phone-
    phone is full on white
    "ThAtS a NiCe GaMe! WhAtS iT cAlLeD?"

  46. lil_coxrk_WoCkjayfaerat says:

    Omg thats Billy Bounce

    Lol 3:19

  47. Mr Noobs says:

    My school had a lockdown I remember the exact words.
    โ€œThis is a lockdown this is not a drillโ€
    โ€œ30 minutes laterโ€
    โ€œLockdown drill is liftedโ€
    So it was a lockdown drill? I donโ€™t understand.

  48. FlamSelk says:

    0:17 Ugandan knuckles in the middle bottom shelf

  49. A Mistery says:

    I saw the nuckles

  50. James Wedlock says:

    i heard this same thing on the mr nightmare channel

  51. Top10 complications says:

    Best channel ever!!!!!

  52. snippet nigga says:


  53. Addyson Bragg says:

    0:21 and pause look at the shelving you ll know when u see it

  54. Winter Knight says:

    When I was in school, I never tried to hide passively. I was one of those guys that picked up the heaviest textbook in the room moved over to the side of the door where the intruder could not see me and wait for that mother trucker to break his way into the room just so I could teach him that words do hurt. In the form of smashing his head in with a text book over and over again until he fell unconsicous or was severely wounded enough not to be considered a threat.

  55. Slogle BG says:


  56. Lachlan Mealing says:

    0:16 is no one going to point out the Ugandan knuckles on the shelf

  57. Lil Lexi says:

    did anyone else see the hidden knuckles?

  58. Nasra Mohamud says:

    Who would be a dumb playing when there's a gun right in your building

  59. Austin Masoni says:

    Shouldn't the teachers and janitors be searching the school for the shooter instead of hiding

  60. Tucker Lomelinio says:

    I see nucklea

  61. Tucker Lomelinio says:

    No not Ugandan knuckles

  62. ImNutsIKnow says:

    Who else was looking for a story to tell to your friends
    Like me?

  63. Lilli C says:

    I have a scary story

    Itโ€™s 2 weeks until school starts ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


  64. Blue Soul says:

    Why there was a do you know the wae character

  65. Alfiebettispaghettios says:

    0:20 in the shelves a "DO YOU KNOW DE WAE is hiding in it's natural habitat, playing VRChat.

  66. Jake Nowell says:


  67. viki kivi says:

    I have a scary story

  68. Satisfying Central says:

    Me: what is the first part that reminds me of something
    Also me: wait, Five Nights at Freddyโ€™s

  69. Southpawthekid TV says:

    Always carry yโ€™all

  70. Gonzalez Lepe says:

    Uganda knuckles has entered the chat

  71. ML Gaming says:


  72. Arias Family says:

    hahaahahah i saw uganda knukles

  73. JWS CNKY says:

    the gun man is idiot LOL hahahah, he wait the man run before he shot the gun hahhaha, but thank god the mas was savee from that moment

  74. xBluefirex1 says:

    And I am currently watching all your videos. lol

  75. FEAR Flamez says:

    Itโ€™s ok itโ€™s safe here we have: ๐Ÿช๐Ÿญ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿฌ

  76. ChiefGwopp100 says:

    I See NO Comment Saying That The Narrator Is Mr. Nightmare, You Idiots


    Oh hey someone came into the school and he is gonna murder everyone but it's OK I'll just play games then

  78. Brandon Adam says:

    Wait…if the room has an A/C but no door, then how the hell is the room supposed to get any colder? Lmao

  79. Alex Vechiu says:

    0:16 knucles in the boxes

  80. OMGGaming 1st says:


  81. Corynn Held says:

    That guy looks like Jim Halpert

  82. Katrina Shaw says:

    ok good video kinda scary๐Ÿ˜“

  83. David Robinson says:

    Profanity included….

  84. Josh Conover says:

    0:24 nuckels in the middle of the rows bye the box

  85. Dong Gui says:

    legit didn't block up the entrance or exit out the door

  86. best roblox Splatt says:

    0:18 Can u see 'du u no da wi?'

  87. Conxzy says:

    school has a lockdown just play games on your phone youโ€™ll be safe

  88. Kitty Cat says:

    Hidden Easter egg Uganda knuckles 0:18

  89. Ahmed Saleh says:

    Why the fuck wasn't he's phone on silent

  90. Jacob Hamby says:

    Even in these scary vids, there's always some humor. i.e. Meme references

  91. Scott Stewart says:

    4:18 wow this guys has really bad aim.

  92. Michal Novotnรฝ says:

    Instead of playing games, he could just leave the school by the exit, he later showed him.

  93. Jaycob Walker says:

    When your girl grabs it

  94. Nanette Lariosa says:

    Did somebody noticed the uganda knucles at the basement

  95. Travis the Cancer Pill says:

    โ€œComputery stuffโ€

  96. Senzu says:

    Top comment is gay

  97. deanna woods says:

    Sadly, this school having to go on lockdown situation is becoming more and more common. It is sad that in this country that we call "free" that because a few people need weapons to feel important that our children are having to have bulletproof backpacks just to go to school. I understand that some people like having guns, but not everyone needs access to them.

  98. Alexander Montes says:

    In the first story did any body notice the ugonded knuckles you could see him when the guy walks in the basement

  99. PlusGamer 31 says:

    Llama Arts Make 3 creepy true Fire Drill Stories Animated

  100. Christopher Hubbard says:

    Wow i saw uganda knucels

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