Scanning Artwork Timelapse – This Will Take A While

Scanning Artwork Timelapse – This Will Take A While

Hello and good morning, once again, I have a lot of drawings after skin, I have hundreds upon hundreds of drawings and In this video I scanned maybe I Say 10% of them and it took me four hours So yeah, there’s there’s a lot of drawings quite a few and all of these drawings are the ones that done within the past year and I hadn’t always I did this most drawing. I mean that there’s this so many but i’m scanning all of them and then after i’m done scanning them, I upload them to different sites and the sites that I’m putting a mom or Available for you to buy them as Prince You can also buy them on products. You can buy them all on shirts. You can buy them on um coffee mugs and Blankets, there’s all kinds of products. I’ll be putting a link in the description of the video for The sites that I have long at the moment, I I don’t have all uploaded to the different sites yet But once I have all the different Sites that I’m going to be uploading them onto ready. I will be having an announcement of that But in this video, I’ll leave a link in the description below of what site I’ll be putting it on at the moment which would be society6 and RedBubble and This is gonna take a long time to get all of these uploaded onto there because After I scan it I then have to Crop the photo and then I have to take that Photo that is cropped and then I have to make any adjustments to it upload it to that site Make a description my title add the different tags And then for each product I have to adjust the artwork onto it so that it fits properly so if I upload it onto RedBubble, I Take that product then each of the different products that are on there Usually ranges between 20 to 40 products and every single one of them I have to adjust the image so that it it looks right so each each scan drawing takes me about 15 minutes to 20 minutes and there’s hunters and probably a couple thousand of Drawings I’ve done and I’ve got to edit every single one of those so it’s probably gonna take me Several months before they’re all uploaded but if you’re interested in buying any prints or buying any products with my artwork on it you can go ahead and just check out the links in the video and Take a look on there, but um right now I just woke up and I’m making myself some breakfast I had a pretty good sleep At 6:00 a.m. Right now Getting good start of my day And they’re gonna do a lot of drawings. I started streaming recently and I Just take after I’m done streaming. I just Saved his dream and then I edit that into my video editor at the time life. So Everybody has the opportunity To see live drawing in real time. And then there are those that don’t have time to watch a really long video you can watch the time lapse version of it, but Ya Been cleaning my rotating eyes of graphs the past two days and you get all the ink out of my 0.35 I Don’t have to clean that one that often because the larger nib think flows through a lot faster, but I do clean it I mean maybe once a month or something like that once every two months and the 0.25 I have always had problems with that I think and so was getting clogged up and Seventh 2.15 so it seems like anything lower than the 0.35 it gets clogged up and doesn’t want to work and I’ve had them setting in water now for about a day and then I have my reform refill graph which is similar to the rotary master graph, but it’s a different brand and I have that one soaking in water at the moment as well I’m gonna get them all cleaned up because I do have some Inks that I got the rotary ink and I’ve test that compared to the isomers ink which is a really cheap ink I bought a while back and It’s worked fine, so I don’t I don’t really think it’s the ink because the 0.35. I’ve never had a problem The Lions are really dark it flows really well I’ve had any problem with it rotating point three five, but the other two I have mainly the 0.25 Which is kind of strange considering that 2.18 is a smaller nib than 0.25 So you would think that if there’s a flow problem that it would be worse than the point 1 8 but it actually works better Really strange but um, yeah, um It went on those two. I finish soaking in the water I’m gonna finish cleaning them up and then I’m gonna try the RO Qing name for an inking them and see how that works. But yeah, I’m gonna couldn’t work on some drawings now at the moment after I get done eating breakfast and good start on my day, but pretty much the usual get off eat have breakfast drink my coffee and Just started my day and but I enjoyed I like drawing and I like seeing what I can create and I’m in drums I can make and Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and work on that so I Hope you have a good day. Keep on creating and whatever you do overall works out, but I’ve got a lot of toodles to work on and I’ll see you in the next video. Have a good day

Dereck Turner

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