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100 thoughts on “SABATON – The Art Of War (OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP)

  1. zdendaks cz says:

    the last stand album is your last tour????

  2. Flaxis ! says:

    new music new battle

  3. Jingle Jangle says:


  4. Heathen says:

    Fucking GOOSEBUMPS.
    No wonder I love you guys!
    Cheers from Bulgaria. We're waiting for you! 😀

  5. Scar The Martyr,Floor Jansen Sabaton Fan! says:

    Sabaton is the best!❤😉

  6. Julie Mariá says:

    Sabaton 😍💝😘

  7. Hellrider 7s says:

    amazing live performance

  8. Vinyl Distortion says:

    I cant wait to get the Tank Edition! Release the album already!!

  9. Milutin Batic says:

    You guys are awesome, much love from Serbia! =D

  10. Imperial Fistin says:

    I wish my kit had two Yamaha cannons in front.

  11. Unheimliche says:

    Thank you from Little New Zealand

  12. Military History Visualized says:

    This reminds me of a series I have planned…

  13. Dsptn Hugo says:

    Waiting for you in Belgium! 😀

  14. Jordan Lee says:

    I swear if I miss them again I'm drinking bleach

  15. Someone's Dog says:

    It's funny to see how the vocalist is trying to portray Bruce Dickenson on stage. The original choreography was difficult to come up with?

  16. Rufus1250 says:

    Where was this filmed?

  17. altair says:


  18. SignedWithBlood says:

    The Art of War is only eight years old but this already feels like nostalgia.

  19. WinterSoul says:

    This song is so much better live!

  20. Leohard18 says:

    Cant wait to see the 8th of October!!

  21. Spoopy Boi says:

    i can't wait for this album! the hype is real

  22. Аполлинария Мельникова says:

    I'll miss Thobbe

  23. Marin Simeonov says:

    why 3 dislikes? who could possibly not like this song and why?

  24. Riley The Flaming Wookie Cookie says:


  25. Oceanborn1975 says:

    Awesome as always

  26. Je Moeder says:

    Amazing song! See you in January, Sabaton!

  27. Laura Wessling says:

    nice song ^^ m/
    i'll miss thobbe :/

  28. frickzjee says:

    666th like, dont be jelous of me pls..


  29. Balaneoptera Musculus says:

    where was this live conzert?

  30. Яровая 2008 says:

    подсчёт русскоговорящих 1

  31. Metal Gear says:

    can't wait for the new album the hype is real

  32. oberstul says:

    Was this doctored in some way? Cuz it sounds too damn awesome! Like album quality!

  33. night7729 says:

    My tank addition is coming soon! I'm so excited! Also thank you for coming to Colorado! I'll be in line hours ahead of time if it means I get front row

  34. AJ Federowicz says:

    Fucking AveSome !

  35. Litzy HERNÁNDEZ says:

    Ahuevo! Viva Sabaton!!!!

  36. Jaqueline Bolm says:

    See you in January! That's sounds very good and the Jocke "performance" ist so fuckin' awesome

  37. Luiz Neto says:

    Yeah!! Majestic! Greetings from Brazilian fans!

  38. Igor Andrekonski says:

    Thobbe, don't leave Sabaton…

  39. Huehue Huehuehue says:

    See ya in march next year in Serbia, once again. Fml, Can't wait!

  40. The Drunken Coward says:

    This is such a good goddamn song.
    I've read Sun Tzu's Art of War and it's probably my favourite ancient philosophical literature.
    I'm studying it on the side and using it for the battles in the novel I'm working on.

  41. Rexywilly says:

    This is an awsome song. Its been a while since i listen to them

  42. Ruskasielu says:

    Is it just me or is joakim losing hair but gaining weight ? Cool version of the song though !

  43. Stevie Mac says:

    I got my 15 year old sister into these guys, and she loves them, and they're coming to Dublin on her birthday… she can fuck off, I'm going on my own 🙂

  44. Johannes Wichert says:


  45. daño k-olateral says:


  46. VeraceSzK says:

    Sabaton, God dammit, we just want Winged Hussars.

  47. Николай Булгаков says:


  48. Capitalism Wins says:

    Can't wait to see them when they come to Denver next month, it will be my second time. Only part that sucks is that both times they'll be a supporter and not the main.

  49. NaxxoZL15 says:

    Sun Tzu approves.

  50. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    This was real Sabaton, not "The lost Batallion" 🙁

  51. fedele straniere says:

    Sun Tzu Says…

  52. No Name says:

    dat vest is stronger than iron suit

  53. Sylvain Duret says:

    Sun Zu likes this 🙂

  54. AsdfSamurai says:

    Who can dislike this!?

  55. Kevin SABATON WW2 says:


  56. Maxime COREAU says:

    i was at this concerts and its was awesome at the stereolux in nantes

  57. Davidian says:

    Thobbe why ?

  58. Bill Jenkins says:

    Sabaton, please make a song about Lithuania, we have an amazing history!

  59. Lt. Ancenagon says:

    I'll see them live at August 19th…
    Fuck this 😀

  60. Michael Farmer says:

    I still hate that Thobbe left, he was so fun on stage 🙁

  61. Igor Pomeje says:

    Who dislikes it is piece of shit

  62. AbramsTank_GER says:

    It´s such a pity that thobbe will leave the band 🙁

  63. Ian Joseph Riñon says:

    28 thumbs-down? They might not have read the Sun Tzu book…

  64. Jmi Jmi says:

    Je découvre quelle claque !!!!

  65. GloriousChicken says:

    he gained weight

  66. David Rowe says:

    28 people know neither themselves or the enemy, and are destined to succumb in every battle.

  67. david rancier says:

    will this dvd play in the states

  68. Moros says:

    30 people are not aware that all warfare is based on deception

  69. Moros says:

    Sabaton made me buy The Art of War book by Sun Tzu. I am listening to this live version at the moment as a short pauze from reading it. Up the Sabs? Sabs till death?

  70. SwordsAreCool says:

    We will miss you Thobbe.

  71. Lutz Teppich says:

    pew they suck

  72. Dma112288 says:

    I think I have too many responsibilities for this type of music. Lol

  73. Dominique Becerril says:

    Great song, its the first time I hear this band and I like what I heard. Any kind fan that could recommend me 5 songs I should look up ?

  74. Antonio Aparecido says:

    guys don t forget ! drink drunk kaipiruska in brazil ! amazing ! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  75. Your Neighborhood Youtube Commenter says:


  76. Beer Monkey says:

    War hymn!

  77. Papflappie says:

    38 people don't know that supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting

  78. Arthur G says:

    Fuckin' love this shit! haha

  79. Fahmi Yusril says:

    I've been playing (pirated) Europa Universalis 4 for 2 day, i love the music especially this. Great music, sorry paradox for playing pirated version of your game. I have no money to bought it. I only have a respect.

  80. yesnoyes says:

    For a while there,I thought they were heiling

  81. Arctic ssr says:

    lets see some hands in the air!!!

  82. Aniket Ghorpade says:

    Sun Tzu is jamming to Sabaton beyound the grave

  83. Robert Eisenhower says:


  84. Kairos Hydra says:

    Why does the girl at the start sound like a tranny?

  85. The Power says:

    Live so much better

  86. iBasskung says:

    Great Job!!

  87. Franco Romanelli says:

    Who came here from eu4?

  88. Rustymcnut says:

    I love this one,

  89. Das Banhammer says:

    48 people caught in Joakim's trap

  90. Sorcerer Holmes says:

    I love the book from Sunzi. Its great.

  91. wff ss says:

    Europa universalis 4

  92. Tyree Cruz says:

    Black iron horse like steak 1918

  93. Niv 'Mohnd says:


  94. Glorija G. says:

    Hello 50+ people, this icon >👎< isn't for download. Dickheads.

  95. Eurico Carvalheira says:

    O always misheard 'art of war' as 'Otto war'

  96. DJ Beaver says:

    Sabaton you rock and kick ass keep up the good work from dj from the USA

  97. IPK- International Punk Kings says:

    Great song & even better band – SABATON !!!!!

  98. DJ Beaver says:

    I wonder if they ll be making a comeback and tour the USA

  99. 3JIoy_DedyJIya says:

    бля тема из Росии привет

  100. Quinn Von Kerman says:

    Joakim is actually Jamie Hyneman in disguise

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