SABATON – Great War (Official Music Video)

SABATON – Great War (Official Music Video)

Where dead men lies I’m paralyzed My brother’s eyes are gone And he shall be buried here Nameless marks his grave Mother home, get a telegram and shed a tear of grief Mud and blood, in foreign land, trying to understand Where is this greatness I’ve been told? This is the lies that we’ve been sold Is this a worthy sacrifice? Great War And I cannot take more Great Tour I keep on marching on I play the great score There will be no encore Great War The war to end all wars I’m standing here, I’m full of fear, with bodies at my feet Over there in the other trench Bullets wear my name Lead ahead as the captain said and show them no remorse Who am I to understand What have I become? I do my duties, pay the price I’ll do the worthy sacrifice I know my deeds are not in vain Great War And I cannot take more Great Tour I keep on marching on I play the great score There will be no encore Great War The war to end all wars And feet by feet We pay the price of a mile here Though men are falling, we see heroes rise We face the heat As we are fighting until the dawn So follow me and we will write our own history Great War And I cannot take more Great Tour I keep on marching on I play the great score There will be no encore Great War The war to end all wars

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “SABATON – Great War (Official Music Video)

  1. Sabaton says:

    ➞ LISTEN to the new album:
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  2. R says:

    That’d be funny if someone put this song on North Koreans marching

  3. vinay jain says:

    Peace for world war 1 soldiers.least we forget

  4. Phred McCormick says:

    I imagine him saying race war

  5. M 67 says:

    Best hard rock band going right now. m/

  6. thesupersonicstig says:

    Literally everyone fighting in WW1: The Great War, the War to end all Wars. There will be no encore!

    Nazis: "Hold mein beer stein."

  7. Brandon Dirocco says:

    What is the chorus singing

  8. Scioneer says:

    When you turn your drum set into a tank…

  9. Kiernan Hennessy says:

    I saw you guys twice in Denver, in less than a year. It was AMAZING!!!

  10. Anti Furry says:

    I love this song.

  11. Bradley McDaniel says:

    What's the Parade in this video? Looks like its in Prague with WW2 US military hardware.

  12. Skadoosh says:

    >There will be no encore

  13. Witold 94 says:

    Polish flag

  14. Pa Leipr says:

    I feel like the comment section of Sabaton has just evolved into a living, breeding shitpost about history memes

  15. elekstrom says:

    Эх, ребятушки, вы ещё не слышали- «вставай страна огромная!!!»
    Да вы и не поймёте, и, не надо понимать вам этого!!!

  16. BeachBum says:

    WW1 original game
    WW2 sequel with extra DLC

  17. Kaiser Wilhelm II says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, when I listen to this song, my neighbors do too.

  18. russell5078084 says:

    Teaching history with music.

  19. xel78 says:

    This is definitely a big foodprint in music video history! Keep going guys!

  20. За ссср Товарищи says:

    Причём тут Америка. И без неё бы победили. Она считайте нихуя не сделала

  21. Christopher Pulichene says:

    I came here for something epic and I left very happy.

  22. DINO VLACHOS says:

    We want an outdoor concert here in NY, theres the Jones beach thearter!!!

  23. Seb King says:

    Love Joakim with the flags at 1:50

  24. Иван Шевцов says:

    я конечно все понимаю, но чехию освобождали силы красной армии, Польши и Румынии. И причем тут Флаги США?///Of course, I understand everything, but the Czech Republic was liberated by the forces of the Red Army, Poland and Romania. And where does the US Flags?

  25. Sniper Barnabás says:

    see you in 2020 in Budapest 🤟

  26. MiraZzle says:

    Best workout song!

  27. Сторонний наблюдатель says:

    This song is in the shadows of Bismark, but,this is the one of the greates Sabaton song ever, as for me.

  28. Ghost Division says:

    R.I.P. Всем людям погибшим в войнах…
    R.I.P. To all the people who died in wars
    Мой поклон всем погибшим
    My bow to all the dead

    Press F

  29. Reimo Tomson says:

    Good Song Sabaton i really like it

  30. Nick Sieben says:

    Now this is history in musical form. God bless Sabaton for such master pieces that they created. CARRY ON AND PLAY WITH HONOR! UURAAAHHH!

  31. Анатолий m says:

    наивные дебилы в розовых очках. противно , везде чушь и ложь

  32. Jiří Vančura says:

    Sice nevím proč, ale Sabatoni byli v České republice. A k tomu v Praze.

  33. AudiophileTubes says:

    Even today's metal SUCKS, Sabaton included! What a bunch of gimmicky bullshit!

  34. bass wolf says:

    Thank you sabaton you give us à fucking great time in Montréal and we love you🤘🤘🤘🤘 come sees us again we will open or arms and welcome you we are all part le à great family of metal🤘🤘🤘

  35. Omar Elias says:

    Obra maestra!!!!

  36. Preston Jones says:

    Perfect song to spray your dorm down with chemicals to kill an infestation of ants.

  37. Алмаз _кавказ says:

    Что американцы забыли в Чехии её освобождая СССР а не США

  38. Виталий тепров says:

    Клас чувак приятно слушать

  39. Ort says:

    Damn these guys rock! I only found out about them last year.

  40. алексей закатов says:

    Ребята, Вы МОЛОДЦЫ….РОССИЯ С ВАМИ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Galo Cego says:

    arrepiei foi tudo vai se fuder

  42. william duncan says:

    This song is just too epic

  43. microcz says:

    1:50 Pilsen day of liberation, thank you Sabaton. I am so proud of you.

  44. Александр Ермаков says:

    амеры на параде в Праге *рукалицо


    That was filmed in Czech Republic ?

  46. Олег Веселов says:

    Прагу освобождали Советские войска, американцами там даже не пахло…

  47. Олег Молчанов says:

    Great song! You breathed new sound into the Rock. We are waiting in Moscow !!!

  48. Naiovski says:


  49. Luca Rosa says:

    Need song to Dora and Gustav cannon

  50. Typhoon cp says:

    The video whithout the song is a solid 8/10 lmao.

  51. Samuel Johnson says:

    Dude f**** hail Sabaton best f**** band ever

  52. Samuel Johnson says:

    Sabaton if you can hear me you guys saved my f**** life

  53. Sos Sargsyan says:

    Great Song 👍👍

  54. Patrick Korm says:


  55. Анатолий Маевский says:

    It is incomprehensible song anti-war or calling for war, and with whom? Непонятно песня антивоенная или призывающая к войне и с кем?

  56. Colono RS says:

    From BRAZIL

  57. Ivar Van’t Foort says:

    Maybe a song about the iron railway in Thailand?

  58. Rohan Heredia says:

    History : happened


    you guys were fucking amazing in san Francisco!!!! and I can't believe I got into the massive rowing for Swedish pagans in the tour video. man, I can't wait for the next time you guys are in san Francisco because my friends and I made it a new tradition to go to every san Francisco show from now on.

  60. Alexandr Surin says:

    Take ride on tank to macdonalds))

  61. Natalio Ceccatto says:

    Na guerra o verdadeiro herói e aquele que morre

  62. Steffen says:

    Hopefully there will be a day when they will release a song called "Furor Teutonicus" about the fight between the teutons (old germanic tribe) and the roman republic.

  63. sau0483 says:

    Блять! Американский флажок было держать обязательно?! Я не против самой Америки, я против когда сосут так непрекрыто!

  64. Игорь Михайлов says:

    Ребят, музло у Вас ,,то что надо,, , Вы Польша и Дания?

  65. AlexS0007s says:

    Прагу освобождала Красная Армия, а парад проходит под флагом США. Видимо это уважение к истории?

  66. илья титков says:

    Спасибо вам вы лучшие

  67. Ggff Gggddfghjj says:

    fucking perfect album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Zack Cavelli says:

    Goat War

  69. Alex Anfalov says:

    ты умрешь 🙂

  70. Frequency Epic AmericanBuddy says:

    Just the worst Sabaton song ever

  71. Mighty MaCaCa says:

    Kack Band

  72. Jack Robinson says:

    Lest we forget.

  73. Pantelis Manioudakis says:

    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

    Plato-Greek philosopher

  74. Chris Szkoda says:

    We shall never forget for Remembrance Sunday and Day 2019

  75. Cameron Torres says:

    No one:
    My coding ass: he says great Tor right?

  76. KimiF17954 says:

    11/11 11:00 lest we forget

  77. Vladimir Nikolic says:

    Guys, you are awesome. My favourite is Dying breath which you shared the truth of Serbian soldiers in WWI.
    You have purpose with great interest of showing the world the true past of people who done everything to defeat enemies of theirs ☮️. Thanks a lot. Keep up 👍👍👍🤘🇷🇸🤘

  78. Zealadon Ashbringer says:

    Lest we forget

  79. Petar Lekic says:


  80. Caleb Schwenk says:

    Lest we forget- 1914-1918/19 see you in a century men or until 2039

  81. Chatot Maestro says:

    Lyrics: Dark, gritty, sad stuff about a war
    Music Video: happy good time studio montage

  82. toomanytaps says:


  83. Cheeky Doc Main says:

    I hope when people listen to sabaton they get the history references most of the time and just don't listen because its metal.

  84. minigiantess says:

    …The last minute of the Great War, when the guns went silent. This is some chilling sh*t right here:

  85. AudiophileTubes says:

    Sabaton SUCKS!

  86. car games says:

    Благодаря Sabaton я улучшил растяжку правой руки!)

  87. Михаил Михайлович says:

    ВЕЛИКАЯ ОТЕЧЕСТВЕННАЯ ВОЙНА! И выиграли ее солдаты под красным флагом, остальные примазались к победе! Мы не забудем и им не дадим!

  88. Cieszyn61 says:

    No more war!

  89. Pinoy Made says:

    My cousin back then saw me listening to this song, he told me not to listen to it because metal is for demons, lol. Of course I defended it saying he knows nothing, he still insisted it.

  90. RuralTowner says:

    JUST WHAT I NEEDED! Found myself watching some Gunther where a little bit goes a LONG way. Needed to cleanse the ears. 😀

  91. Julin696 says:

    What parade is that?

  92. Geeky Metalhead says:

    I got drunk to this song, and I woke up in the middle of a trench battle.
    Is that normal?

  93. Роман Санаев says:

    8 марта буду ждать вас)))

  94. Uriel Cano says:

    Después de RAMMSTEIN, Sabaton tiene el mejor espectáculo



  96. Mario Ricardo Pergentino da Silva says:

    Great song.

  97. Evgenyi Rest says:

    Я что-то не пойму, американцы дошли до Чехословакии в 2-ю мировую? Вы серьёзно, вы долбоебы?🤣🤣🤣

  98. TristenDoesGames says:

    I swear, they have no bad songs.

  99. mc. lumbersmash says:

    alright who is the guy who btought thor's hammer to the concert

  100. One Down says:

    For god's sake get that pro Chump POS advertisement off of this channel. BTW this comes from a Republican card carrying NRA member. Trump is a childish ass and an embarrassment to America.

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