RuPaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity | Official Trailer | MasterClass

RuPaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity | Official Trailer | MasterClass

My therapist said
to me once, you know, Ru, the power you
have in drag is available to you out of drag. Exsqueeze me? For years, I’ve said you’re born
naked, and the rest is drag, meaning everything you
put on is, in essence, something that was
built. And once you’re able to see yourself
from outside of yourself, that’s when the party begins. In this MasterClass, I’m going
to teach you about self-love, confidence, joy, lips,
foundation, wigs, chiffon– everything it takes to unleash
the magic that makes you you. What you’re going to see
is Raven show you, step by step, what it takes to
get into real, glamazon drag. Drag doesn’t change who you are. It actually reveals who you are. My childhood was very
tumultuous and traumatic. My parents were always at war. So my thinking was, this
is all too much for me. Just wake me when it’s done. Until I realized, you know, I
want to be present for my life. And it forced me to
understand my own value. Everything starts
with know thyself. Know what works with you. You have to be present enough
to know what feels right. In drag, I feel so powerful. It is your life’s work to shine. There is strength and power
in you, but it’s up to you to realize it. You were not born to fit in. You were born to stand out. I’m RuPaul, and this
is my MasterClass.

Dereck Turner

39 thoughts on “RuPaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. vis colaling says:


  2. says:

    Masterclass > Netflix

  3. Emile van Rensburg says:

    Now Masterclass is just stretching it.

  4. W. T. Jennings says:


  5. SNÅKEFEEL says:

    there's nothing this man knows that i need to know

  6. Sebastien Desormeaux says:

    He’s teaching me how to be gay?

  7. chrisbacos says:

    If every school teacher around the world was like him there would be a classless society and eternal world peace.

  8. michelle21617 says:


  9. Ferhan Kana says:

    Someone post this on YouTube so we can all watch it pls thanks

  10. Vegetarian Soylent-Green says:

    Wish I could afford a masterclass subscription.

  11. Teandra Sweet Tea says:

    I need this. 💜

  12. Andre Lima says:

    Masterclass: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

  13. Gil Dazbog says:

    First wine tasting now this. Masterclass need to do a better job vetting.

  14. Noé Sanchez says:


  15. Noé Sanchez says:

    Pinche raro

  16. Modmon ! says:

    SMDH give us another music related course

  17. Milhouse says:

    Serving realness. Yaaas.

  18. Phuk Yu says:

    Rupaul, or Magic Johnson without make-up???

  19. JudyCZ says:

    Love how you changed the font for this.

  20. PiQoTube says:

    thank you masterclass for this <3

  21. Kelly Longfellow says:

    Life Lesson for ALL…Know and Love Thy Self. Thank you RuPaul and Amy Scott.

  22. Kyryll Vlasiuk says:

    Unsubscribeworthy MasterClass

  23. Dale De Souza says:

    Had to get all fabulous for Ru, eh?

  24. MasterClass says:

    You can enroll in RuPaul's MasterClass at:

  25. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    How to be gay MasterClass*

  26. reuben cornell says:

    Great to see SNL are still releasing last week's Cut For Time sketches.

  27. HAFIFI NASIR says:

    The stupidest thing happen to mankind

  28. Charles De Rozieres says:

    More like RuPaul teaches misogyny and transphobia. But I guess y'all not ready to talk about it

  29. catcherbloc1 says:

    I love it. Courage doesn’t come without controversy and I appreciate Masterclass for having the courage to display such diversity and inclusiveness in their classes. I would never get why people feel the need to be negative in the comment section.

  30. Donald Flowers says:

    Miss RuPaul you are a world renowned drag diva for the masses you teach not just gay people but people to be there true authentic selves which can take years to get to but to thine self be true

  31. Clarence Davis III says:

    Weird how the comments are full of complaints Do you all not realize this was recommended to you because you did one of the following?:
    A) Watched repeatedly or liked RuPaul related content
    B)Watched repeatedly or liked 🏳️‍🌈 related content
    C)Subscribed to MasterClass

    Just a thought….

  32. senpai xD says:

    Why are these beauty masters are always gay and really ugly

  33. fefi says:

    I'm ready to accept my innermost delusions.

  34. anglichanka12 says:

    i'm a long time fan of drag race, and let me tell you – this is awful. armchair psychology from Rupaul. in his podcast he basically says "work hard, be true to yourself – and the success will come. if it doesn't, you didn't try hard enough" and that's it. this is harmful for so many people. also, makeup and costumes? Ru doesn't do it himself – look up his creative team! and his former creative colleagues – and how he treats them once they aren't useful anymore. even in the video Raven – a real fierce queen – is gonna give makeup tips! why not Ru? because there isn't any good advice he can give! please, if you consider paying for this masterclass – don't. i summed it up for you in one sentence – spend your money on something better.

  35. Polaris Bear says:

    Abby lee: lemme sign in for this

  36. Glitter Queen says:

    You are a beautiful master, thank you for sharing your incredible light!

  37. Valeria MN says:

    🤩🤗💕 Yaaaass!

  38. Mike S. says:

    I am a straight male with no personal interest in doing drag and I have no problem admitting that I would devour this entire course in a night.

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