Runescape Sketch

Runescape Sketch

Ello there. *stare* *Teleports away* *Stares in sadness* Ello. *waves energetically* *Runs away* *Stares Angrily* *Waits Patiently Staring* *Stares* *More Staring* *Even More STARING* Ok bye Could it be? Is this the one? Maybe? *intentional Staring* Perhaps he is the one, My friend. Truly. Stare Off *stare* *more stare* Hey wait a minute ye don’t have any eye holes. 🙁 I won. That means ye have to be my friend. Your mom gay Fine if nobody wants to be my friend i’ll make my own. Hey! Pssst. Over here. *huzzah!*

Dereck Turner

1 thought on “Runescape Sketch

  1. Dark Lieutenant says:

    Turn Subtitles on.

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