Royal Kitchen Kabab – Shikampuri – By Vahchef @

Royal Kitchen Kabab – Shikampuri – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you one of the delicacy from Hyderabad, we Hyderabadis are not only
known for Biryanis but also awesome kebabs, today what I’m going to show you
is called Shikampuri kebab, shikam is meaning stomach because we stuff something in this kebab ok for this first we need to boil the lamb you know or you can use any kind of meat you want and then along with chana dal and in this I’ve added some spices like red chili, pepper and whole garam masala,
boil it till the meat is tender and all the moisture is evaporated, we’re going to
make a nice mince of this in a blender you know some people use mince meat made and all this for making this no need just get the pieces of boneless lamb and cook with chana dal that should be awesome now for this awesome shikampuri kebab we’re going to have a very nice delicate stuffing. For this I’ve got some hung curd if you can’t get hold of hung curd you can use mascarpone cheese here is a my hung curd wow this is very nice, in this add pinch of salt, some
chopped coriander, finely chopped onion ok some chopped green chillies ok just
make a nice mixture of this this is so nice and cheesy i want to eat it right away but I want to wait for the shikampuri kebab which I love so much, we are done with the stuffing let’s go ahead and make this kebab, this fried
onion just crush it with your hand in this add chopped green chillies, chopped
coriander leaves and finely chopped, finely chopped mint Leaf, cumin powder,
garam masala powder, chili powder, I’ve minced the chana dal and that meat along with those spices you know little bit coarse also is fine add some lime juice now mix all of this
properly the mincemeat i have just made it like a dough, make a small well and put
some of these hung curd stuffing inside and then carefully seal it, seal it like
this and then shape it the way you want you can use butter or ghee haha in this
add our kebabs, cook the kebabs on slow flame till they get nice slightly crispy texture on the outside, look at this awesome curd cheese stuffing wow just melting away in the mouth, this is a classic Mughlai kebab make it and enjoy it but do
not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post
your recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking Thank You. Vah hahaha

Dereck Turner

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  1. Swapna Rameshl says:

    nice one sanjay

  2. Bil Malik says:

    Oh my thank God you are properly dress up and not drunk!! What wouls my huddy say to me otherwise?? Love your recipes. Thank Chef

  3. Sajid Hoque says:

    What part of India are you from? What is your native language?

  4. ilovemyhands says:

    Haha I love the bonus footage at the end!

  5. Alexander Sen says:

    You are so funny. And the food looks so yum.

  6. um ibrahim says:


  7. NK.Quadri says:

    Mouth watering. Will try this with khatti daal Insha Allah

  8. Bia says:

    What is curd cheese?

  9. Tassycrafty says:

    Your recipes are awesome- and you are sooo funny .

  10. Rina Bibi says:

    As you are showing rajastani recepies can you please show how to make gawar and other rajastani sweet delicasi's thanks chef I love all your cooking please show how to make this ghewar recipe I always wanted to learn how to make this sweet item

  11. GRUBDUDE says:

    I think it is yogurt based?

  12. MSE. Dzirasa says:

    You said it yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

  13. Raj Kumar says:

    Tried it, it tasted really good, thanks #vahrewah

  14. Mohnish Varma says:


  15. T PRASAD says:

    it seems all things are tastey

  16. Qeet Malik says:

    Mouthwatering Recipe

  17. Raju Arya says:

    nyc chef n thanks for recipe

  18. Masterchefu Food says:

    Nice Recipe tips. My Style Shikampuri Kebab Recipe

  19. Ayesha Ali says:

    Thanx. Will try it out 2day 4 sure

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