Rolled Paper Projects

Rolled Paper Projects

I mentioned in a previous video that
I’ve been watching a lot of these Hispanic crafters working their magic with some newspapers, magazines, and white glue. There’s this one
girl, I swear to you she could probably build house out of
newspapers and Elmer’s. She does amazing things. Anyway I’ve been really inspired by them and havebeen rolling paper tubes like a crazy woman! I just thought the the paper beads were addictive…the tubes are worse, At least they are for me and it may be
because they’re a little bit easier for me to do. They’re still not pleasant to do
if you have hand issues… they’re kind of like paper beads… your hands are probably gonna cramp up
complain but they’re not as difficult, I don’t think anyway because they’re not as small. You don’t have to hold on to such a small thing. pasar start watching his videos mated to
make some to I have made some before several years
ago and our stock market RAM have never did
you learn French banks 1,000,000 spar but I discovered that I made the wrong
I’m not wrong but in a not very efficient way there’s a better way and what I learned yes you need to a strip
of paper don’t use the whole magazine page use I’m kinda into section and that makes your to is your twofold and roll if you use the whole sheet vendor the
middle part every year paper to gets really sick could scuttle add a layer rolled up in
there and when it’s really sick and if you’re wanting to correlate into
it a little spiro like this you’re gonna have trouble because it’s Sam it’s hard to do with 10 paper thick
paper really hard so what you do is you cut it
into peacetime and for like a standard
magazine page you’re just up in the magazine may be
cut in half down the middle just you know that’s all you need there’s
I’ve been doing about four inch wide strips this was an old textbook taylor’s that she couldn’t resell it was
a I’m good art history and it was one of
those fit you no shame some text but she just
can’t show back so we’re gonna it was gonna go box and I want to shoot
out could have some pretty colors on some of the pages so I kept
the entire book up like that in our folder what affects up
to she’s got Chosun viral finance which have some have some color
in it and waited for papers get not too heavy but it’s got a glossy finish Malacca and
sharing also found a a sociology and this phone has from good color hatch as well as come the cement filler paper not quite as costly but it just has
amassed finish on it so all tech specs there you go and boy you can old text
I’m for next to nothing at for stores they’re always there if you haven’t made
up but of course you can use whatever
magazines come into your house for newspapers as well I don’t care as
much for the newspapers of taiwan a minute but the magazine too great show are you do is cut your page down to
about a four-inch trip doesn’t have to be perfect don’t have to
be straight doesn’t have to be exact yeah I think it does have to be is as smooth as you can get it on the
edges and families will have to be kinda
termed up a little I found this cell when I started doing
some newspapers and I thought okay cutting these is
gonna be really tedious obviously a straight edge down and a
refund into I’m sections you know for its wide
strips which that’s what usually do for paper
machete it works out prime not so much for this because I’m you do sometimes here a little she the edge it’s a little bit like a
bat or a little jagged were storm and that doesn’t work when you roll it little jagged edges stick out so hope pairing didn’t work but I did find
that it wasn’t a big deal to just you now hold the pager black business
and cut it comic strips that way who doesn’t
have to be perfect see you take your raising hey your newspaper page by the way
Saturday paper with all of the I’m sales ads and
and the big colorful grocery ads are those are great national much color and up show you know
Sunday perfect first used for the textbook pages you need a skewer this is what are
the bigger skewers and I don’t know where I got it
from seems casino at the craft store I’m not even going to the grocery store
but its wanna be you know kinda heavy duty one I don’t
know what Shahzad s I just kind of the larger skewer
slightly smaller than a drinking straw headed that way you take this he layered on a corner one corner ok here have extra paper you don’t need
an exact a what he called a car right Angol down at
the bottom you want it like this I should have
looked at my geometry what is that like a that’s a right
triangle right and action Natasha least I forget okay with me bounced off of work and I’m
talking about folding I’m start rolling any just wanna
make sure fetish days snag cashier all growing pick it up hand and the kinda guy is depends on the
paper publisher got some differently argues
like a like a sicker tacky glue consummate this sick paper that you just made even
elmer’s would work on the newspaper’s within our papers for
your secure out and they’re sure to Tina takes practically no time at all there
is a learning curve I’m so you’ll he’ll probably do at least two
dozen before you get into the groove that’s about what it took me and when
you finish you may notice that one and if you’re
too is a little bit bigger around than the other usually this the stand down here that we started with
will stay nice and tight but the one at the and where you end up
is a little bit bigger you want backed of course you don’t want
to be huge you don’t want a huge difference but if you look at it you go ok until
slightly bigger than this one clue for that’s okay because you’re actually
gonna need that bet am that’s all you do and then you
wanna make about a million if these because what it will take can’t really
do anything with them so after you’ve got about a million can
actually think I really define this evening I don’t we show the newspaper have I found that the actual newspaper
pages like this is an actual news perhaps newspaper page I don’t care for these
this match for a little bit harder to roll up for
me it’s hard to keep it tight town compositor hands black so and I usually just whole I’m just kinda gently holding it
together with my left fingers like best just to
keep it from spreading out and get into too wide but you just have
to maintain a constant tension it and don’t let go this is another reason why be longer in
mister fisher’s here okay again and you don’t you know you
figure out which way works best for you sometimes keeping
it land on the table is best other times it’s better if you
pick it up can do this you just have to figure out which way you like and whatever you do
don’t let go good yeah all yours your and there you have it know if you can tell this and is a
little bit wider than this and not like you know freakishly so but a little bit wider I’m
not okay because that will be useful when you sir
oiling so there you have it her I’m male after you’ve made billion like show these are mostly the sum up the glossy ads from the Sunday paper then you can
start coiling them or or you know you can just
lay them out like this and make stuff out of my machine you some wall art and some clocks move
some boxes covered with foam you know that kind of thing which is
great a local that stuff from one thing you can make it’s very easy is over Bowl and you
start by making a cholo like this and I’m going to like
a demo video for 10 days but I’m this won’t be a and this one is not
this one is a bay already glued together doesn’t move but
you just start cloying and if your gonna hollow the arm strapped what are you gonna make a bowl it easier if
you flatten first her tomato like just yesterday and I just saw say it was a blog post up for maybe Etsy shop with a woman who
sells stuff made a magazine pages mister X several hundred
dollars for each one of the things she sells cuz they’re
awesome and she talks about the process and you know why they cost so much is
because it’s just so time-consuming to roll all the papers and then flatten them and she said that
and then flatten them and I was like 0 she flattened I’m cuz I have just been you know taken that
were sworn I justed I have spent a career fair thing you know start here like that little dab Cooper and a stroll you know just like that and just flatten it
myself as I wanna lock that’s what I was doing it didn’t occur
to me Latin amount first and then core album and your family
members from Bolton and paper stuff made outer I’m magazine
pages that have been folded instead of Cornell and that’s an option too I just don’t
like the folding thing better I don’t but soothing to me
it was a soothing to me polling is just irritating I don’t know
why but it is in that context anyone but should flatten I don’t go head up she didn’t say how she planned
owner what’s useful at No after hearing pasta machine works nicely have got one of those sold her crank tabletop pasta machines that has never
seen a drop apostate a cantar la it just for traffic purposes only and I
used to run a lot of pollack right through it but it is perfect for destroying a
missile did stir their flatten them flat-out make so much is here coral and the coils are much
meter so Hurley there’s an option for the
hatch here machine you can probably use if you
have a dock at machine was one of those long points on it that would probably
work to just anything to score some and then you
can call them and make them and to you something like this bowl but I made and it just
nothing but coil I think but this one was part of our
history book and it’s the coiled from to and when you the reform that she
needed money and to be bigger than the other while you’re
correlating and you wanna hear you get 12 coiled in
your ready to add the next you want to be able to slip one hand
into the other and if you have one and that’s always a little bit bigger than
the other it’s much easier to get them to fit together so that’s
why that one and bigger is actually a good
thing I’m so and out the video for the a the link for the video that I watched
the I’m hispanic woman doing this where and kiss
you she just doesn’t really well and just
kinda made the ball really waned look to some videos but kinda made it up
below where at and did the whole base like this switching
out truly easy just keep adding call will
also discuss are you more and then just started instead of leaving
them flat just use a little glue to build them up as I watch panel so and there’s a couple different ways
to do that i’m gonna try another way to family it was done am I years some markers to somebody is I’m favor Casto markers and just cum sperm on it really but I loved it random scruples and wouldn’t be color and and
perhaps that was already on there and combined with a marker which is
really kind of transparent it just came out looking really cool so I like it and all I used to seal it when it was good I’m his I’m I have your
container watered-down elmer’s and that’s what I used this now that
it’s finished with the color and everything Thursday final a better sealer on it
like a a varnish or something four Mod Podge would be fine you know i
mean you’re not trying to get dishwasher safe for anything I’m just feel dinner to use survey are time to do and he wanna kick it up a notch bad I am Thursday’s this is a basket but then i’ma and this was another this was a oh my
gosh we’ve got a million paper be is what we’re gonna do show I came up with this sort of thing
to and try to beat in the middle of each
little cold thingy and this hoping it’s made out of
Taylor’s old art history book and I was inspired to make this by live basket that I have
school some basket but I have and that on lap and who know if you can see it without me
spelling at it is made at a baseball cap and I did not make it I bought it and I think about it at Barnes & Noble
to happen stuff like this at one time that was play it’s not mine Africa or something hands
and I’m there was some kind of special you know
imported maybe fundraising crafty things that
they had and I just loved it because it’s so I’m because I love these I’m not really even
heard of before and hear others are relatively mainstream for it’s just a rustic cool and I love it this is just one of my
favorite fake and her collected some water bottle caps in it and if you happen to know why I’m
collecting these were bottle caps could you just leave them in the comments that
would be really great because I’m not sure I am quite sure then I need to collect some but now that
my little buckets full I have stopped am but I really should
get taking with them for at least get some
ideas and there is a rather large box in my garage fuller these that I got from Mayo yeah volunteering at a Colorado an hour you know forget about what four
thousand bottles of water and I capture for cask so have a lot of plastic water bottle
collapse and one day I’m gonna be really going to
happen but I’m that day is not today so if you could
just tell me why I have home and make me glad that would be so great showed that was kinda the design
inspiration for this time because I love that bottle cap
basket so much I just sort of mimicked the fan here with this little spirals and these were
story and to but page two teams together and then our time together this is some
help a cord stuff so haven’t turned it off and and the bottom is a from cereal box Scopus Nana Nana no compass Golden Grahams it’s
a up peace over Golden Grahams cereal box
said I just had some other tubes on for the bottom and I used to combination up to some techie that tacky glue trap stuff from
them are some hot glue in hair to Jason drilled all of a little holes for
the beach so that I could run for help through
their and down know I had intended to put handles
on it like the other one that when I got to that point our so
darn sickle looking at it I just wanna call it done so I just took these beads on top which I was really crazy about I’m still not
just lovin it but it’s okay cuz it kinda funky and weird and if ret
can I like it I mean ideally it would have
been great to put paper beads on here that making around paper bead is a beast it’s a beast but I don’t lack so I would even do that but this I thought this was a really good use for
the am whole bunch paper beads and I really love the way it turned out
and I thought that I might show the Sun at sea ever stole my I’m
not sure but they’re going to cost about $4
million dollars each because that’s how much trouble by or
can make sure you so it will be much easier now that I know what I’m doing
and I know what not to do met here this Russo this was the trip so there’s that and that’s what this place
is right here and working on another one but I want it to I’m working on around kind of the large bowl I’m with sharpies
open saying ace Anna I will probably use some
some more paper beach in there too so there you go ideas for a.m. about tackling some newspapers magazines
and textbooks and for using hold the paper beads and
I’m sure you have and for showing up all of your spare time cuz I may have turned a bit so 0 I did forget to show this to share a
quick and and you know up appointed to the
video because like a setup I am I learned from somebody else and
don’t really have anything to add and I’m a doer a bowl tutorial video at some point but this is
not that point but they wanna show you to get to open cuellar is just use a something this have a subtle lotion bottle and it
was about five to 10 that what I use to cope with things around like that and that made the open section and just depending on how big a
container use you can make so much smaller ones or bigger openings and I’m so that’s how
you get that that look so I’m p okay until I do you think go I’m something else
urgent to talk to you about stature a let just the extra awkward I’m sorry the end

Dereck Turner

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    Edit: also glue stick work great especially if you plan on painting or staining your tubes. If glue gets on the outside of tubes it makes the stain and paint not stick. Plus glue sticks helps to keep you fingers from getting all caked up with glue and ink. Also if you like the white glue best try putting the glue on the corner of the paper before you roll. then you won't have the problems of the newspaper coming unrolling.

  95. Franz Florentino says:

    Thanks for the tip. I have an idea to make it into coaster? Is it possible to make it waterproof?

  96. Kathleen Harrell says:

    I collect bottle caps too and have no reason why except that I need them for something. We must be kindred spirits!

  97. Kathleen Harrell says:

    You should make a basket to hold all your rolled tubes. I think that would get rid of a few million tubes! $4 million on Etsy for a funky basket might just get you a buyer that has more money than you have paper tubes! Nice trade-off!!

  98. Mahesh Madgulkar says:


  99. Lorraine Williams says:

    An isosceles right triangle. You are correct. #mathrules

  100. Naina Ganapatye says:

    You just wasted my time for halfof the vedio you are just talking

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