Remove Duplicate Photos in Photos for Mac

Remove Duplicate Photos in Photos for Mac

hello everyone and welcome to the class
this is David a Cox with PC classes on mind a comment today I’m gonna be teaching you how to remove
duplicate photos from your photos for Mac library now in order to do this you’re
going to need a little third party piece of software called power photos made by company called fat cats software
we have covered them before they’re also the makers are back when it was I thought I they
made an app called iPhoto Library Manager which was very similar to power photos it’s
nineteen dollars and ninety five cents which might sound a little bit expensive
but you have to put a value on your time if you were to do this manually and if
you have thousands of photos you’re looking at hours labor going
through photos and trying to identify duplicates this is a much much easier way to do it
she can purchase it right through their website again link
for you in the description of this video and when you have it all downloaded this
is what it’s going to look like so when you open
it up should have your default library here at the top left corner just make sure it’s highlighted from
here you can click on the little four boxes that you see just above it that is
the icon to find duplicates now the settings that you’ll
find here are pretty much good to go right the way they calm so just hit
begin duplicate search at this point I would like to remind you
that this computer is one that I use for demonstration purposes only so while took my computer about
thirty states but not thirty seconds three seconds to do it for you it may
take a little bit longer than that you’ll see here we have a giant list all of the photos there are identified
as duplicates and for each of these you knows we have
too little icons we have a little book icon above one and a check mark about
the other now if you have more than 2 duplicates
there maybe third one here as well you just can’t scroll to the side in order
to see it so the check mark means it’s going to keep that photo the other is going to be marked as a
duplicate now one of the big differences between power photos and iPhoto Library Manager is that in
iPhoto Library Manager you could actually delete from this ap with this for whatever reason you
cannot however I’m gonna show you how to do it
it’s one extra little step in its not hard you can all do it trust me so you’re going to want to go through
this list and just make sure that one that is identified as the keeper is
in fact the one that you want to keep so of for example if I’m going through
these in what should pretend these are different if you wanna see a larger preview: up
what the photo actually looks like you can click on it once so that it’s
highlighted am just happier spacebar and open a
quick preview image a bit okay now the mixes it up and its instead
they should be the one its mark as a I as the one is going to eventually be
removed which one do is click on the other image the one with the
little book and hit the enter key on your keyboard knows how
it swapped the check mark and the book okay now
from here if you look at the little settings here
at the bottom again I’m in to recommend you keep these the way they are what is essentially going to do is just
keep the keepers and the ones that are identified as non keepers is going to put them into a
special album which we’re going to remove
there’s a very special step you have to do when you’re done you’re so please don’t
leave this video quite yet can apply and from here it’s going to potentially for you open and close your
photos ap a few times arm again this is not a lot
of fun asserts able to do a pretty quickly know when
it’s done with that process you can actually quit out of power for us let me
do that right now and from here you’re gonna go into the new photos ap and when you do if you
look here now I have my sidebar here set up for summer
do you may have it appear at the top okay but here under albums you knows we
have power photos duplicates you’re gonna
click on this little a row that’s next to it gives you a
little drop down your nose I tried to teach this class the other day okay and I’ll click on this one here and your seat these are all those photos
that are identified as duplicates so now there’s I just one other little thing we have to do so
we’re going to at this point select all photos and the easiest way to do
that is on your keyboard your gonna hit command and the letter a as in alpha and from here you’re going to secondary click on any
of these images and if you don’t know how to secondary click the universe a way that will work for
everyone is if you hold the control key not command control and click you’re going to get a series
of additional options be careful this can throw some people
for a loop okay you don’t want removed you want delete okay as member when you remove them from
an album they’re still on the computer so it says are you sure you want to
delete these photos hit Delete and their gone one little reminder I
would like to give you is that in the new photos ap it actually
does hold on to those photos for another 30 days see do still have time if you need to
rescue them to get them back if you want to just be done with it and
have them clear up your computer you go to File and go to show recently
deleted and from here you’ll see there’s a
delete all button at the very top right corner this is David a Cox with PC
classes online dot com I hope you enjoy this little class if you are watching us
on YouTube we do greatly appreciated if you click that little thumbs up like
button please share this video with your friends and family I’m sure a lot of
people out there having issues with duplicates could use a little help if you haven’t already done so subscribe
to our I little YouTube channel can do it by clicking that little button but
just appear on your screen this is David a Cox class dismissed

Dereck Turner

73 thoughts on “Remove Duplicate Photos in Photos for Mac

  1. LoquendoVideoReview says:

    I barely use Photos, I'd like to know of a way to detect and remove duplicate images from all of the computer, not just the Photos library.

  2. JHFilmsHD says:

    I really like Photos, but I can't get it to work :/ On my phone it's fine, but on the Mac it just won't synchronise, it's either stuck on "updating" or "uploading".
    Any suggestions?

  3. David Bishop a.k.a. 1EYE WOODY says:

    This looks like a nice program. However, Im very disappointed in the new PHOTOs program. Before this last upgrade, I felt my organization was working well. NOW, it seems things are beginning to duplicate. Things ARE NOT going as well as it used to. Also, Im selecting delete from iphone/device after download, but Im still having to delete some of them manually. And yes I use iCloud but do not pay for extra space nor do I use it as a back up solution. I use the cloud to be able to access my most recent photos on other devices. I don't understand whats happened. I feel I've lost the control I once had and things are automating. And iMovie, well that's another whole issue recently. I can't even find my videos thru the import movie option. Im having to copy them to the desk top first.And that seems to be taking forever now. That used to be the fastest place to copy to. I come from a computer graphics background and have always been pretty efficient working with images and have raved about being an apple guy for many years. To my disappointment I might be slowly loosing my arguments.

  4. rDinx says:

    Great video as always David. I have an iPhone and iPad but use a PC. Do you know if there is anything similar to this for PC?

  5. Samuel Thomas says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  6. Tim datoolman says:

    Thanks for the great tip David, excellent video as always.

  7. ArizonaDanJones says:

    What is the difference between the "free download" and the $20 one?

  8. Daniela Staples says:

    Thank you so much! I was just talking about all of my duplicates, you've saved me from a huge headache!

  9. Linda Lapotka says:

    Hello David I tried this with the free download and I didn't have many duplicate. I am not sure if the free one shows all the duplicates. Will this work on duplicate movies? I make You Tube video and I have to search to find them because they use up a lot of my memory. Thanks

  10. Jim Fantazzia says:

    David, does the program edit metadata, I have about 700 pics in Photos that came over with the transferred to mac date, rather than the original date it had when it was on a PC, looking for a way to display the original date and edit that date in Photos so it sorts correctly in photos. Any help?

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    Power Photos must have seen your video, because now they will not let you hit the apply button without purchasing.

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    Not answered. Guidelines for which duplicate to keep. (Size, last corrected, etc) ????

  17. Lee-Anne Passalidis says:

    Hey David I do have lots of time and I am happy to do the work of removing duplicate photos myself without the app. Where do I go to find out how to do it myself?

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    Does it work when you have icloud drive connected? Will the duplicates be deleted or it will come back after sync with icloud?

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  23. Marsha Sutfin says:

    I did what you said, and I thought it worked perfectly but I am also then trying to put photos from Photos onto an ext hard drive and there are so many duplicates left. Please help.

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    Hi David, just installed iPhoto Library Manager and finding duplicates a breeze, when opening up Photo's the dialog box Power Photos duplicates is missing, is there a tweek for installing this if so how. Many thanks

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  39. 123456789a says:

    Hello David, I love your videos, they have helped me so much! I still have one question about photos: when you delete a photo, and then go to recently deleted, and also delete it from there, the photo remains in iCloud (you can access it via safari-> iCloud) for another 30 days. Isn't there any way to get rid of those photos before the 30 days have passed? (I'm aware it only happens with those photos that you have synced with iCloud).

  40. Wendy Kruse says:

    Thanks David, can you tell me if I go to photos, or All my photos to delete photos that I do not want?

  41. Hector Valdiviezo says:

    Hi David A. Cox , I enjoy you videos a lot. I have a question do you use the same program to delete Videos as well or do I need a different program for videos ? Thanks

  42. David Carr says:

    David. I bought the app that you recommended (but it was $29.95) and it worked precisely as you said it would. Out of a total of 59,000 photos it found 20,386 duplicates. I wasn't surprised at that number and in some cases there were 8 to 10 duplicates. I sure wish I knew how that can happen. Anyway, thanks for this lesson. I am now a dedicated subscriber. Dave Carr

  43. James Wade says:

    Thanks , great video as usual .

  44. Nick Leavelle says:

    Reasoning as to why it won't allow you to delete directly from within the app: Any and All "duplicate cleaners" have the potential and predominant certainty that (in time) they can and most likely WILL damage your library.

    In the case of this Application it appears to just run a script (after you've gone down the list and confirmed) to tag those selected and place them in an album for you to still "manually" delete them from WITHIN the application.

    Presumably, to mitigate potentially unwanted or otherwise unintended consequences that can and more than likely WILL occur from complete automation. As these reach into the Library ( which is a container file = sensitive ) and can't guarantee 100% error free accuracy. Absolving them of any sort of causation, since they aren't actually opening and, most importantly, changing ANYTHING in the container file other than having created a folder within the app… Via opening the App and the script pulls the files and moves them to the album.

  45. Jo Usé says:

    Hello David,

    I have around 160GB on photo's and video's. They are all standing in the photo library. Of course, when my photo library or hard disk crashes, I lose my important pictures and vids. I have purchased powerphotos to make a duplicate on another hard disk drive. So I have a backup copy. But this takes time + this doesn't always work. Isn't there an easier way to just make a copy of my important photo library.

    Thanks for your help and keep making these good youtube vids. i've learned something of it!

    Kind regards,

    Jo Usé

  46. liza liza says:

    why the fuck he talks so much shut the fuck uuuuuup
    omg what an idiot

  47. Margaret Wyatt says:

    David, Thank you. Would love to know how to ask a specific question. I'll try here but I don't see answers. What I was told was you have to be careful never to delete the original or it deletes ALL copies. Perhaps that was only on Picassa which I used for a while and has totally screwed up my photos as I have probably 60,000.00 duplicates – NO that is not a typo. I'm drowning in duplicates because of that program! So scared to change the keeper on in case it is the original. Would love someone to be able to address this problem. Also I know when I have tried to print a copy and not an original the quality is not as good. So how do we know which one is original? Thank you

  48. Lonesome Traveler says:

    I don't yet have the app because I wanted to research first. I seems like everything is done in the default library.
    I have several photos that may be in two or more albums. Will this app delete from all of them except one or just dupes in a specific album? Can I select a specific album and delete dupes ONLY in that album.
    I really appreciate your tutorials. The ones I have watched have been very useful, thanks.

  49. ava wolff says:

    I can t find the app in the App Store.

  50. Bundall Photography says:

    hi David, does the app show the file size of the duplicate, I have a lot of thumbnails mixed in with original image sizes,
    I am trying to sort through 28k photos, iphoto was duplicated many times, cheers Cindy

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    The app is 29.95

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  53. Mango says:

    Is there in the market anything free that does the same or almost the same? thanks

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    Very disappointed…!!
    Every time I plug in my camera just to get one new picture in the program my "photos" starts loading all the pictures.

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    Hi David, I have some scanned newpaper cuttings. I have selected different parts of the newspaper page but they have the same name. Powerphoto recognises them as the same photo even though they are differnet sections. Is there some way to keep both?

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    I sometimes drag and drop a photo into a certain folder because I intend to use it for a future purpose like making a calendar. It then becomes a duplicate. My biggest concern is deleting duplicates I've made for organizational purposes. I'm assuming I can NOT remove duplicates if this is something I want to continue to do. I wish they had an app that told WHERE the duplicates were stored.
    I also struggle with albums versus folders. I use to be uber-organized​ before Apple changed photos. I find it so much more cumbersome now.

  68. Red Beard says:

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