Hey, what’s up y’all? I’m Ten Hundred. I’m an artist from Seattle, Washington Mmm, my mom just moved to Washington. She used to live in Michigan. It’s closer to me now pretty cool but with her She had a bunch of my childhood drawings that I had completely forgotten about when I found these drawings I was like, wow, I should I should try and recreate one of these crazy drawings. I did when I was a kid So I got this stack of random Ripped up old notebooks from when I was a little kid bunch of weird art that I made when I was younger I’m gonna try and pick one of those pieces and recreate it with my awesome current art skills But first this video is brought to you by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community. They have tons of tutorials They have classes on design, business, technology, photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, filmmaking, ping pong I’m not sure if they have ping pong. I should teach a class on Skillshare on ping pong! I’ll whoop, whoop some AYUSS. Premium memberships give you access to unlimited access to tons of classes taught by the leading experts in their field so you can improve your skills Unlock new opportunities and do the work you love that’s what everybody’s looking for. Right? I said it before I’ll say it again I’m not the greatest in Illustrator. Photoshop feel like I got pretty good understanding of that But I popped over to Skillshare check out some of their classes on Adobe Illustrator Definitely. I mean even within the first hour I was like learning a ton of stuff But the best part is Skillshare is a lot more affordable than other online learning platforms out there. When you break down their subscription It’s like less than ten dollars a month. So check it out there’s a link down in the description a special link just for you guys and the first 500 people to click that link get two free months of skill shares So check it out get your to three months of skill share, but hurry up because there’s only 500 available So don’t say I didn’t warn you Anyway, let’s take a look at these drawings I made when I was a little kid and see which one I want to recreate. Hopefully it doesn’t suck All right, so I got my drawings here – heh heh heh Let’s take a look at the first one. Oh my gosh Joe Fro, it’s a guy with a giant afro Oh this one. I used to make a ton of drawings like this I would draw like castle war scenes with like tons of tiny figures Here’s the guy with the big cheesy smile getting into lettering – POW! Splat! fifth grade 1996. There’s a duck sweet snowboard stunts. I used to like to draw these tracks and like look this one’s me Oh, these must have been my friends Ryan, Nick, Eduardo And then there’s like a band and the band is on skis the stage is on skis. The Rosanna – it has six arms and metal legs and feet and a flyswatter tail Hahaha flyswatter tail! And a beak that pecks at people. It’s the world’s worst nightmare – BEWARE! *creepy voice* Rosanna My “S” is backwards So awesome. Now, this is news by Peter Robinson Peter Robinson news Mr. Tube famous for ballet. Animals should not wear clothes. Well, that’s not true. Mom, dad, there’s a monster in my room and it’s a hundred feet tall. Well, look at this shadow I’m impressed with myself the world’s biggest water *struggling to read* Balloon. Water balloon! That’s some great news. I can’t wait till the next issue comes out This is like a city that I drew. Nintendo 64 headquarters We got a prison over here. Football dome. The football dome is smaller than the Science Museum That’s that’s what’s up! AirWalk company, air walk shoes were so cool back when I was a kid Or at least I thought they were. It looks like I was making a maze. It’s like this long maze and then just a tunnel right here and it goes straight to the finish line. These are spaceships that also kind of look like shoes Superman when I was in fifth grade There’s like a battleship. Oh, yeah, super sweet muscley dude. Big fat cat face An ibis. Super strong hummingbird. Yeah, he’s so strong. He’s like Rambo hummingbird Got some more animals, cartoon animals some things never change. Oh! Come give your Great Uncle Leroy a great big smooch!! Eughh Look at that mouth Euuughhhh! Leroy get away. Oh, yeah. Ninja Turtles was my jam I can’t believe I did Raphael though cuz Michelangelo was my dude because he was the party dude The king is angry I think this is when I got like “How To Draw a Marvel Comics” book and then – like – I was practicing but he’s got a tiny little body! *dramatic voice* No! Look, he’s actually got like an action pose now. I think yeah, definitely how to draw Marvel comics that book That book was everything and there’s like a couple grenades like bouncing down the stairs like boy boy boy boy So yeah, I think that’s it. I think the one I’m gonna go with the one that really stood out in my mind is Rosanna. Rosanna I’m gonna try and recreate you! It has six arms and metal legs and feet a flyswatter For a tail and a beak that pecks at people. It’s the world’s worst nightmare. Beware! *dramatic voice* Rosanna! Alright, let’s give this a whirl Alright I got this I got a blank page here Let’s try and let’s try and see if we can make a new version of Rosanna. The world’s worst nightmare So Rosanna has this beak It’s sort of a loooong Must have dictated this to my mom because the handwriting is like really good up here And then I wrote this I wrote these I was like “Write this down for me mom write it down for me I got a crazy story to go with this drawing.” I think Rosanna is just misunderstood she’s not trying to be mean. Gonna give Rosanna this sort of angry eye because she’s the world’s worst nightmare as we all know, I I think Rosanna’s mouth needs to be open Maybe Rosanna has some like some evil teeth You don’t see a lot of birds with teeth, but it was in is the world’s worst nightmare So I think we got to give her some eeeeeevil teeth Some chompers Gonna get the rest of her body going in here got this crazy flyswatter tail. She’s got metal legs Roseanna you crazy You the world’s worst nightmare Rosanna you crazy Girl *singing* Needa’ stop trippin cuz she will SWAT you in the face and she’ll scratch you with her legs, and she’s got six arms So she can punch you six times Right in the face Right in the face! I’m giving Rosanna pretty sweet mullet cuz I probably drew this in like 1989 So I think we should just harken back to those days I love Rosanna so far. She’s so cool. No one can destroy her! For centuries she has lived in a Dangerous lair with her metal legs and her six arms crushing the souls of men Rosannaaaaa! There’s like a little guy a little guy in her hands, uh Let me go Rosanna. He’s about to get eaten. I think Rosanna’s gonna be maybe holding an egg Maybe she’s just trying to protect her babies, you know people keep messing with her. Another little man in her hand She’s feasting on these towns folk. I wonder if like little kid me saw a future me doing this I probably know you’re doing it wrong. She’s not this. No, it’s not how it goes You crazy. She’s a crazy girl Rosanna Crikey, give her a striped tail. It’s like some mythological beast Legends go back thousands of years of the dreaded Rosanna I think we should give her some like Stegosaurus spikes. Yeah, don’t like the spikes She was cooler without em Don’t try to add stuff to my initial vision just stick to the script. Yo, it’s all written out plain as day right there So I’m kind of drawing some some little houses to add scale to make Rosanna seem huge Just like what first time trying little houses in my paintings don’t know exactly what I’m doing here. Sweet All right, so I finished my sketch ah! and feeling pretty good about it And now it’s time to transfer this to the panel that I’m gonna paint But you know what else I realized when I was editing that last part. This is not Rosanna. This is not Rosanna. This is ROSE AY NA NA ROSE AY NA NA. En ay En Ay How dare how dare I call this the dreaded beast Rosanna when this is obviously the dreaded beast Rose Ay Na Na Five-year-old me would be so disappointed in myself. So I’m gonna continue my Rose Ay Na Na piece. Start this painting process Check it out ROSE AYNAAAAAAAA YEAH! I pause this for a second. I got these stickers in the mail from somebody all the way in New Zealand There’s a cool little Kiwi stamp on this first of all, that’s awesome Hey Ten Hundred I saw on your YouTube video that you collect stickers, so I thought I’d send you a pack of mine. Love your channel Thanks for all the inspiration and tips god bless, Ian. I see on here His Instagram is at @enoxart go check out Enox art on Instagram. We’ve got like a bear with the pot of honey This is rad sweet little Enox tag. So rad super cool donut. I love these you guys know I collect stickers I got a sticker book. I’m all about it. This little goopy blue rabbit-ear monster guy So rad, thank you so much Ian. Appreciate it. Alright As far back as I can remember I’ve always been super into art ever since I was a little kid and it just sort of became a part of my identity doing art and being good at art just became something that I could be proud of and triggered some like Self-confidence in me. In high school, I would go to Barnes & Noble and buy these really thick bound sketchbooks and I would just fill Sketch book after sketch book and when I would finish one, they would like start getting passed around my high school And that made me feel like so good about myself Honestly, like I really think that anybody could be good at art, but it’s that thing that they call talent or whatever It’s to me it’s like I don’t know This is my theory is that it’s how much enjoyment and support you get out of it initially makes you want to continue doing it and because you Continue doing it you put more time into it and because you put more time into it you get better and that cycle just like keeps going where you get better and then you Feel good, and it really becomes a part of the artist identity I get a lot of questions like people asking me how do they get better or? People saying like hashtag life goals when they see my stuff which is like so awesome but just put the time in like however much time you’re putting in right now double it you Takes a lot of work and determination to achieve like any dream that you have. Art is one of those things do it all the time practice practice practice fail practice fail practice? And hopefully you’re doing art because you love it and hopefully, you know, it makes you feel good And that’s really why you should be doing it and stop worrying so much about the destination don’t compare yourself to other people Just try to impress yourself and critique yourself And don’t try to always like judge yourself against you know, what you see from other artists on the internet But just keep practicing keep creating work hard and love what you do Well, that’s it I am finished I went from this to this I gotta say I had a super good time with this project It was really fun to kind of recreate my childhood art kind of made me step outside of what might be my normal usual style if you guys want to try this I invite each of you watching to scrounge up some of your childhood art and take another stab at it if you suffer from like Creative block or like what do I draw revisiting your childlike imagination? It might be a good way to kind of just get yourself going and get yourself started making some art if you guys end up Doing this challenge yourself tag me on instagram. I’m @tenhun. I’d love to see what you guys are making. But thank you So much for watching If you like this video consider leaving a like. subscribe to my youtube channel if you’re not already You can even ring the bell if you want to know exactly When the next video is coming out. check out my patreon i’m doing all kinds of fun stuff over on my patreon i’m doing monthly Q&A is i’m doing podcasts every month behind-the-scenes videos Early releases like this video right here has already been out on patreon for a little while So yeah for as little as two dollars a month, you can support me and also get a bunch of bonus content also You can check out my website. I have tons of t-shirts and hats and hoodies and stickers and Skateboards and prints and original art all of that over on my website as a matter of fact right when I released this video I’m gonna put this guy up for sale on my website I’ll be sad to see Rose Ay Na Na go But you know it’s time for her to go out into the world and be the somebody else’s worst nightmare So she’s available on my website right now Don’t forget to check out the Skillshare link down in the description get yourself to three months of Phenomenal learning so you can increase your skills link down in the description First 500 people to click it get two free months the Skillshare and that’s it. I’m done. Thank you guys so much for watching See ya on the next one *outro song*

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