Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. And Happy New Year! Milo, it’s a brand new year! I recently took a little break for myself and to work on my book Nima. I don’t really check views or numbers or anything, but when I got back My mom called me and she told me that my latest Christmas video got over a million views! That is insane. And to top it off we reached eight hundred thousand subscribers! Milo! [Whispers] Eight hundred thousand subscribers. Everyone, high five Milo! High five guys. One, two, three! Eight hundred thousand, that is almost a million. Maybe we can reach a million this year. Right Milo? There’s this ten year challenge going around where people are posting their age transformation over ten years, and here’s mine. Oh man, I miss that phone so much. So I thought I could do an art one! Maybe I can redraw one of my really old art pieces and show how much I’ve grown. So without further ado. Let’s do it. Ross Draws! Probably another girl. Disclaimer! Some of these are really embarrassing but uh, let’s do it. Is this not safe for work? lol big jugs…umm Butts. Ah! This is actually not bad. I think I did this in the ninth grade. This is watercolor. Already using my blues and pinks. Why are my boobs so big? Look at that. Why are the breasts so big? I have no idea. Ooo, so this is the one. This is the one I wanted to redraw. This is a 2009! That means it’s ten years. We can show our ten year progress and her name is Valencia. Oh, and I had some notes about her. Valencia. Alaya Johnson is her real name. Her age is 29. Her power is… Focusing kinetic energy into a harpoon and then you mind-control the harpoon to explode. Ooo! That’s kinda cool, right? She would throw one of her magical harpoons at people and then she would detonate it with her mind. So this is what we’re gonna redraw today. Valencia. She has a lot of potential. You know, a lot of ideas. You guys used to draw eyes on your drawing? Like, anywhere on the page. Like oh, this is a cool eye! Maybe we can keep the same kind of gesture but exaggerate it. I’ll try drawing a realistic sized chest this time around. I feel like, it looks like she has a seat belt on. [Laughter] Let’s draw her seat belt. And then she has a quiver of magical harpoons. Pretty good start! I’m definitely trying to capture that elegance that I portrayed over here. We got the quiver, then we’ve got the seat belt kind of flowing into the wind. I’m just gonna try to improve this thing, and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back, and here’s the progress of Valencia so far! AKA Alaya Johnson. I think she’s looking pretty good. I’m trying to capture the essence, and the color, and the kind of story. She’s kind of looking into the wind, feeling very graceful. And I’m definitely trying to capture that. And then halfway through working this, I realized that she’s taking a dump! Look at this! Oh my god! [Laughter] All she needs is a little turd right here. [Laughter] Oh my god, no. Definitely, that’s not what I’m aiming for. I kind of wanted her to be graceful. Feeling that arc on her back. Maybe there’s flowers all around, maybe she’s in the sky. I want to show you how I improved over the last 10 years. And one thing I really learned is, how to put the face and head in different angles So maybe I can perfect this one for you guys. I’m just gonna drop the opacity like that. I feel like her jaw is sticking out too far. But when you feel like your anatomy is off, it’s good to just drop it and then work on the structure. First thing I would do is draw a circle. Draw a nice circle. Draw the jaw line. Yeah, and then her mouth needs to be a little higher, like that. There we go! Now she’s looking nice. It’s looking stylized too, I like it. Let’s erase our guidelines a little bit. Yeah, you want to feel that gesture, you know. Feel the gesture of the hair, the neck. This is before and this is after. Before and after. The structure looks a lot more accurate. It looks a lot better. I’m gonna apply the new structure to my painting. And we got a long way to go. Because she still looked like she’s taking a dump. [Laughter] I’m gonna wrap this up and I’ll check back soon. Yo Valencia! It’s color dodge time! Aw man, here we go! Here we go! Ooo! All right Milo! Get your harpoon ready. Now explode with your mind! Good job buddy. Oh no! She’s throwing harpoons at us! All right Milo, give me some poop. Yes! Hey guys, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the video. Oh man, that was so much fun! I love redrawing my old artwork to apply everything I’ve learned through the years. And looking back at the piece now, I still feel like she’s taking a dump! But it’s like the most epic, galactical dump, that anyone has ever taken. Like, jump through the stars and the Milky Way’s are..just psch. [Laughter] But yes, enough poop talk. This year, I’m intensely working on my book Nima. I know the Kickstarter backers are waiting patiently, but I promise it’s gonna be super awesome. I plan to share some of Nima’s world here on my channel. We have some awesome collabs and videos coming up. If your interested in bonus content and video demos. It’s a deeper insight on how I bring these pieces to life. Please check out my Patreon! Thank you so much everybody who picked up a smash print over the holidays. I think it came out great, and I hope you guys are enjoying it. If you want a chance to win one of these prints, this video’s question is… What is your New Year’s resolution? Milo! What are your resolutions? Probably to uh, throw his own poop and light it on fire. [Laughter] Let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Eight hundred thousand subscribers! That is amazing. I hope we reach 1 million this year. James, do you think so? One million? [James] Yeah! [Ross] One million! One million this year. Thanks again. Don’t forget subscribe and remember, every day is a color dodge day.

Dereck Turner

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