Redrawing Art we made as Kids w/JaidenAnimations

Redrawing Art we made as Kids w/JaidenAnimations

Mhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. [James] Welcome everyone, to this brand new YouTube video… What’s good?…. [James] I have.. uh.. Jaiden Animations here.. [Jaiden] Hi, Hi, Hiii [James] So, what we’re doing in this drawing collab thing is we are..drawing each other’s old art. We’re giving each other art that we drew as-as kids, and then the other person has to redraw it in their own style and make it good and… whatnot. [Jaiden] Yea! [James] Yee! [James] On Jaiden’s channel, we did the exact same thing because we had such a fun time doing it. So… we are doing it agaainn. [Jaiden] And it’s really important you watch both videos. [James] You won’t understand this video unless you watched the other video. [Jaiden] Totally. (Surfer Jaiden walks in) [James] So, the picture you sent me was this girl pulling the leash of, like, twenty dogs. [Jaiden] (laughs) Yeah, I just had a bunch of dog stickers, (Bork, Bork) and I was like, I’m gonna draw a picture with these, so I drew a picture around the stickers. [James] (laughs) [James] And there’s some dogs saying ” You can do it.” ” Keep trying.” “Pull harder. ” And then there’s, like, a sun who’s like…the sun’s trying to help, too? [Jaiden] So, I don’t know how many hints I should give you but.. the dogs aren’t talking. [James] Wut?! [Jaiden] Okay, and then you sent me like these… potato head… things. [James] Yeah, that’s what I drew when- when.. I was a very.. small child. One of these people is supposed to be someone. I’ll tell you who it is after you’re done drawing it. [Jaiden] Can I guess? [James] Sure, guess. [Jaiden] Is it.. I don’t know. Your sister? [James] You’re-you’re never gonna guess. I don’t think you’re gonna guess in a million years. And it’s-it’s funny because I know exactly who it is because that’s how I would draw that person. [Jaiden] Because it’s so accurate. [Jaiden] I remember that brand…it was just like dogs. [Jaiden] And their thing… was having dog pictures with the dog’s head being REALLY big. [Jaiden] They had stuffed animal dogs… .. as…Happy Meal toys at McDonald’s, and I had a…grey one…named Fluffy. [James] Like from Harry Potter? [Jaiden] See, I don’t get that reference and you know that! [James] The girl’s not talking and it’s like, well who else could it BE Jaiden? [Jaiden] I dunno… [James] Wait-I think I got it. Those are CLOUDS who are pulling. [Jaiden] (laughs) Yeah..-yeah. You gave lot of teeth. [James] That one’s supposed to be a thing too. Do want me to give you a clue? [Jaiden] Sure [James] It’s an animal. [Jaiden] Is it a rabbit…because it’s got bunny ears. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFF …no. [Jaiden] It’s really creepy.. [James] Those pictures were when I was very little. [James] I want to say it was like before kindergarten ;P The other one that’s a mind immediately went to celebrities. … This is Britney Spears. [James] It’s a fictional person. [James]See, even if I told you I-like…you haven’t seen that many stuff so you might be like I’ve never seen that and I’ll be like well there you go! [Jaiden] That’s why you couldn’t draw it, otherwise you would totally know. (Laughs) Because it’s so accurate [James] I used to have my own journal like a journal where I’d write down like how I felt and everything. [Jaiden] Really! [James] one time my younger sister went through the journal [James] and so I threw it away because I didn’t want anyone else to read it…. [James] Now I’m so upset because I’m like I could have made a video on it [Jaiden] Yeah, I tried to have a journal was because I was inspired by Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mm-hmm I was totally a ripoff of Diary of a Wimpy Kid that he didn’t invent journals So many teeth this is horrifying So he has like mouth curls up. I was very little I hope this doesn’t turn out bad That’s what I say with everything I do there’s not much to these characters here, and she’s got spaghetti hair, okay? [James] Here’s another clue. It’s from an anime [Jaiden] *gasp* It’s Sailor Moon isn’t it?? 😮 [ James ] HOW’D YOU GET THAT?! :O How’d you get Sailor Moon with that? [Jaiden] The famous Sailor Moon spaghett…hairs Insert the theme song right now Jupiter Sailor Mercury Danananana [ Jaiden ] Now that I know that she’s Sailor Moon. I can add some details that you left out [Jaiden] never watched Sailor Moon, so I don’t know what she looks like [James] Just like g-get a reference [Jaiden] No That’s cheating… My interpretation of James interpretation of Sailor Moon. So it’s like Triple telephone What’s a show that you watched but didn’t enjoy? [James] Sword Art Online Do you remember that meme that was like a comic of a poorly drawn guy going like hey? do you see that guy over there and then it shows someone waving and then it’s like he thinks such and such and then they Hate him yeah the original version of that comic was hey you see that guy over there He thinks sword art online is a good anime In Sailor Moon you think it looks like a villain yes, he’s brown I’m just saying like yeah, they’re evil they’re brown. That’s not What do you get a motorcycle I’d have the thing about it, but then I’d probably be like nah So no it would be a hard. No you know I just realized so I didn’t watch the Powerpuff Girls because I thought it was like a girly TV show man I don’t want like I watch Yugi-Oh and stuff, but then I watch Sailor Moon though So it’s it’s arguably more girly Yeah, I remember having like a little sign for doors girls rule And then the other side was boys drool fair enough. What about that song girls go to? Jupiter to get more stupider I stopped singing because I remembered that there was like an inappropriate and on advertiser friendly part they go to Venus to get a Is her hip in red or blue? It’s kind of told me to say why did you draw this I had stickers but stickers You know the best media of art. I’m still surprised you got Sailor Moon. I mean give yourself some credit here I Can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner There is this other anime that I used to watch as the kid was called Rayearth one of the girls like she was all red and neither one was blue and another one was green isn’t that gross you know, but it’s A kangaroo you want me to say what it is. Yes, it’s supposed to be a bat. Oh I didn’t draw a bat There’s like two dots on all the clouds two red dots and I think it was supposed to be eyes No, they look evil alright, so here is the redraw I? Like it a lot actually that’s spot on and then there’s mine she Just Sitting there, but she did have arms and legs a little noodle legs. No like those two lines are supposed to be there. Oh See, I thought that was just like her body. No Don’t be silly Jaden next one next one this one that you drew There’s some like bird monsters waiting for a bus the bus is a turtle the file. You send me is labeled I’m sorry Jaiden. I think I made a video about that picture It was a picture that was made in a book You know those books you make in elementary school the answer key is in that video yep I remember that the red guys are the good guys and the yellow, orange and purple guys are bad. Whenever you’re drawing in front of someone and there was there like I can only draw stick figures and it’s like cool We got a comedian over here What are these guys waiting for a bus stop before I know is the main fly making them a bird This gun is bigger than this guy’s entire body yep I don’t know how to draw a gun so I’m just gonna use your reference image. I’m saying neither Did I that picture is funny with the context of? Everyone in my class was talking about how they would make the world a better place Yeah, you have kids talking about cleaning up the library reading books to the homeless or whatever And I’m like I’d kill people you can thank me later. Okay. There is this one like assignment for school It was the elementary school assignment you had to like write what you wanted for Christmas But it wasn’t supposed to be like a materealistic toy thing it was supposed to be like what I want for Christmas is warm smiles with my family and a Open fire and blah blah I didn’t understand it the first time so I was like what I want for Christmas is Power Ranger And I wanted to love and the teacher was like no you have to ask for things that you don’t Normally ask for and I’m like oh And so then the second time I asked for a clap on clap off thing Because I saw a commercial for it and I’m like That looks cool, it was like no you still understand Should I get an Instagram you’ve already got an Instagram. What are you talking about? You’re right? You’ve got multiple Instagram If you could get any pet right now, what would you get? A raaat.. MHMHMMM (Do you wanna go that route?) So I was thinking about making this its own video, but first I wanted the the Subjects of the video to like me that sounds weird you already know what’s happening But I bought rats their names are peach and Daisy like in Mario and Peach is needs a little more..getting used to – Peach likes to bite people Daisy’s cool, though this alligator. I just realized has like six legs one of them might be a hand I don’t know. Where’s tail so he has five legs I can almost be done Oh, no like it depends on how detailed I want the background to be you want it really detailed these guys are like burning to a crisp Being grabbed by this Sun so you drew the Sun like doing stuff and I drew the Sun doing stuff and my son was not Burning things he was helping walk a dogs. I’m making the world a better place Okay, rid of all those horrible orange purple and yellow people Yeah fricking yellow people I made an Asian joke in my last video. Did you get any comments about it? No, actually they were commenting that I got this one math equation wrong. That’s what everyone was commenting about boom Are you done? I could make it better. Yeah do that one of the nicest comments? I think I- I Ever got was someone said that it took fifteen minutes to watch a video because they kept pausing and looking at the pictures and I was like oh Ho everything I do is worth it. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve gotten better at Tetris okay I look back at that old video of mine And I’m like oh I could do I could do better you could pull it up right now since you’re done So I got into Tetris because there’s this one YouTube channel back in the day called the irate gamer And he made a video about Tetris and being like oh Tetris is so fun It’s so addicting and I was like really it’s like that awesome So then I just went up, and I started playing I’m like it is fun And then I never stopped for anyone wanting to get into Tetris What’s the advice you can’t get into it. It’s it’s no only pros like making I was playing Tetris with someone This is probably you’re probably not gonna get the same enjoyment out of this story as I did I was playing Tetris and they were like oh I see your strategy You’re putting all the pieces to one side so then you can get a Tetris and I’m like strategy That’s just how you play the game. I’m almost done coloring this gun cool. Do something. I’ve never said before I Remember finding my old Christmas lists while also looking for these old drawings for like three years in a row I wished for the world To have world peace. Did you even know like? Like all the the war and stuff that was going on when you were a kid. No you just like say it It’s like World Peace. I don’t know what Iraq is I just need to get one more line right there Yeah, I finished drawing your war This is what I drew But Look at the gun the gun that shoots three bullets, it’s beautiful Yes this before about what have we learned and then we learned how long it takes to draw things sweet Thanks for watching be sure to check out Jaden’s video on her channel. We did the same thing cool Thanks for watching and wear your seatbelt

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