Recreating Artwork into Outfits | Dressing Up like Figures in Paintings

– Hey everyone, it’s your
girl Jenn, and welcome back. Today I’ll be recreating
art pieces into outfits, I’ve always been a huge
lover and appreciator of the arts, so I thought it would
be really fun to bring these historic images into real life. All of the artworks or art
pieces that I’m recreating are Twitter submissions
from you guys, so thank you to everyone that sent me
these images, I feel like a lot of new artists were,
are showing on my radar, so thank you so much. Before I get started, I must
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today, and let’s get started with the video. So my first art piece is Woman in Gold, by Gustav Klimt, like this
is just like one immaculate portrait, like if I could
go back in time and get my portrait done by an artist,
it would definitely be him because his work is like
nothing I’ve ever seen before, like I just appreciate how
ornate and detailed all his portraits are and I
love like the use of like pieces of gold, and
like the collage-iness, I’m pretty sure the portrait
would be freaking expensive, but definitely worth it to
have a portrait done by him. This is how I recreated
that look, I just wore this gold sequined gown, I found
this on Amazon and I tried my best to find a dress that
had like different metallic patterns, I failed, and I
thought that this gold dress would do, I added this crystal
choker to match the one that she has on, in reality
I would probably wear this to like a dinner or a premiere
or something, it’s definitely like a lot fancier than I’m
used to, there’s also a film based off the woman in this
portrait, apparently the Nazis like stole this in a
raid, so there’s like a whole film on that, I believe it’s
called like Woman in Gold, I haven’t seen it, but I
just you know random fact that I found online. The next piece I have is
called Dancers in Pink, by Edgar Degas, this was
painted in the 1800’s and is considered part
of the Impressionist era, so that’s why there’s
just like a lot of thin, light brush strokes that’s
just classic to that style, and Degas is actually known
to have painted a lot of paintings of ballerinas
and dancers while they’re performing or they’re resting,
so it’s just kind of like a little like, peek
inside a ballerina’s life. And this painting in particular
just like caught my eye, I think it’s just like the
splash of color, and it just looks very candid. Okay, now this is how I
recreated this look, I couldn’t find a pink tutu or body
suit, so I thought that red would be my best option,
honestly I think like red and pink are pretty
interchangeable, I did a fake rose into my hair to match the
one that the girl has on and then wore this black
choker from REMI to match the painting. I feel like this outfit
can really only be worn like if you’re a dancer or
ballerina or maybe like a Halloween costume, it’s definitely not something that I would wear everyday. Maybe if I just threw on
like blue jeans instead of the red tutu it’d
just be more everyday. Our next art piece is by Jean-Claude-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, and it’s of a woman named
Mademoiselle Caroline Riviere. I’m sorry, like I’m horrible
with French and obviously I’m like butchering the
pronunciation, so forgive me in advance, I’m so sorry. This was painted in 1806
and it’s the third of three portraits of the Rivier
family, this is actually hanging at the Louvre in
Paris, so I though that was pretty damn cool. I really love the way her
eyes were painted here, they’re kinda lowered and
they have like that slight smirk, very similar to Mona Lisa’s. Voila, here is Mademoiselle
Caroline in the flesh, I’m wearing a white empire
waist dress with lace sleeves, it’s long and flowy and
I definitely felt like a Disney princess in this. For accessories, I wore
these yellow gloves and this faux fur stole that I borrowed. For my hair I did a center
part and pulled it back to copy what she did, and let me tell you, when I was filming this
it was so freaking hot, I was dying and I definitely
got a lot of interesting stares for this, we filmed
this at Terranea and we thought it would be
like the perfect backdrop because it had like the
beach and the cliff, and it was so funny because
I think people legitimately thought that this was my
wedding dress because like Ben and I were like walking
around like taking photos of it, so yeah, I mean
it’s like it’s a good thing that my wedding dress doesn’t
actually look like that or I don’t have a wedding
dress, but it wouldn’t look like that. Regardless, we got the shot
and that’s all that matters. This next one is pretty
hilarious, this is by the brother’s Jan and Hubert Van Eyck, and this particular panel
is actually one segment of this entire altarpiece,
this was painted in 1432 and it’s considered one
of the world’s treasures. I know that these men just
look like they’re like constipated and confused but
they’re actually singing, they’re singing angels
and they’re all in a choir and I decided to dress
up as one of the angels. I’m wearing a red silk robe
and I thought that this would just give the same
vibe as the ones that they were wearing, and then I
threw on this tapestry scarf I bought at this ministry
website, and it was actually like pretty expensive, I
paid $60 for this, but I had to get it or else it just
wouldn’t complete the look. I topped it off with a
bejeweled crown from a party website and I called it a day. This art piece is actually
one of the most stolen art pieces of all time, the
Nazi’s were like desperate to steal it and actually
one of the panels is still missing, so I thought that
was super interesting, I really enjoyed like
researching all these art pieces, it was kind of like being in
art history class but without being graded, so it was pretty awesome. Regardless, this is one
of the world’s most, just like influential
paintings ever because, I think it was like the
world’s first oil painting, like the first oil painting
masterpiece, and it also has like very heavy Catholic roots. This last art piece is one
of my favorites, it’s by Frida Kahlo, and she is just
one of my favorite artists of all time, her story’s
always been so fascinating to me because she’s just
endured so much in her life. Like for example, when she
was a child she contracted polio and then growing up a
car hit her and she became disabled and during her
recovery was when she really began to paint. This was painted in 1940
and she just looks really tense because she’s lived
a life of physical and emotional pain, unfortunately
the man that she married, Diego Rivera, wasn’t very,
like wasn’t a very good match for her, he was always cheating
on her and didn’t treat her right, like he even
cheated on her with her sister, so the story’s just very wild
and she’s just seen a lot of stuff, so honestly I
could talk about her all day, but here is how I recreated
this look, I put my hair up and added this flower crown
in classic Frida style, I even had a, put a little
uni brow to honor her. I threw on this brown tie
dye shawl, that mirrored her top, and then underneath I
wore this nude skirt from American Apparel. For accessories I wore this
silver choker that kind of looks like the thorn one
she’s wearing, and then I wore this palm tree earring
because I couldn’t find a hand and I thought that it would do. Frida’s my favorite artist
of all time because she’s very introspective with
her work, and I could just, I don’t know I feel like
I can relate to her a lot, and I just feel like a lot
of her portraits like show how someone can feel so
trapped in their mind and their body and I just
have so much respect for her. Alright everybody, those were
all the outfits that I have for you, I am so sorry that
it took me like forever to film this, it’s because I
had to source all the clothing find all the backgrounds,
and like just research about all these art pieces, so yeah
that’s why it took a little bit longer than usual. I want to thank you guys so
much for watching, if you enjoyed the segment please
hit the like button, write it in the comments
down below, if you want me to do like a part two let me know. I would appreciate your feed back. If you would like to
submit one of your favorite art pieces that you’d like
me to recreate into an outfit, feel free to write
it in the comments down below or tweet me @IMJENNIM,
whatever you prefer. Honestly I had so much fun
filming this and it’s kind of inspired me to start painting
again, because growing up I loved to paint, because
I was never a good writer, so I always found like
different mediums to express myself, so whether that
was painting or videos, I’m just very visual. I wanna thank you guys so
much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one, bye. Mwah.

Dereck Turner

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