Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Cody: Ty, You got a package Cody: Tomato me. Ty: Gotcha. Cody: Thank you, sir. Ty: Yep. Cody: It kinda smells in here. I’m gonna light a candle. Cody: Hey Cor, don’t forget to take your vitamin. Chad: Codes, can you throw this away? Cody: I got ya Ty: Cake me. Thank you. Ty: One more. Cody: Delivery! Ty: We’ve got a hat rack for a reason. Cory: Hey, T. You forgot your backpack. Ty: Oh, my bad. Hit me. Thanks. Ty: Yep Cody: Hey, Gar, try this new game. Cody: Alright, I’m taking off. Ty: Alright. Hey, it’s cold out there. Cody: Delivery! Oh, damn What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our friends at Kay Jewelers for making this whole video possible. If you guys want to win Valentine’s day go to Kay or click here. They have all kinds of can’t-miss gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Also, if you want to check out our brand new series “Overtime”, click right here. Signin’ off for now. Pound it, noggin. See ya.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

  1. Ouzin Keita says:


  2. Urso Polar says:

    Nada surpreendeu eu até meu irmão sabe fazer isso

  3. Magical_Games YT says:

    My teacher watch's a I hate him hope he reads thssssss

  4. Kyle Sundberg says:

    My favorite was when Cory or coby dropped paper

  5. Miguel.A.Mejia says:

    La guitarraaaa ajsjdksndlakxndmsk

  6. 1MillionChallenge says:

    You should make a compilation of all of your trick shot fails!

    read my name and help me with my challenge

  7. Icezikle says:

    I get happy when I throw the sponge into the sink from 3 feet away

  8. tonya amberger says:

    I love there trick shots

  9. LoveEveryPenguin says:

    … He never turned the hoverboard off…

  10. ヤベー奴 says:


  11. ahan kim says:


  12. sananiquilatorXD says:

    Mom: Don't throw stuff, just put it where it belongs


  13. HappyPappy21 says:

    Anyone else think these vids should be called “everyday life trick shots” as opposed to “real life trick shots”?

  14. Gaming With Gujju says:

    Who is launching thinging for behind the scenes…..😂😂😂

  15. madison martinez says:


  16. Cristian superman says:

    I like

  17. Aaliyah Mitchell says:

    Wow so life just loves you

  18. KalietteYT says:

    They are doing this so casually but probably in their mind their like YESSSSSS!!!!

  19. Jayden Buchholz says:


  20. Thanos IS DEAD says:

    1:11 the best TRICK SHOT EVER 😳

  21. CJ Gacha says:

    Wow. I couldn't even create this in Gacha if I WANTED to…

  22. 공포절망타락저주불안호ᅴᆞᄋ혼 says:

    What the…..

  23. 吕北风 says:


  24. Caryn Kirk-Berry says:

    I do this every day it's normal around the house

  25. Lautra2015 says:

    Wow todo eso debió ser muy difícil se merecen un millón de liks

  26. Luke Kss says:

    Guitar breaks

  27. ÅVĄ ÃIPÈŖĨ says:


  28. ÅVĄ ÃIPÈŖĨ says:


  29. AFK- NPTS/nija3 nguyeng says:


  30. Rares Matei Schiopu says:


  31. Ayan Inam says:

    This is fake sorry to sad dp

  32. The Showdown says:


  33. Explosive Noob says:

    This is how many times they failed

  34. ぼくちんゲール says:


  35. Cayden Tan says:

    Looks fake

  36. роба фан says:


  37. GAİHO 5/C SINIFI says:

    Camon I'm perfect player man

  38. Usapang Safety says:

    You said f###

  39. Michael Export 99 says:

    1:52 how simple bruvs

  40. ¿podemos llegar a 100.000 subs sin videos?! :v says:


  41. Kevin Akl says:

    It is definitely fine to have a hat rack in the middle of a golf course

  42. Siralop says:

    I want that stretchy thing

  43. Logan Grove says:

    Me watching DP Videos: I could do that!

    Me watching the next shot: I could probably do that…

    Continues Watching: Ok. That's impressive.

    Finishes Video: I have no talents whatsoever…

    Goes back to eating mac n cheese at two in the morning in my parent's basement

  44. Logan Grove says:

    2:00 Leave it to Cody to have the most underwhelming trickshot of the video

  45. ßl Ank says:

    0:13 he looka xd

  46. mor.A mor A says:

    cc cv love

  47. Viktor ACTION says:

    Я один считаю сколько они заработали с этого видео?

  48. RomanRuben99 says:

    Sunteți romani

  49. Im_overwatching_you says:

    Apart from you don’t want to see the mailman one happening

  50. Мергюл Хюсеин says:

    So cool and I love you I will kiss you❤

  51. OCE Emb3R says:

    Isn’t the whole video just reversed

  52. pnt test says:

    I liked the Xbox one

  53. Tussidex Paracetamol says:

    The package was F r a g i l e

  54. Sa Krit T—T says:


  55. Bomethius says:

    Package: Fragile
    Amazon: 3:53

  56. VIAN GAMING says:

    Dude perfect i like

  57. TERMINATOR 2866 says:


  58. 真っ赤な青りんご says:

    1:26 Best one!:)

  59. LюBитель чаEchka says:

    You amazing

  60. Mack Ceasar says:

    He is cool

  61. P U B G says:

    1:48 THE BEST

  62. Hoàng Phạm Đăng says:

    perfect !!!

  63. Man max says:


  64. Уютный уголок олдфага says:

    It's really awesome, guys.

  65. Legendary Knife says:

    What was the orange thingie? 2:02

  66. Kevin Akl says:

    Why are half the comments just time codes?

  67. Jackson Delong says:

    I’m not trying to offend anyone
    but that’s what u do wen ur lazy like me or ur for content

  68. Kristen Chen says:

    “Oops I forgot to press record”

  69. CLS Sugar says:

    Wtf 205 m visits? Are you crazy

  70. Artur G says:

    This is how much times they were trying again

  71. YouTube Channel says:

    Why did they make a video about their everyday life? I wanna see some trick shots.

  72. Alex says:

    More videos like this

  73. RBG -7 says:

    ويل امها وديوسها

  74. RiSEiNSiDE ASH says:

    205 million views… wtf!

  75. Azaaad says:


    Literally no one:

    UPS: 3:52

  76. Pumpkin Squad says:


  77. Aidan McCarty says:

    They totally put lighter fluid on that candle lol

  78. supersam penzer says:

    this is probs the most viewed video on YouTube!!!!!!!

  79. Ugonna Nkcowha says:


  80. BenBora YT says:


  81. Andrew Ortiz says:

    3:53 nobody hears the cuss words

  82. Pourya Goodarzvand says:


  83. Üllar Phn says:

    2:19 is literally how i get my packages delivered 😂

  84. daniloboris234 gameplays y mas says:

    Minute 2:23 spider

  85. Kitty Las says:

    I know this is fake but it's cool to watch because you actually miss it.

  86. TheCapri48 Gaming says:

    They should show how many tries they had to do

  87. Walison Santos says:

    😂 😂 😂 quebram metade das coisas

  88. Sean Gonzalez says:

    😄 Cool video. I know how you do thaaat!… Technology is something else isn’t it😉😄

  89. Christine Park says:

    the people who disliked were the people that were jealous because they can’t do those tricks

  90. Nicolas Silva says:

    F a k e

  91. elite madeiras says:

    se for brasileiro da like

  92. Majida El Amrousi says:


  93. TornadoTy3007 says:

    Delivery men: 2:19

  94. Todd Hadaway says:

    Is this not terrible for your x box?????

  95. Chris Gomez says:

    Is it real

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