REACTING TO YOUR ARTWORK & SONGS!!! (19,000,000 Subscribers)

REACTING TO YOUR ARTWORK & SONGS!!! (19,000,000 Subscribers)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “REACTING TO YOUR ARTWORK & SONGS!!! (19,000,000 Subscribers)

  1. minnie miner280 says:


  2. Sonic The hedgoghe says:

    i am seeing this in 2019 and he has 21m soobs

  3. Moss n Bright says:

    Hey Dan I have been watching You for a long time definitely years and now I subscribed a couple days ago

  4. LittleMiss Sprite says:

    I loved the music!! It sounds so GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bingo Ningo says:


  6. Elijah Joseph says:

    Dan why do you hate dabing👈😎👉me dabing

  7. GracieLennonpPlaz Pilon says:


  8. BIG DOG 15 says:

    now your at 21 million

  9. Hayden Peach says:

    I told all my family to subscribe

  10. Natalie Piper says:


  11. Mr. Yeet says:


  12. HOTDOGMAN311 says:

    Who here watching in 2063

  13. Small Scrub says:

    dan watch endigos bendys face it is amazing

  14. Kid Kennedy says:

    wait endigo is a boy?

  15. C.A .L says:

    It’s 21 million

  16. Sonia Ballesteros Rodriguez says:

    21 mil

  17. Charlene Diaz says:

    Hey check out my friend Mel my name is Cody

  18. Charlene Diaz says:

    Oops excuse me my name is Cara with a K

  19. hue black says:

    There’s more

  20. Leslie Pedersen says:


  21. Leslie Pedersen says:


  22. Leslie Pedersen says:

    My fav pokèmon is froakie frogadier and greninja

  23. Sean Woodrow says:

    i love your vids!!!

  24. thaddeus john galia says:


  25. Tina Playz says:

    When the ad popped up on dan's screen i thought i had an ad XD

  26. Linda Huizar says:

    Happy 19 million

  27. SKELETON_ Slasher says:

    Me: at this vid 2 million subs late

  28. Nikita Bagha says:

    They should make a ruby play button ▶️

  29. Racket gacha girl and more says:

    react to I'm Dead its my fav

  30. craig denny says:


  31. 100 subs with no vids lol says:

    Who remembers when Dan was the most popular YouTuber he still is very popular

  32. Desire Alvarez says:

    2019 Anyone?

    Okay, Just Me… >:-C

  33. Edd's Channel says:

    Hey there is a fortnite one of called how did that happen about you make a video on it

  34. mike smite says:

    i am seeing it in 2019 and what

  35. Crazy Cat says:


  36. Amanda Franceschini says:

    I loved riddle school… Why no art on that??


  37. Molly Johnson says:

    What the HECK

  38. Mayra Lopez says:

    i seriously thought the ad from pixel gun was my ad

  39. Mayra Lopez says:

    OMG when he said Thanos i snaped but at the same time an ad played

  40. EvilYoshiPlayz Minecraft says:

    Lets get dan to 100M

  41. S ub says:

    So halarios

  42. Kyle Stahl says:

    im a big fan

  43. idiot amai kara says:

    React to what is going on

  44. Silas OMG says:

    Jaiden hey endego
    James hi
    Dan join team tdm today for daily Minecraft videos

  45. superboy one says:

    dan u farted so hard my milk started bubbling

  46. Graham Smeaton says:

    Guys next year dans having a baby

  47. barco diaz de puug says:

    if dan were a character in fortnite his pickaxe would be a massive teaspoon and his backbling is a cape with the tdm logo and a belt that has a diamond as a buckle

  48. Wolfy Ze Geek says:


  49. The Duke Dogs T.D.D says:

    Now you have 22 million and Jemma is pregnant

  50. Miunx says:

    22 million ! ! !

  51. savageorex says:


  52. LongRange100 says:

    You have 22M

  53. Malini Nigam says:

    He has 22,017,077 subscribers

  54. Shwe Win says:

    2019 anyone?

  55. Sunette Roos says:

    Right now he has 22 million

  56. Sumeera Shakeel says:

    Now you have 22 million subs congrats

  57. Luke Bradley says:

    he's at 22m now XD

  58. Roxanne Smith says:

    You have 22 million

  59. dipl o says:

    Im watching at 22mil

  60. Abet And Nathan Cruz Vlogs says:

    He's now at 22M

  61. rashid poop says:

    i thought that pixel gun ad was on my screen

  62. Timber Wolf says:

    Yo bro I'm from the future and Dan has 22Million subscribers!! Thank u guys for helping him out. Love you Dan 😍😍😍😘

  63. An Actual Potato says:

    This is so ironic… because of the 9+10 meme, usually it equals 19, but now it equals 21. Dan is a growing meme. 🙂

  64. Orang and Meme man says:

    He has 22mil

  65. InkGirl_ Monika says:

    Hes now at 22 million

  66. ISuperSonic I says:

    1:18 who thought that was a real ad XD

  67. PlayerDoomDown554 says:

    He now has 22M subscribers! Well done beast. I’ve been subbed since 8M subs! Best achievements! Now aim for 30M subs!

  68. ArceusHoopa says:

    I know endigo

  69. Rafli _123GAMING says:

    Nah man I see the future, you hit 22mil

  70. Complex _Computr says:


  71. CD Animations says:

    22 million subs

  72. Amber Fetterman says:

    That's Endigo!

  73. why dont we tea betheena says:

    Well, 22 million looks good on ya mate

  74. Rick Rodriguez says:

    He has 22M now

  75. Djbrave moon1002 says:

    22 mil! Great job 2019 anyone, anybody, everyone, everybody?

  76. Azan Waheed says:


  77. K Rabbit says:

    Now you have 22m subs! Ive been a TDM fan for 5 years and I love your channel. Not all the subs in the world could say how much I love your channel so Ill try to make a poem. Its the least I could do lol:

    Roses are red,
    Your channel icon is blue,
    Ive been subscribed to you for 5 years now,
    And I still love your channel.
    (Yeah Im not good at poetry)

  78. Gacha_life potato says:

    im waching in 2019 and he has 22M

  79. Bush boiss says:

    22 mill

  80. TerribleReputation Studios says:

    The DanTDM remix has a funny ending.

  81. sj Gaming says:

    22 mil baby

  82. coolboy300 tech says:

    dan: it's spooky
    random person: nah bury a friend is scary
    me: they're not scary…
    dan and random person: 0:

  83. saifali shumran says:


  84. Somethin Smells Fishay says:


  85. Somethin Smells Fishay says:

    Still 2019

  86. Guto Gaming says:

    22million now

  87. Indominus Anthony says:

    He said he is having fun wait till he does Minecraft hardcore 1.1.4

  88. Jackie Pelletier says:

    NO HE HAS 22M

  89. Kestrel says:

    OMG HES at 22 M

  90. Jonah draws says:

    he got 22 million

  91. Trickish-spark39 says:

    U mean 22m

  92. JediMaster SciFi says:

    It's now 21 million

  93. The Random Dudeman says:

    Who's here when he has 22 mil

  94. Arjun Aurora says:

    who is watching in September 2019? Hes at 22 MIL

  95. Shelley Todd says:

    Dan's haters:Dan's ox sfall

  96. Shelley Todd says:

    Dan:its true😭🤧

  97. Michael Pimblett says:

    I’m ginger dan

  98. Llama Whipped Cream the II says:

    i love this thumbnail

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